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WWE 2K14 Posse Highlights! Hues vs Agrajag Ladder Match

Inateck Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Review

The Last of Us - Part 19 - ...with extra badass

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Doctor Who: Last Christmas - detailed review and discussion

The Last of Us - Part 18 - Everything happens for a reason

Quotes! Dec. 14-20

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Labradite: “But all of the mech decks I’ve seen are aggro, so why would Tree of Life be in it?”
Adi: “Cuz . . . you know . . . when everything’s gone horribly wrong, you click it and then everything’s fine and happy.”
Labradite: “Yeah . . . everybody is happy. So what you’re saying is you don’t play it if you’re winning?”
Adi: “No, what I’m saying is that I never win, so it doesn’t matter.”

Labradite: “Adi, you know I still can’t see your cards right?”
Adi: “I shared my screen.”
Labradite: “All I see is a swirly circle.”
Adi: “It’s definitely sending it, so . . . let’s both reboot Skype.” [pause] “Did you hear that? Lab? Oh crap, I hung up.”

Adi: “Great, let’s be pedantic over who we thank for this situation. This is exactly the reason I brought you on, Lab.”

[Adi talks for five minutes while microphone is off]
Adi: “Sooo . . . I screwed up.”
Tinydancer485: “Hey Adi, the mic seems to be off.”
Adi: “Yes, Tiny, the microphone was off, thanks.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Hey Adi, the mic seems to be on now.”
Adi: “YES I KNOW.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Always glad to be of service.”

Adi: “No I don’t want that. Give me something else. No I don’t want that either. Next. Oh my god not that. I’ve got nothing good to play!”

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “Makka Pakka is here, and he is about to do exciting things with statistics and math.”
Labradite: “Oh dear god, thank god it’s not gonna be you.”
Adi: “You . . . You know we’re about to MAKE you, right? You remember that godawful lipstick from yesterday that everyone was like “whoa!” You’re gonna get that.”

Adi: “Her name is: Labradyke.”
Labradite: “That is NOT how you spell my name!”
Mckapet: “What did he write? Labradyke? Yes!”
Adi: “What? What did I do?”

Adi: “Alright, everyone, last chance for the giveaway. Someone give me a 120 second countdown.”
Mckapet: “Do you want us to actually count it out loud, or just run a timer in the background?”

Adi: “I should not have come back into the ring, that a foolish decision, I just got a heel through my cranium.”

Adi: “Ouch! Ouch! We both ran to save Monkey at the same time and instead ran into each other.”

Mckapet: “Those are the sounds the announcers make when you come out into the ring.”
Adi: “I don’t think we have ever edited that.”
Mckapet: “We haven’t. And please don’t. Or I need to make another column in the spreadsheet.”

[Watching a match’s highlights and counting how people lost]
Adi: “You know, I still don’t know what happened to Lab.”
Mckapet: “Me neither. Rest assured I will download the vid though and we will find out what happened to Lab.”

Adi: “When you look at Veem right now do you think cricketer?”
Tinydancer485: “No.”
Adi: [sigh] “Maybe I should just write cricketer on his butt.”

Tinydancer485: “If you have ten people doing the same thing, it’s kinda creepy.”
Adi: “You’re creepy.”
Tinydancer485: “No, you are.”
Adi: “How could I ever be creepy? I’m adorable. I’ve got fifty – oh, we’ve just lost ten viewers. See what you did!”

Doctor Who: Legacy with Nicholas Briggs!!!
smallbluemonkey: “Hi susan... ready for the crazy times? (; ”
Tinyrebelgames: “Hang on I hadn’t even said hi yet . . How'd you know I’m here?”
Cigargent: “Sorry about that Susan, but you popped up on the list of online users.”

[Beeping alarm goes off in the background]
Adi: “Is that an alarm going off? Pete! Peter, is that your alarm?”
Peter: “Um, yep, right, sorry, just let me get my dinner out of the oven. Bear with me, I’m still gonna be here!”
Susan: “I think the pizza’s ready.”
Adi: “You know, when I was setting up, I told everyone that we were having an international celebrity, so let’s have a completely professional stream, no scuffling, no weird noises, no nothing. And Susan was like “yep, yep sure” and Peter was like “Yep, yep sure” and then we start and the first thing we here is “beep beep beep”. So the whole stream is ruined. Ruined. RUINED.”

Nick: “I’ve got an acting agent and I’m available.”
Adi: “For acting or just in general?”
Nick: “I’ll just turn up to your house with a ring modulator!”

Adi: “At what point were you offended to realize that you’d been brought in to play a rhinoceros? Like, ugly rhinoceros, we need Nick!”
Nick: “More like, funny voice, we need Nick.”

[Adi showing off Chips in the afterstream party]
Adi: “It’s a good thing you’re not green, Chips, or you wouldn’t show up – ow! Okay, he tried to bite me, won’t do that again. Or maybe he was trying to be affectionate. Hard to tell with cats.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “I don’t think Chips wants to be green.”
Adi: “Anyways why am I telling you people about my cats? We’re supposed to be talking about DWL. Oh god I’m turning into one of those people who talks about their cats to everyone. . .”

Spec Ops: The Line
Adi: “Oooh there I am. Good looking guy. He even has my hair!”

Adi: “Why does my team keep disguising themselves as people that need to be shot?!?!”

[Adi grabs a machine gun and then can’t let go]
Adi: “Um . . I can duck. Duck. Heel. Shoot. End. Stop. Seriously, let go of the gun. Is there something I’m supposed to be shooting? Stop. Let go. Are you serious? I’m attached to the gun! Let go!” [pause] “Hi. I am the Adi Pose. I am attached to this gun.”

