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Hello and welcome to TheAdiposeTV! If you like Doctor Who, games and banter you have come to the right place. Let's introduce ourselves:

This is Adi. Adi plays a wide variety of PC, mobile and PS3 games including Doctor Who Legacy, The Simpsons Tapped Out, WWE 2K14, Terraria, Battlefield, Hay Day and Borderlands. You can watch him play these games whenever you like on YouTube, just click here or on the link at the top of the website to go to the youtube page. He also has a wide range of tutorials on the site including 'how to be an expert youtuber', iDraw, Modding for Far Cry and Fallout 3!

Adi also has very popular livestreams over on where you can regularly catch the action live and meet and chat with other people who enjoy watching the streams. There are regular shows for Doctor Who Legacy and Simpsons fans, and ad-hoc shows which you can catch throughout the week. See below for the streaming schedule.

This is Clarie, Adi's wife. You can find her on some of the YouTube videos and even in the occasional livestream. She also serves as a mod sometimes on the twitch channel. She often joins Adi for Doctor Who related chats, and lots of banter over some Hay Day.

Over on the AdiposeTV there are lots of ways to get involved and be part of the Adipose Posse. Everyone who watches the stream collects AdiGold, which can be used to bid for prizes, join groups and even sometimes join in the livestreams. Check out the AdiGold section of this website for more details, and have a look at our community section to see what our great community is up to.

Thanks for visiting the website and we hope to see you in the Posse soon.
Adi and Clarie



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