Monday, 28 April 2014

The Posse

Here at the TheAdiposeTV we are like one big fat happy family. If you would like to be part of the Posse then follow this link to find out how.

The Adiposes

Here's Adi, the original fat cell.Everyone loves Adi, he's awesome. He likes computer games, making up silly songs and eating chocolate whilst he's streaming. If you haven't met him yet then get yourself over to YouTube pronto to watch his videos and tutorials, or if you are really lucky you might catch him live over on Twitch

This is MrsPose, also known as Clarie. Clarie likes playing games with Adi and stealing his chocolate. Clarie also has her very own twitter account; follow her here . Adi and Clarie are expecting their first Babypose in May 2014.

Mr Chips. He pretends to sleep behind Adi during the livestreams, but really he is just soaking up the fame.

Small Bean. He likes food, food and more food. We have no idea  why he is still so small. If you hear a loud 'miaow' in the middle of a livestream it's probably him. If the stream suddenly switches off, it's probably him pressing the off button in protest  that he hasn't been fed for at least half an hour.

Adipose's Tiny Rebel Friends

Tinyrebel Susan: Executive Producer of the awesome, addictive Doctor Who: Legacy

Tinyrebel Lee: Creative Director of the awesome, addictive Doctor Who: Legacy

Posse up
You can watch the Posse up crew do their thing on Wednesday evenings over on

MrPix: International gaming superstar who is prone to exaggeration. Has been gaming since his ZX Spectrum eventually loaded Pacman, to today playing a variety of games from action packed COD/GTA to sporty games like FIFA. Although you're most likely to find him dying frequently on Terraria. Light hearted banter and pun filled attempts at humour are constant. Some people think MrPix is Batman.

Krentaris is a smart, sophisticated pro gamer that recently had his tapped out city voted the best city of all time. However, he is most known for his dashing good looks and sense of humour. Despite being Adi’s younger brother, Adi has always looked up to Kren. Though, some think this is because Kren is 6’6”. He also exaggerates sometimes.

Hey peeps! SiTrix/SiTrixonian known as Si. Real Life friend of Adi and Clarie. I have a lovely wife and two wonderful (most of the time!) children under 3.  Love sci-fi and fantasy literature in particular. Semi geek - just not quite nerdy enough to be a nerd. Enjoy playing on PC and 'proper' boardgames. Have towel, will travel :)

This is the Sofa Spud, real life long time bestest friend of the Adipose. He likes to wait for Adi to try something new, be it Golf, Squash or indeed YouTubeing and if its good, copy him. A father of 3 boys, when not being the best Dad ever Spud enjoys being a big, old, geeky, nerd, be it Comics, Video games or Sci-Fi based TV (Walking Dead and Doctor Who anyone?) the Spud cant get enough.

Bisheh is one of Adi's regularly playing mates. He is our little friend from the north. He likes Whiskey even more than Lee does and has a somewhat inappropriate relationship with his AN-94.

The Posse Community
You guys are what makes TheAdiposeTV so great. Really, we think you are awesome. If you would like to see yourself featured here, be sure to check out the AdiGold Page to find out how. We'd love to introduce you to the world!


Hi I'm Laura. I am a mod on Adi twitch stream and have been a regular viewer. I like playing games on the IOS and PC, Terraria (which i keep dieing alot),  TSTO, Clash of Clans, Hay Day (which i'm a member of the posse)  and many others that catch my eye. I like making new friend and very friendly.

Hello, I'm Hues of Blue, long time gamer, starting with Zork I on the Commodore 64 and a long time Whovian, starting with Tom Baker. While I have a Wii and an XBox 360, I've gravitated back towards PC gaming, with some iOS gaming thrown in. I live on the East Coast of the US (New Jersey), meaning I'm 4 or 5 hours behind the times. :)

My name is Jennie. I like bunnies. I need to write more? Ugh, fine...
Well, I'm a married 33 year old mother of 2 from the UK, although in my head I'm Bunny Princess from the land of unicorns. I love playing video games, Doctor Who, anime and manga.
Got any other questions? Ask me in chat!

I’m a forty-something in Chicago and working in the theater profession. I found Adi cause of DWL but stayed for all the laughs.  Shout-out to the Pose Family for bringing us together and also the Stateside Posse members who keep me entertained while those across the pond are sleepin. Visit my <deleted link> to learn more about me. Glory to Arstotzka!

TinyDancer485, my name is Jenny and I'm 24 years old. I like playing Doctor Who Legacy, Hay Day (Posse-Dance!), TSTO, Sims 3 and a few others. I spend most of my time geeking out about one thing or another, feel free to join in :) If I'm not doing that though, I'm probably reading, binge-watching a show or baking.

One of the many Jen’s in the Adi-Posse. Part whovian, part gamer, part goofball, part nerd, all Swedish, all win. I was lured in by the Doctor Who Legacy streams and stayed for the lovely people and Adi’s streams. I’m also one of the persons tweeting all things funny during the streams. 