Adi: “Boo! Oh my god why are my lips so red. Am I bleeding? What is this? Wow. Okay. I may have over tweaked this and made myself look allergic to life.”
Confusethepolarity: “Adi’s been playing with Clarie’s lipstick again.”

Adi: “Oh nice glasses – wait, those are not glasses, they just . . . gouged out his eyes. Who gouges out the eyes of a painting???”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

Angelina_M: “Bf's 25th reunion was the Saturday after Thanksgiving but we were on the Cape at his mom's house so we skipped.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “We had our 200th last year...”
smallbluemonkey: “Wow, I knew you were old, Hues, didn't realise it was that old though.”
Jendivine: “Llol”

Labradite: “That's why the ignore feature is so important. Does the same thing with none of the drama.”
onlymetahuman: “I had no idea there was an ignore button . . . “
Labradite: “I think it's /ignoreuser labradite.”
onlymetahuman: “Oh pops up when you click on a name, I just didn't know it existed until right now.”
Labradite: “obvi - with whatever name you want to ignore. Oh it's /ignore labradite.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Where'd Lab go?”
onlymetahuman: “Wish lab told me how to unignore her before i ignored her...”

mckapet: “Tabi: If I come up with stuff, would you be able to either post it for me, or help me get it posted?”
tabitenor17: “I'll post it for you. No problem.”
mckapet: “Cool beans!”
Shidohari: “Be careful what you say, Tabi.”
Jendivine: “Lol.”
tabitenor17: “Just email me the doc.”
Shidohari: “Especially it's items from Mckapet.”
mckapet: “What? Who me?!!!”
Shidohari: “Yes...you.”

RUMBLEROYALE: “What mic do you use? your voice quality is awesome! (@blue shirt guy).”
smallbluemonkey: “Rumbleroyale: (@blue shirt guy) is our host, Adi.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “Sorry didn't want to say no hair guy... didn't want to disrespect.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale, he's been called worse.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “His voice quality is the best one i've heard here in twitch. Really want to
know what mic uses and how he gets such awesome vocal quality.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale - if you ask after the stream, you'll have a better chance of getting a response.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “I understand completely! Sorry was just really amazed by his voice hehe. I’ll wait till after the show.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale - no worries. he's amazed by his voice also.”
agrajag4242: “He sure is, Lab!”

RealTegan: “Hola Rob! How's life?”
TheAutismRob: “It is well for the first few days being in my early twenties.”
RealTegan: “Ah, a kid.”
onlymetahuman: “Eww, you're younger than I am. And by eww that's simultaneous disgust but also jealousy.”
Labradite: “Mostly jealousy.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “I don't remember being that young in my twenties.”
Labradite: “Being old means lots of memory problems.”
TheAutismRob: “Yep.”
RealTegan: “Yup, the memory is the second thing to go.”
Labradite: “What’s the first?”
onlymetahuman: “Can't remember the first?”
RealTegan: “I don't remember.”
Labradite: “Walked right into that one.”

Paperlessprinter: “Question: does anyone know when the next DWL stream is?”
stile99: “Answer: yes.”
mckapet: “Stile: you *SO* helpful!”
stile99: “I try.”

LesMc537: “Is that a book on the table behind you? The words were scrolling across it.”
Adi: “It’s my iPad, actually. Probably reflecting the screen. I’m glad the stream is so riveting that you are asking what is behind Adi.”

[after twenty minutes of chat silence]
Labradite: “What’s wrong with you all. i go and shower and you all kill the chat. What did the chat do to you!!!! Sooooo rude.” [long pause of silence] “You don't like me either? :( ”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars Nicholas Briggs, Chips the cat, Labradite, mckapet, and Tinydancer485, as well as Hues_of_blue_23, SmallbluemonkeyCigargent, Confusethepolarity, Angelina_M, Jendivine, onlymetahuman, tabitenor17, ShidohariRumbleroyale, agrajag4242, RealTegan, TheAutismRob, Paperlessprinter, Stile99, and LesMc537

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The Last of Us - Part 17 - I'm gonna need you to pull...

Doctor Who Legacy - Christmas Show Ho Ho!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Doctor Who Christmas Review and Sims 3 Giveaway TONIGHT!

Posse FAQ

Whether you're a new member, a newly-renewed member, or maybe not even a member, you've probably had a few questions about what on earth being in the Posse means and what you can do as part of the Posse. Well, ask no more, because everything you've ever wanted to know about being in the Posse can be found right here!

First off, what is the Posse?

We are the Posse. We are the diehard Adi addicts, the ones who show up hours before every stream and hang out for hours after (as we are permitted to by this terrible thing they call Real Life). We are the ones who have saved up at least 500 AdiGold, are willing to try our hands at designing an original adipose, and are proud to make our addiction known to the world for at least six months.

What does being in the Posse do for me?


 - Website feature
Part of your Posse application involves designing an adipose that reflects you and writing a short biography for the official Posse page. That 'pose and bio will stay on the website for six months! How cool is that?
 - Chat star
Posse membership also means you get a special teal star by your name in the onscreen chat for six months!

