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 What is AdiGold?
AdiGold is the channel currency you earn from watching live streams on TheAdiposeTV. You can use the Gold in giveaways, bonus chat features, joining multiplayer games and more!

How do I earn AdiGold?
Every 5 minutes you watch Adi streaming, you will earn 1 Gold. If Adi is not streaming, but the bot is on - you will earn 1 Gold every half an hour. Adi normally gives away bonus AdiGold at the end of each show - and sometimes extras if he completes something difficult on a game! If you follow Adi on twitter and youtube - you can get 100 gold free - read this post for details. You can check your AdiGold at any time by typing !adigold into the chat.

What can I buy with Gold?
Some people just like to hoard Gold as a badge of honour in our little community - but I've also tried to find lots of interesting ways you can spend your gold too. The list changes fairly regularly too depending on what games are being played!

Entering raffles!
If Adi announces there is a raffle, you can buy a ticket by typing !raffleticket and then the number of tickets you want. For example, !raffleticket 10. You can buy as many tickets as you want for the raffles - 1 Gold = 1 ticket. Make sure you have enough gold before buying tickets! Obviously the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning!  You MUST be following the channel on Twitch for the bot to pick you.

Joining the Posse!
500 AdiGold every 6 months buys you Posse Membership! This gives you a pic and bio on the posse page, access to exclusive posse giveaways AND a special icon in the onscreen chat! Talk to a mod if you're interested in joining.

The BIG giveaway!
Every Wednesday, Adi gives away a PC game in a raffle during 'Posse Up'  This will normally be advertised in advance and promoted on youtube and twitter.  So far we've given away some great BIG NAME games like Pay Day 2 and Speedrunners. In the coming months we will have Civ 5, Alan Wake, The Sims 3 and loads more! The show starts at 8pm, and the giveaway normally follows at 9.

Prizes in Doctor Who Legacy!
Every Thursday Tiny Rebel Games join Adi for some Gem-Matchin' Dalek-Blastin' fun! We always give away a fan area code with time crystals at the end of the show using an AdiGold raffle. Sometimes TRG have thrown in outstanding bonuses as well - like the Ultimate Doctor Pack.

Custom nickname colours and symbols! 
The on-screen chat is completely white and sometimes your messages can get lost in the shuffle. Why not make yourself standout from the crowd by renting a colour and an icon for your on-screen persona. A custom colour or icon costs 30 AdiGold per month.

To get a custom colour for 30 days - make sure you have 30 AdiGold then type !adistore rentcolour and then the number of the colour you want. For example if you wanted red you would type !adistore rentcolour 4. The other available colours are: 2=blue,3=lime green, 4=red, 5=gold, 6=purple, 7=orange, 8=yellow, 9=green, 10=sea green, 11=grey, 12=mauve, 13=pink, 14=peach

To get a custom icon for 30 days - make sure you have 30 AdiGold then type !adistore renticon and then the symbol you want. You can see the possible icons at We suggest you type it into the chat a few times to make sure you like how it looks on screen in our font.

Join the multiplayer adventures! 
Some of the games Adi plays allow the community to get involved too! This will cost you 200 AdiGold per month per game. We have a GREAT community and it's so much fun linking up with you guys - the AdiGold cost makes sure you're only playing with other people you've met regularly on the streams too! Currently you can buy into Hay Day and Terraria. Speak to the mods or Adi when he isn't streaming if you want to 'buy-in'.

Get your town seen by thousands on Simpsons Tapped Out!
Every week, 1 lucky winner gets their town shown off to over a thousand viewers through twitch and youtube. This takes place using the raffle system described above. You get some personal feedback from Adi about your town and international fame! The winner of the raffle is always shown in NEXT weeks show - so you have 7 days to get it ready!

Free Donuts!
If the Tapped Out show gets over 140 people - Adi normally dishes out an android/apple giftcard to help you guys buy donuts for Simpsons Tapped Out. This uses the raffle system described above. Adi will do his best to get the giftcard for your local store, but failing that he will send you $10 via PayPal.

The LITTLE giveaway! 
Adi has a bunch of smaller giveaways that use raffles as well. These tend to be cheaper or older games - but that doesn't mean they aren't great fun! The small give aways are normally advertised an hour or so in advance on twitch and twitter - so make sure you're following so you don't miss a good one! Amongst our many 'little' giveaways we've given out Civ 4, Guacamelee' and Hack, Slash, Loot!


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