Tuesday, 8 April 2014

100 FREE AdiGold for following me on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter!

Greetings to the Fat Cell!
AdiGold is the currency you earn just for watching Adi stream over on twitch. You can use it in our regular giveaways to win yourself prizes. You can also use it for cool extra features in the stream itself - custom nick colours, logos and even an on-screen message! I give away PC games, Doctor Who Legacy codes (thanks to TRG!) and itunes gift cards in my Simpsons Streams.

If you would like to give yourself a headstart in your earnings - and a better chance of prizes then you can get a FREE 100 AdiGold! If you follow me on twitch, youtube AND twitter and send me a twitch message, then I'll add the gold to your account. You need to send me URLs to your accounts AND make sure your privacy settings are set so I can see your subscriptions. You can always change your privacy back once I've added the gold. This a ONE OFF gift - so you can't claim the gold more than once - and you must be following me on all 3 to claim on the prize. As an added bonus, by following me on all 3 you'll gain access to a huge amount of great quality lets plays, tutorials and notifications of whenever I'm streaming!

Your twitch message to me should look something like this:

 Dear Adi, I'd like to claim my free 100 AdiGold!
My twitch username is SiTrix
My youtube url is https://www.youtube.com/user/Bisheh
 My Twitter is www.twitter.com/SofaSpudTV
I've checked my youtube privacy settings so you can see my subscriptions!
Thanks Adi!


 Feel free to use the above message as a template - it will make things easier for me - and hopefully a quicker response for you!
You can also gain bonus AdiGold by naming your first born after me.

 As a reminder - here are my accounts you need to follow:

 I also have a facebook page and google+ page you can follow if you wish, but those are not part of the promotion.

If you have any questions let me know!
I hope you enjoy getting more involved in the Fat Cell and watching TheAdiposeTV!



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