Henoir99, longtime viewer, known onscreen as ROOSToir

 - Custom name
Posse members have the ability to create a custom nickname for the onscreen chat! For more information, ask one of the mods.
 - AdiBot recognition
If you're one of the newest members, AdiBot will occasionally give you an in-chat welcome! Also, during Adi's commercial breaks, the bot will put a random Posse bio into the chat. If you're around and you see that it's yours, say something in chat and one of the Mods will give you some bonus AdiGold!
 - Stream highlight selection
Posse members now have the ability to choose the best parts of the stream for Adi to put on YouTube! All you have to do is type "!highlight" with a brief description of the highlight relatively close to when it happens on stream. If Adi picks your highlight, he'll give you credit for it in the video!
 - Exclusive giveaways
Every once in a while, Adi will do a giveaway that's only open to Posse members. And it's usually pretty good, so you don't want to miss out!
 - Double entries in public giveaways
Posse members get double entries in all general giveaways! (Donors get the same, so if you're a Posse member who donates, you get TRIPLE the entries!)
CompanionBre, Posse PA
 - Exclusive opportunities to game with Adi
Adi occasionally plays multiplayer games like Terraria or PvP games like Hearthstone and likes to get the Posse involved! Don't miss out on your chance to play with Adi and the Posse!
 - Snapchat
Adi interacts with Posse members on Snapchat during the streams! The Posse also gets to see behind-the-scenes shots of the streams, daily life in the Pose family, and pictures of Izzie. Who doesn't want that?
Angelina_M, Posse PA

 - Community
Of course, there is the simple fact that by joining the Posse, you become a member of one of the greatest communities on the internet. The Posse is a very diverse and welcoming group of people. The chat is active 24/7. You can always find someone to talk to about Doctor Who, Doctor Who: Legacy, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, pizza, or any number of other topics. Jump on in and start chatting! We'd love to get to know you!

Wow, this all sounds great! Does it cost anything to join?

Nothing but 500 AdiGold! For more details on joining the Posse, click here.

500? That sounds like a lot.

It seems that way, but it really isn't. AdiBot is in the channel 24/7. 1 AdiGold every half-hour is 48 gold a day. If you left a tab open on your computer, you'd only need 11 days to save up 500 AdiGold, and that's without streams. So really it's not hard at all! There are no drawbacks to joining the Posse! What are you waiting for?

But how will I know when I'm really a part of the community?

Celeloth Imladris, Keeper of the Quotes

You know you're in the Posse when...

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or contact one of the mods in chat. Hope to see you in the Posse!


tabitenor17, Posse PA

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Posse News - Dec 26

Happy Boxing Day, Posse! Or St. Stephen's Day, Wren's Day, Second  Christmas Day, Friday….take your pick!

It’s been a quiet week but we've still had lots of fun! We hope SantaPose was good to you and that you managed to not get chocolate poisoning from consuming too many sweets.

Tuesday brought us Adi and Clarie's Christmas show and the entries to the Christmas competition. Congratulations to our winners! In first place was Henior99 while Detetiv took second place and LesMc537’s photo series rounded out the list of winners with honorable mention. Thank you to all the entrants and a special thank you to Adi, Clarie and IzziePose for the fun Christmas stream and TRIPLE adigold! Merry Christmas, indeed!

Wednesday we had Lee and Susan of Tiny Rebel Games and Pete from the BBC join us for our Christmas Eve Doctor Who: Legacy stream. Glad to see Lee was feeling better! Lee's brother and father even joined the fun and the extended Tiny Rebel family members received a warm welcome in the chat! Thank you to the entire DW:L team for a wonderful Advent Calendar. We can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

Be sure to join us on Saturday the 27th for Adi's biggest giveaway of the month! Adi will be giving away The Sims 3 as well as the "Late Night" and "Date Night" packs on top of tons of high end stuff! Seriously huge giveaway!! Make sure to follow Adi on TwitchTwitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Adi's been streaming Spec Ops, chat favorite Posse Wrasslin (including the FIRST Posse Champion!), loads of Hearthstone ranking, Adi and special guests opening countless Hearthstone packs and more. Were you able to join us for Smaug opening packs? What about Derek the Complaints Manager? Hope you didn't miss out!

Make sure you hop over to Celeloth’s Quotes of the Week for your weekly look back at some of the chat and stream hilarity! Cele’s a quote machine. Thanks for the hard work, Celeloth!!

Adi has hit a huge milestone this week. Thirty THOUSAND subscriptions on Youtube! Wow. Massive congratulations, Adi and THANK YOU to all of those who subscribe and follow Adi on TwitchTwitterFacebook and Youtube! Just incredible!!

Have a safe and happy New Year, Posse! We’ll see you in 2015!

If you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you’d like to submit to TheAdiPoseTV.com be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!

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Adi and Clarie's Christmas Show!

Quotes! Dec. 7-13

Merry/Happy Christmas Eve, Posse! Here are (finally, sorry about the wait) the quotes of the week! Have a great Christmas! :)

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Winnie the Pooh with Izzie
Adi: “This is a stream that Izzie might like. Which is the greatest idea for a stream ever, watching a young girl play a game she MIGHT like.”

Adi: “Sadly, I do not think Izzie is very enthralled by this game. Maybe you’re too young. Maybe you can watch it when you’re older. Like in a week.”

Adi: “I will turn down the volume of the game, because otherwise Tinydancer will probably be like “THE GAME’S TOO LOUD” in that charming German way of hers.”

[Labradite is happy for HS at the end of SoC. Couldn’t deal with WotP]
Adi: “For some reason Lab is talking in acronyms and I don’t understand.”

Adi: “Oh no he’s got a taunt. I didn’t realize that. Well, I did realize it, but I conveniently forgot.”

Adi: “Really? Really? You’re giving me an Annoy-o-tron to annoy me, and my fifth – MY FIFTH – Gilbin Stalker! I do not need five of these! I didn’t even need ONE! It’s just there to irritate me, along with Annoy-o-tron. Actually, they should call this Annoy-o-tron, because that one is vaguely useful sometimes.”

