Saturday, 3 August 2013

Who will the new Who be?

So its that time again, one of the best times to be a fan of Who, one Dr is leaving and another is arriving, but who (see what I did there) will it be? What will the character be like and maybe most importantly, where could the story go with the new Doctor?

Male or Female?


Right lets address both Adi's and Clarie Pose's blogs with my opinion. I am very much against a lady Dr, let me tell you why, the biggest problem I have with the Moffat era so far is that we get a situation in which we have been told that the Dr must not do certain things (time travel in his own time stream, rewrite time) but Smiths Doctor just does it anyway, normally in one episode, without much explanation. Now as far as I know, no one in the whole history of the show has (seriously) mentioned that times lords can change sex, yes we have had a few passing jokes but even the Dr himself, after his last regeneration seemed a little distraught at the possibility he might be female, as if maybe that shouldn't happen?

Now I am far from sexist, I think women are awesome, my Mum and my Mum's Mum were both women. It's not a case of a woman not being up to the job, I just don't feel it would fit. How could a relationship survive a sex change? Society would break down. Could you imagine a child time lord, running into their Mums room for a hug after a nasty nightmare and the 2nd Doctor pops up from the covers? Now maybe for one season, as a story arc, something has gone wrong with the regeneration, that would work.

Lets try something different.

From 9th to 10th we had a big change of character, from 10th to 11th, not as much but still enough to feel fresh and new, a little nasty at times, clumsy and funny but still that feel of putting on an act to hide the real him, just like the 10th.

With the New Dr I would like to see a complete change. Maybe cool, rude and arrogant, a lovable rogue that you shouldn't like, but you do, with the baseline Dr morals and outlook, still a hero but maybe a little bit of a dick. 

The plot lines this would create would be vast, old friends turning up and clashing with the new Doc and maybe the companion always apologising on his behalf after his outspoken personality gets them into trouble again.

With shows like Luther and Sherlock working wonders for the BBC I really would like to see this kind of character.

A star or a unknown?

Since coming back Doctor Who has had one well known actor in Eccleston and two more or less unknowns In Tennant and Smith. I'm guessing its going to be a unknown as it will mean more of a commitment from them. The bookies are going for Peter Capaldi who has been in Dr Who and Torchwood before, Ben Whishaw, Ben Daniels and Andrew Scott have also been mentioned but I can still dream of Idris Elba, Ian Mckellen or Eddie Izzard.

Idris Elba 
Ian Mckellen 
Peter Capaldi

I'm sure whoever has the role will do a fine job as long as he has the stories to work with and I cant wait to see what happens to the Dr in the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials.

So I guess the only thing left to do is wait.

One more day to find out Who is Who.

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  1. Excellent Blog dude! Pete Capaldi was VERY good in both Doctor and Torchwood - I think he could be a really good Doctor.

    1. Thanks :) I think he would be a great choice too, of the mentioned I would want him the most...Apart from Idris Elba.



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