Monday, 19 August 2013

The Last Of Us DLC predictions

This blog will contain some major spoilers so just to be mega clear on this...


The Last Of Us...Wow

Maybe one of the best games of this or any other generation, with nearly every aspect of it good, if not great.

You want amazing graphics and animation, you got it.

You want an amazing and deep story, check.

You want top notch game play, come this way.

How about some of the best music, sounds and voice acting to grace a game? YUP!

It even has a fun multiplayer.

The game had me in the first 5 minutes. Being a father myself, when Joel was clutching his dying daughter, I'm man enough to admit I welled up a little (loads). From that point on, I just wanted to see what happened next. The story of Joel's and Ellie's trip, in a desperate and broken world, with the future of mankind at stake, with them slowly getting closer and their relationship changing, and finally the consequences of Joel finally letting someone in again was amazingly done. The game play did nothing but add to the experience, with the enemies all having such a different feel. Combat with guns and melee felt gritty and almost a good way, and I loved the set pieces.

With the normal game and the game plus mode out of the way, I'm itching for more, but where will The Last Of Us go in the upcoming story DLC? Lets take a look and a guess as we explore four possible story avenues.


With the ongoing battles between the Fireflies and the Military, you have got a heap of stories to be told here. Any battle for territory with the Military or of a gun and food smuggling operation would be a great setting. How about Marlene's story of how she became the leader of the group, or her trip to St Mary's Hospital in Salt Lake City where the end of the main story takes place, and we cant forget Joel's brother Tommy's involvement with the Fireflies, which brings us nicely to...


After Tommy leaves the Fireflies he joins another group in Wyoming, creating safe havens in the area, he and his group wrestled a power plant away from a gang of local bandits that Joel and Ellie visit during the main campaign. After fixing up the power plant the group are able to secure Jackson County and start a flourishing community and somewhere along the way Tommy gets married to Maria, who we also meet in the main campaign...but I would like to see how that went down.

These guys know whats coming, Neil Druckmann and Mark Richard Davies


Ok so when we had last seen the brothers it was hardly a nice situation, but I would like to focus on are the lots of hints that were dropped about what they had been through. But what story? Maybe how they got to be in the abandoned building where they meet Joel and Ellie? How about what happened to the group they were with? We hear Sam state that the group are all dead. Henry tells his brother "We don't know that"...lets find out.


This one is a bit far out there but we know that both games exist in the same universe (look for the Last Of Us Easter egg in Uncharted 3) also Naughty Dog themselves have stated that we'll be seeing familiar faces. Most people have assumed its someone from the game but what if its something more crazy? Lets say, Drake accidentally caused the break out by releasing some horrible ancient virus or something causing all the events of the Last Of Us to begin never know?

So there you have it, let me know of your ideas and opinions in the comments and be sure to follow me and The Adipose on Twitter @mrpale and @theadiposetv, also check out and subscribe to the The AdiposeTV YouTube channel, the next few blogs from me will be:

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  1. I agree with you that it has to be one of the best games made in a number of yrs along with Bioshock Infinite but having played all the Uncharted games Naughty Dog are not known to do story based DLC's, but part of me would want to story to continue just to find out what happens within the relationship between Joel and Ellie since Ellie knows Joel has lied to her but looks as if she's accepted it.

  2. True this will be Naughty Dogs first stab at Story DLC, I get where your coming from with wanting the story to continue Joel and Ellie are amazing characters but I feel that maybe the lie would lead to the break down of there relationship, And I don't want to see that. If you had to, what would you give the nod to for game of the year, The last of us or Bioshock Infinite?

    1. Oh god GOTY would have to go to The Last of Us as I have severe issues with Bioshock Infinite's ending which I'm not completely happy with but both would have to be in my top 10 favourite games of all time but for how long as Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Guardian have yet to be released and I'm really looking forward to those.



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