[Adi streaming at like 3 AM for Americans]
Labradite: “*** adialarm. Morning Krentaris and Adi.”
Adi: [laughs] “I always love it when people leave their computers on and then we start streaming
and we wake them up in the middle of the night. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it. To know that people on the other side of the world are going f-k, Adi!”
Krentaris: “Who did we wake up?”
Adi: “Labradite. Success!”
tabitenor17: “Well. That woke me up.”
Adi: “Oh excellent, we woke up Tabi too.”

[Adi underneath the desk trying to install his monitor]
Krentaris: “Hey, guys, while Adi’s gone, I’m gonna hit end turn early and hope he times out.”
Adi: “What did you say?”
Krentaris: “Good luck!”

Adi: “They said this game was multiplayer. Does that mean I can bring other people in? Mainly so they can kill these things for me.”

Adi: “I can terraform!! Well this changes everything.”

[Quits the game 2 minutes later out of boredom]

Adi: “This game teaches us to run. And to climb. And to jump.” [Adi jumps and falls off] “Or not.”

Adi: “Oooh these pieces can rotate. So . . . this could be the top or bottom. Oh brilliant. As if I wasn’t having enough problems putting this puzzle together already.”

Adi: “You killed him! You absolute dingleberry! You killed him, you dingleberry! Stop killing him you cretin! Fool! Marsupian! Idiot!”

Adi: “You’ve been fantastic, and if I could say that backwards – oooh there’s a ladder! Where does it go? Oh it’s a broken ladder.”

Adi: “So we need to kill that one first, and then un-kill it, and then kill this other one, but as long as he stays alive, we don’t need to kill him again. Am I being thick here or does that make sense?”

Adi: “Please no spoilers, as usual.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “SPOILERS = DEATH!”

Posse News Stream
Adi: “You’ll know when your membership has expired because, um, because . . . your blue star will have disappeared from the on screen chat.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “You'll know you've expired when they start the autopsy...”
Adi: “Ah yes. I was trying to think of a funny joke, but Hues got there first.”

Adi: “Let’s start a countdown! Pick a number!”
Clarie: “50!”
Adi: “. . . You wanna do a countdown from 50?”
Clarie: “Fine, ten.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Susan: “People are loving your tutorial, Adi.”
Adi: “Where are you gonna link it in the game? Cuz, I mean, I never die, so I’ll never see the link.”
Susan: “If you suicide a few times, you’ll see it.”
Adi: “Maybe I’ll just have to die a few times on stream, then. On purpose, you know.”

Lee: “Hey, Adi. Nice top.”
Adi: “What’s wrong with my top?”
Lee: “Orange is the new black.”
Adi:” It’s fricking red!”
Lee: “You look like a prison inmate. Or James the giant peach.”
Adi: “It’s a RED Christmas jumper!!!”
Jennie_Bunny: “Adi's just peachy.”

Adi: “Pete are you like cooking food with your iPad again, cuz there’s that lovely scrapping noise again. . .”
Pete: “I’m trying to adjust the volume. Obviously by making a lot more noise.”

[Adi opens the floor to questions from the chat]
Pete: “What – someone just asked what our favorite biscuits are?”
Adi: “Yeah. Someone asked that last night and we ended up with a half an hour rant about biscuits.”
Pete: “Why?”
Adi: “Don’t, don’t go there.”

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “You might sit on people, Spud, but I – I am a lump of living fat.”

[Posse Rumble and Henoir99 going on a rampage against everyone else]
Adi: “Oh everyone is just . . . dead.”
SofaSpudTV: “Stop the chicken!”
Adi: “I can’t! Cuz you murdered Jennie cuz she murdered me and the chicken murdered you for murdering Jennie.”

Don’t Starve
Adi: “Petals have improve my sanity. Cuz you all know how sane I am.”

Adi: “I’m trying to make an entertaining stream here, but all I’m finding is grass, flint, berries, and nothing else!”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
Blutech100: “What was adi braiding?”
TinyDancer485: “His chest hair.”
Labradite: “A game called braid.”
Blutech100: “LLOL Tiny.”

Hues_of_Blue_23: “llol. I just mirror entitied up a mana tide totem.”
Labradite: “Nice.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “He immediately silenced it.”
Labradite: “Less nice.”

[Adi trying to scold the chat]
Adi: “You seem to have had a card pack opening party. And without me!”
Hues_of_blue_23: “We had Kren, that was just as good!”
TinyDancer485: “You snooze, you loose.”
Labradite: “LLoL Hues.”
tabitenor17: “LLOL Tiny.”

Adi: “Chicken Gnomish Experimenter. This card will turn any minion into a chicken. Why . . . why is this card useful? Someone tell me what is the point of this card?”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “I have no idea why that card exists.”
TinyDancer485: “I got one of those as well, it's stupid.”
tabitenor17: “Lol I love how much this card confuses us.”
Henoir99: “Karma adi, you transformed me into a chicken.”

Labradite: “Soooo funny story. . . i got a skype add today from AngelinaM. So i assumed and shared. NOPE. WRONG. I LOSE.”
Celeloth: “. . . . You shared what?”
Labradite: “Luckily the conversation didn’t get far.”

TheAdiposeTV: “Posse list updated. Moved Lab too.”
Labradite: “Thank you update and super thank you for moving me.”
TheAdiposeTV: “You haven’t seen it yet.”
Labradite: “I’M NOT 40.”
TheAdiposeTV: “Oh god my tummy hurts from laughing.”

Detetiv400: “Les- adi did something bad.”
LesMc537: “What's new.”
Detetiv400: “You may want to watch adi's future pause videos or opening countdowns @Lesmc537.”
TheAdiposeTV: “Thanks det. That was as clear as a wall. Well played.”

Shidohari: “Should i do asia america or europe tonight?” [pause] “also i just realized how bad that sounded.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Try to get into china.”
Shidohari: “Lol too late i'm already eating left over Chinese food, hues.”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose; Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games; and guest stars Krentaris and SofaSpudTV, as well as Labraditetabitenor17, Hues_of_blue_23, Jennie_bunny, Blutech100, Tinydancer485, Henoir99, Detetiv400, LesMc537, and Shidohari

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The Last of Us - Part 16- Monsters University

Friday, 19 December 2014

Posse News - Dec 19

Friday already? News day is here again!

What a week. The time is just flying by and Christmas is less than a week away! Hope you all behaved so SantaPose brings you lots of presents!

Speaking of presents, I hope you didn't miss the incredible present we had during the Doctor Who: Legacy stream this week. We were joined by Susan of Tiny Rebel Games and Pete from the BBC but they had a super special guest join…Nicholas Briggs. THE Nicholas Briggs. Executive Producer at Big Finish Productions. Voice actor extraordinaire.  Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon and so many more. Seriously, look him up and get lost in the list of his many talents. If you missed the stream, or if you just can’t get enough, make sure you head over to watch! Thank you to everyone who made the visit possible as well as everyone who was there to participate!

Our Doctor Who: Legacy stream was missing our Master of the Monologue, Lee. Susan and Lee have ventured across the pond to spend time in Cardiff for the holidays and Lee has not been feeling well. Hopefully Lee is feeling better and will be around to join us for next week’s stream. Just like last week, we have a schedule change. Please note that next week’s Doctor Who: Legacy stream will also be on Wednesday, December 24. No time change. See you all on Christmas Eve!

We've all been very busy getting ready for our holiday gatherings and parties but Adi's still had time to get some hilarious Posse Wrestling in, Hearthstone ranking for the monthly competition and even Parts 15 and 16 of The Last of Us. If you've never managed to catch a Posse Wrestling stream, you really are missing out. Although, that means you've missed out on all the side pains we all end up with from laughing so hard (the pain is totally worth it). Make sure you’re following Adi on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook to get notified so you don’t miss out next time!

It’s been another great week of posts on www.TheAdiPoseTV.com as well. At long last, we have another delicious recipe from LesMc537. You can check out her Christmas “Crack” recipe but be warned, it’s so good you’ll be hooked at the first bite! Celeloth's fantastic Quotes of the Week are also up so make sure you read all the goodness!

We have some more Posse-versaries this weekend! A very happy Posse-versary to both BrettusLettuce and spiggster (SPIGGY G!)! Woohoo! Congratulations on your Posse-versaries!  If you haven’t already, please make sure you stop by the chat so the Mods or Adi can renew you for another 6 months with the Posse!

If you haven’t submitted your entry for the Christmas Competition, you still have time. Get them in!

As always, if you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you’d like to submit to TheAdiPoseTV.com be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!

Have a wonderful week. From all of us here, we wish you the happiest of holidays. Be safe, enjoy your gatherings and make sure you stop by Twitch to join us for more chatting and streams.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Doctor Who Legacy with NICHOLAS BRIGGS - voice of the Daleks!

The Last of Us - Part 15 - You have no idea what floss is

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sweets n' Treats with Les!

Another yummy guest post by Posse member LesMc537! 

Christmas "Crack"

You know the saying “Looks like you’ve got a sweet tooth!”? Well, I figure I’ve got sweet teeth because I like treats, and I love to bake.  The majority of my baking happens this time of year because there’s always a holiday function that calls for a big batch of treats to share.  A new favorite that my friend introduced me to (because that’s what you do when you find something so good you can’t help eating it all yourself—you introduce other people to the recipe so they can make it themselves, forget sharing) is known as Christmas Crack—Christmas, probably because of the time of year we usually make it, and Crack because, well, it’s really addictive and I suppose it could have something to do with how you crack it apart into pieces.  This is a quick and easy candy recipe and makes a great gift or something sweet to bring to a potluck or family gathering.

1 sleeve saltine crackers
1 C brown sugar
1 C butter
1 pkg chocolate chips (or white chips, or butterscotch or peanut butter, or mint. . . or a combination)
3/4 C optional toppings - chopped nuts, or Heath toffee pieces, or dried fruit pieces, or chopped up candy pieces, the options are limitless

~Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
~Line a 10" x 15" cookie sheet with foil (the kind of sheet that has raised edges!) 
~Spray with Pam, or grease VERY lightly with butter. 
~Cover the cookie sheet with a single layer of saltines (a row of 5 x 7 with a small space at the end, fold the edge of the foil up to create a nice edge). 

~Combine and stir butter and brown sugar in a pot over medium heat.
~Bring butter and brown sugar to a full boil (pic #3).  Boil for 3 minutes, stirring with a whisk.

~Pour over the saltines, and try to spread it as evenly as possible. 

~Place in the oven and bake for 8 minutes (first pic is after a few minutes, second is almost done)

~When you remove it, the caramel mixture will be molten and boiling; allow to cool about 2 min, or until you can see the crackers distinctly, which will have shifted while baking.  Push them back into order with a fork or knife. 
~Sprinkle the chocolate chips over the toffee and let sit for a couple minutes to melt (you can put the pan back in the warm oven for a minute or so to help speed the process). 
~Once melted, spread chocolate evenly.

~If desired, sprinkle on nuts of your choice (or any topping your heart desires) and press lightly into the chocolate (this is OPTIONAL and not done here as I’m not a fan of nuts in my treats). 
~Let cool a bit and then transfer to fridge to harden (at least 30 minutes).
~Once hard, break the candy into small pieces and place in airtight containers for up to a week (but they won’t last that long).  

Monday, 15 December 2014

Quotes! Nov 30-Dec 6

Remember, if you ever want to read the full sets of quotes from any of these streams, visit Celeloth's Facebook page!

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Last of Us
[Adi tries to jump up on a ledge for a better view]
Adi: “I’m stuck in this place, oh no. Is this cuz I mentioned ET? Oh no there are nasty things
here. Get back down, Joel. Stop floating like Jesus! Go down!” [Adi jumps off and dies] “I think
that’s God’s way of saying I did something wrong.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “He fell to his death? Inconceivable!”
Adi: “So I need something to stand on. So I don’t go flying again.”

Adi: “Oh do I need the dumpster again? I’m sorry. I know you must not like us very much
anyone, cuz we’ve dropped you down a hill and used you to ram a gate. But uh, just gonna use
you one more time.”

Adi: “Well, he can barely see, and neither can I. Thankfully I barely saw him before he barely saw me.”

Adi: “Um . . . sorry, Juno. I may have fallen in the torrenty river. Um. I may be stuck here forever.” [pause] “Oh. Turns out I can just walk. My bad.”


Hearthstone & Hearthstone: Gnomes vs. Goblins
Adi: “Who was complaining about the size of my face earlier? Mckapet wasn’t it? Makkapakka. Tell me, what crucial piece of game play am I covering now? Oh my god you can’t see the well. Oh my god you can’t see the bottom of the chat.”

Adi: “You see that new sparkling thing around arena? That’s cuz goblins vs. gnomes is now active. However it also means that when I pick a deck it’ll take twice as long, cuz now I need to actually look these cards and go what the frick is that.”

Adi: “I have unlocked humility! Although hah. Because long time viewers will know that is not true.”

Adi: “Oh, no, he hit my yeti! I have a yeti and his name is Betty and he is a yeti and he is married to . . . Jeff.”

Adi: “After evaluating the entire situation I decided that . . . I didn’t care.”

Adi: “Hello, Clarie.”
Clarie: “Hello, Adi.”
Adi: “I’m adjusting my camera on my face and everyone’s giving me feedback.”
Clarie: “That’s dangerous.”
Adi: “Not my actual face!”

Left For Dead 2
Adi: “I’m going down, I’m going down, I’m going down – Spud! Spud, turn around! SPUD!!!
Who is standing next to me?! Oh, Bish.”

Adi: “Maybe we can just move . . . you know, move organically around, and spread the resources around.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Move organically around? As opposed to moving around mechanically like robots?”

Adi: “Whose dead body is this? Is this Spud?”
SofaSpudTV: “Yes.”
Adi: “Oh. I had not realized we were dying together.”

Bisheh: “Adi set everything on fire. Including me.”
Adi: “Well, maybe you shouldn’t stand in the way of my fire.”
Bisheh: “I wasn’t on fire til you came by and set my butt alight. You were like ‘It’s so pretty and
shiny fiiireeee’.”

Adi: “Who took the axe?’ [pause] “I’m on fire, crap. I didn't do this one. You ain't pinning this
on me.”
SofaSpudTV: “Your fault.”
Adi: “No, it’s not. Why would I set something on fire when I’m standing on top of it?”
SofaSpudTV: “Cuz you’re a pyromaniac.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Adi: “I thought I’d try something new today. Here are my ears. Now, normally I wear those huge headphones, but then some of you were nice enough to photoshop it into me being a Cyerbman, so . . . . not gonna wear it. I’m gonna wear my little earbuds. So I can hear, but not look like a droid.”

Adi: “Well hello, Susan.”
Susan: “Hello.”
Adi: “Ah . . . interesting. You’re coming out of my other speaker.”
Susan: “Um . . . okay. Test. Hello hello hello?”
Adi: “Ah, now you’re coming out of my ear, excellent.”

Susan: “If you die more than two times in season 7, I tried to make the pop-up as nice as possible when suggesting that they change some things up and view your new tutorial.”
Adi: “Lee gave me headers to cover in the video, and it was hard, because I wanted to go full on
monologue mode, but he told me it had to be five minutes long, so I, um, said fine and made it eight minutes.”

Don’t Starve
Adi: “We might need to re-plant the forest that I – I mean, someone, someone destroyed.”

Adi: “The Firestarter character is immune to fire damage and sets fire when nervous. Well, I’ve been setting fire to everything already soooo. Why not?”

Adi: “Stop dropping things. Put the grass on the fricking fire. Why do you think I gave it to you? To just leave it laying on the floor and say it’s pretty?”

Adi: “I’ve forgotten where I died. . . . Does anyone remember where I died? God, it’s all starting to blur.”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
tabitenor17: “What does green Adi convert?”
TheAdiposeTV: “Ladies.”
Labradite: “Yes, Adi?”
TheAdiposeTV: “I was answering the question.”
tabitenor17: “You're green?”
Labradite: “Oooh.... umm... right...”
tabitenor17: “Are you the grinch?”

Angelina_M: “Any UK bakers around that want to confirm some conversions for me?”
onlymetahuman: “i want to help angelina but i gave myself food poisoning by not cooking
chicken dippers enough a few nights ago.”
Angelina_M: “lol. You're out.”

Labradite: “I'm going to the store. Don't kill chat while I’m gone.”
LesMc537: “be safe.”
[tabitenor17 stops sharpening my ax]
tabitenor17: “Aw man...”
[mckapet ...puts away the knives and guns....]
[Doctorwhofan6872 puts the matches down]

[An hour into the stream]
tabitenor17: “Is the bot not working?”
Hues_of_blue_23: “It’s responding, Tabi.”
CompanionBre: “I don’t think we’re earning gold, though, Tabi.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “!mod checkvault”
Adibot: “Is the vault open? – no”
Everyone: “Ohhhhhhhh.”
Adi: “Oh. I seem to have never opened the vaults. My bad!”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV and Clarie Pose, Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars SiTrixonian, SofaSpudTV, and Bisheh, as well as Hues_of_blue_23, tabitenor17, Labradite,  Angelina_MonlymetahumanLesMc537mckapetDoctorwhofan6872, and CompanionBre

Sunday, 14 December 2014

WWE Posse Highlights - The revenge of the Hen

Saturday, 13 December 2014

DWL - Susan, Lee and Pete!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Posse News - Dec 12

Happy Friday, Posse! It’s news day!

We’ve had another busy week full of streams and chat. Just the way it should be!

We have our final list of entrants for December’s Hearthstone rank competition! Agriffindor, DoctorWhoFan6872, Hues_of_Blue_23, Labradite, LesMc537, MadHarrisWithABox, OnlyMetahuman, Scott_allonsy, Steveoooooooh, Tabitenor17, TinyDancer485, and TwelvesOswald have all stepped up to try and knock Adi from the top spot! With the competition and the release of the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion pack, this month’s Hearthstone playing is going to be way up for the Posse! Be sure to check out Adi’s GvG pack stream highlights and get playing and practicing your Hearthstone skills so you can join January’s rank competition!

Adi’s also been having fun taking us along on the journey of The Last of Us. Most recently posting streams parts 13 and 14 up on Youtube this week. Head on over to Adi’s Youtube videos to catch up on The Last of Us streams and be sure to check out the Don’t Starve! Highlights from this week. These highlights were chosen by Posse members and the member that selected each highlight is mentioned. Just another perk of joining the Posse!

This week’s Doctor Who: Legacy stream was a little extra special as it was the weekly Double Adigold stream! Were you there to get twice the gold?? There was another incredible turn out as we spent some time with Adi, Susan, Lee and Peter. Not many better ways to spend a Thursday out there! Also, there is a schedule change for next week’s Doctor Who: Legacy stream. We’ll be joining Adi and the DW:L team on WEDNESDAY instead of our usual Thursday stream day. The time remains the same. With the holidays approaching, make sure you are following Adi on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook as well as Doctor Who: Legacy on Twitter and Facebook to be notified of any additional stream schedule changes and maybe news about special guests…You’ll have to follow to find out!

We’re drawing nearer to Adi’s Christmas competition! Have you submitted your photo, yet? If not, get thinking. Get creative. Most importantly, make sure you join us for the Christmas stream! The Halloween party was awesome and Christmas is shaping up to be another fantastic party with the Posse!

We’ve been busy little bees on TheAdiposeTV.com.  Celeloth’s weekly quotes post is up and, as always, it is hilarious! Also, if you enjoyed LesMc537’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bread recipe, you are in for a treat! Les has sent along another delicious recipe to share with you so keep an eye out for that next week!

We’d like to take a minute to send along some very Happy Birthday wishes to two of our wonderful friends TheAutismRob and Mattheww191!! Happy Birthday, guys!

We also have a few more Posse-versaries coming up this weekend. Bisheh, DebDove01, Mattheww191, The_Doctors_Companion39 and VealyDan! Congratulations on your Posse-versaries!  If you haven’t already, please make sure you stop by the chat so the Mods or Adi can renew you for another 6 months with the Posse!

As always, if you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you’d like to submit to TheAdiPoseTV.com be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!

Opening Goblins and Gnome Packs....and ranting

The Last of Us - Part 14 Town Time

Monday, 8 December 2014

Quotes! Nov. 23-29

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Doctor Who: Legacy One Year Anniversary
Adi: “Can everyone stop implying that I’m gonna die?! You remember who makes the tutorials around here? I make the tutorials in this game!”

Adi: “So, why is this a special day again?”
Susan: “Turkey!”
Adi: “Yes, because many, many years ago, the Pilgrims who came to America – ”
Susan: “Yes, yes, but also!”
Adi: “Also?”
Susan: “One year ago today, Doctor Who: Legacy launched around the world. And yet here we are, still making content for this massive game that we love.”
Adi: “Ah. Crap.”
Susan: [laughs]
Adi: “Oh yes, I didn’t mean to say oh crap to that. I was trying to light the candle on the cake that I was gonna put on live stream.”
Lee: “Oh don’t set fire to your house. That’s all we need now, in the middle of this stream. Camera on the fire, you running around all panicky.”

Thegloamglozer: “Where do you think you’ll be this time next year?”
Lee: “Prison.”
Susan: “Mexico.”
Adi: “ . . . Excellent.”

Adi: “Oh hang on. I’ve screwed up. I can hear my own stream twice, but not any of the game sounds. Huh. Let me try and fix – ” [Stream ends]

Adi: “I’ve got nothing in my hand that’ll help me, nothing at all. Nothing even slow-acting. Nope. End scene. AGAIN.”

Adi: “Oh my god, this is the most important news headline of all time. Oh wait, it’s mirrored, I’ll have to read that. “School on the lookout for angry squirrel”. Most important headline, thank you Clarie for bringing that to our attention.”

Last of Us
Adi: “Frick, move faster, Juno! I’ve seen stationary buildings that moved faster than you. [pause] On the other hand, I’ve seen weather predictions more accurate than me.”

[Adi tries his hand at horse riding]
Adi: “We are about to save Ellie. Yeehaw! Turns out riding a horse is . . . what the frick, how do I control this horse? Which button’s go? Reverse? Oh my god Ellie, I can’t save you because I can’t control my damn horse. I’m not even touching the controller now.”
Onlymetahuman: “I feel this inability to ride is already a classic moment. . .”
Tinydance485: “Is riding more difficult than swimming?”
Companionbre: “Adi is clearly not a cowboy.”
Henoir99: “Adi is as bad on horseback as he is on wheels or in the air.”
tabitenor17: “Guys Adi’s plane driving might have a rival.”
Labradite: “Joel can upgrade a gun in a zombie apocalypse word, but control a horse . . .”
tabitenor17: “NOPE.”
Browncoatsunited: “The name’s not Joshua, it’s Susan. Please respect my life choices.”

Adi: “So I’m testing out a new thing. If you like something and you wanna see it in a future vid or something, type !highlight and it’ll be saved to my computer so I can look at it later. So you could type something like ‘!highlight it was when krentaris fell off a cliff’ for example.”
Krenatris: “Or you could do something like ‘!highlight when Kren made Adi look bad at games’.”
Adi: [sigh] “Or that.”

Krentaris: “How did you cast a spell on yourself?”
Adi: “Um, press this button.”
Krentaris: “Oh. So how do you cast a spell on someone else?”
Adi: “Erm, not sure they showed us how yet.”
Krentaris: “Oh well. I have a laser gun.”
Adi: “When did you have time to – ow! Ow!” [Krentaris keeps shooting Adi] “Frick on a stick ow! Great. Great. Now I’m dead. And this, this is why you said we should play Magika, I said no.”
Krentaris: “Let me heal you.”
Adi: “You can’t heal me I’M DEAD!!!”
Krentaris: “Oh no wait you’re alive again!”
Adi: “Yeah, and I’m with Vlad the not vampire. And now I can’t skip the tutorial.”
Krentaris: “In hindsight, maybe shooting you was a mistake.”
Adi: “Really? Really? REALLY?”

Krentaris: “You can change your character next chapter. So you should maybe pick someone faster.”
Adi: “I’m the guy with  all the armor and I still die every time you cast a spell.”
Krentaris: “Exactly. Soooo you might as well be able to keep up and still die.”

Don’t Starve
Adi: “So you can choose the highlight, because the whole video is not going up on youtube. At least not the whole thing. So you do !highlight and then I post it to YT as your highlight. So, say, I get eaten by a wolf, you can say ‘!highlight Adi gets eaten by a wolf’. I’m hoping this will be a new interactive thing. You do have to be in the Posse though.”
spiggster: “!highlight spiggy”
Adi: “Spiggy, you know I can remove your ability to do highlights. I can code it as everyone BUT Spiggy.”

Adi: “Is it getting darker? It is. Aw. . . I need light, I need light, where is light?”
[Adi sets a tree on fire trying to make a torch]
Adi: “Oh! Jesus! Frick! No no noooooooo!”
[The fire spreads and turns into a forest fire]
Adi: “Well . . . the good news is I can see. I feel like I could’ve prevented that. Yeah, yeah, I might have screwed that.”

Adi: “Chop the tree, chop the tree – no, stop going behind the tree and just chop it. Clearly you can’t chop the tree if you’re behind it. Stop! Stop! Oh my god, you’re special. Hit the – Hit – Hit the fricking tree! I can’t believe I just got defeated by a tree.”

Adi: “I have a red cap mushroom. I can eat it. Do I want to eat it? Let’s eat it. I don’t feel so good. Brilliant. I’ve poisoned myself.”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

[After ten minutes of silence in the chat]
lucky12001: "waiting for DWL update to go live for Android and working on finishing my last of the 3 bookmarks."
LesMc537: "WORKING."
lucky12001: "i wish i could be working. then i wouldn't be bored."
Labradite: "well how am i supposed to be entertained with any of that."

Stile99: "I gotta know right now, do u love me? Will u love me 4ever?"
iPurpleNinjah: "Only if you’re bacon."
Smallbluemonkey: "perfect answer."
Detetiv400: "this is what happens half the time on here in the #AdiPosse."
Smallbluemonkey: "Only half? I’d say 3/4."

Spiggster: “who's lappy?”
Smallbluemonkey: “my laptop.”
Spiggster: “you named it lappy?”
Smallbluemonkey: “yes.”
Spiggster: “mine is named Cassandra.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Does it dance?”
Stile99: “do you moisterize it?”
Smallbluemonkey: “lol”

[Tabitenor17 and Celeloth discussing how the quotes posts were formatted on the website]
tabitenor17: "Blogger double-spaced everything strangely and erased all the colors."
Celeloth: "oh i don't care about the colors. those are just there cuz I directly copy from the chat."
Celeloth: “oh that's hilarious. i can't believe you actually tried to match everyone's color."
tabitenor17: "I would check over to your original post and be like GODDAMMIT IT'S A CUSTOM COLOR. NOW I HAVE TO FIND ONE. lab's blue took me ten thousand years I swear."
Celeloth: "well, now in the future you know what colors to use?"
Celeloth: "i agree about Les, but Lab is definitely blue."
tabitenor17: "but it's not the right /shade/. it needs to be Skype blue. it is not Skype blue. I am very OCD when it comes to colors."
Celeloth: "no one is gonna compare the shade, tabi."
Celeloth: "if you keep this up I'm gonna turn my entire post black and white before I submit this."

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV and Clarie Pose, and Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars Krentaris, Jack of Seed Studio, Peter of the BBC, Sharee and Penultimate of the DWL Tumblr, and Smallbluemonkey, as well Thegloamglozer, Onlymetahuman, Tinydaner485, CompanionBre, Henoir99,  tabitenor17Labradite, Browncoatsunited, Spiggster, lucky12001, LesMc537, and Hues_of_blue_23 plus Stile99, iPurpleNinjah, and Detetiv400 of the AdiPosse on Twitter


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