Hey y’all!  Penultimate here.   I do a lot of the fanart shown on Adi’s channel, which tends to be DWL/Adipose art.  I’m a huge Whovian and an overall Superwholock fan.  I also adore anything Disney (my primary obsession is the theme parks) or Tolkien.  Don’t be afraid to say hi! I love meeting new people.

Hi I’m VeeMJ27 you may remember me from such streams as Doctor Who Legacy, The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Hay Day. I’m a 26 year old man who loves Mario games, and as you can see from my Possie picture I’m a big music fan, I’m also a big fan of tennis and cricket. Oh I'm a whovian as well.

Hi im Matty and i am 15 years old. I am a massive Whovian who have spent over £1000 on doctor who merchandises. I am also a gamer and play games like Payday 2, Grand Theft Auto and old classic ones such as Hoover, Soccer Kid and many more. That’s all my Whovian friends. Remember “Trust Me I’m The Doctor” 

HI, I’m Scott, 16, you may also know me as scott_allonsy on twitch, or as scott_summers_1 on twitter. I started off watching the Doctor Who Legacy stream but now I watch every stream I can. I have a small obsession with Doctor Who, (it’s bigger on the inside). Come and join the posse.  Allons-y!

I'm a 30-something geek girl from the deep South of the US.  I have lots of fandoms, and when I geek, I geek hard.  My biggest obsessions include Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Psych.  I don't game much, but I like to play when I'm not crafting or reading.

I grew up in Michigan as Robert William Helhowski. My friends know me as Howski. I Went to Undergraduate School at Wayne State University, Graduate School at UCONN. I studied acting and have performed in many stage productions. I am an Avid Doctor Who fan, but my favorite show is Twin Peaks. And that is just about 60 words.

Spot's Knight:
Once upon a time in a faraway chatroom called The Sun Spot, there lived the beautiful Princess Novae. However, evil trolls threatened all peaceful conversations. Until one day a knight in shining gold armor appeared and chased off the annoying beasts. Seeing his bravery and wit, Princess Novae married him and dubbed him The Sun Spot’s Knight in Shining Armor. 

In fearful day, in raging night,
with strong hearts full our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the war of light,
look to the stars, for Hope burns bright!
Fluent in sarcasm, holder of past knowledge, able to see the Fnords.
Whovian, geek, nerd, Trekker, Blue Lantern.  Bad at drawing.

Hi I'm Snowjoke a 30 something mum of 5 and a housewife, huge fan of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock and much more, came to TheAdiposeTV after finding one of Adi's DWL tutorial on YouTube, found a great bunch of people and a lot of fun, I now find myself playing games I've never dreamed of playing. (TheDoctorsMommy on Twitter)

There once was a ghost from Australia,
A gift to Adi baby he did mail ya,
He wore a cork hat,
He was a big lump of fat,
7 O's and a H, tailor made, yeah!

My name is Matthias. I'm 42 years old and I come from Germany. I'm into playing games on mobile devices as well as on PC. I play a lot of Hay Day and Doctor Who: Legacy. I also love going to the cinema. I found Adi through one of his "How-To"-Videos. The Posse is awesome!

Hi, I’m Madharriswithabox! I’m a 14 year old who came to TheAdiposeTv for Doctor Who Legacy and somehow ended up staying much longer! As you may have guessed I’m a massive Whovian and can talk about anything on this topic! While I’ll do anything for some extra adigold I’m happy to talk anytime I’m on! Those are my real eyes...

I Am BrettusLettuce And I'm From The UK But I Used To Live In Australia. My Favourite Things In The World Are TheAdiposeTV, Doctor Who, Epic Rap Battles Of History And Family Guy My Least Favourite Things Are Frogs And Toads. I'm Also A Music Fan I Like Elton And The Beatles Etc.

Hi, I'm Shannon. yes I'm a girl, I'm also 17 and from the UK, I Love playing Doctor who legacy its one of my fav games, if I'm not watching TheAdiposeTV i be listening to music or using my phone (e.g. Twitter @Shan_OM) see you all in chat :).

LesMc537 I’m Les, a sleep-deprived work-at-home mom of 3 living on the West coast of the U.S.  I started this journey with DWL and now watch every stream I can (given the time difference).  I love sci-fi/fantasy with some faves being Labyrinth, Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, Doctor Who. . .  I love to bake and read and dabble in crafting (when I have time).

Hi guys, Dan here. I love Adi and the rest of the Posse and wish to thank Adi and DWL for bringing me here and the Posse for making me feel welcome. I love Doctor Who, playing games and all things nerdy/geeky. I’m a trainee teacher so nice to have a break and chill with you guys. 


My name is Deb and I am from Ct. usa.
I am a florist and i sell Avon products, and am a dedicated Whovian.
I am glad to be in the Posse

Here is Spiggster. She is a 30-something single mom from New Orleans who enjoys cross stitching, Doctor Who, causing trouble, infomercials, calculus, nail polish, road trips, cats, vodka tonics, full eyebrows, binge-watching shows on Netflix, spreadsheets, breakfast foods, chill music, vacuuming, Harry Potter, sassy romance novels, the smell of soap and rain. A public health inspector by day, self-declared rock star by night!

Hey I'm Snake, 21 from Ireland. 2nd year college doing Software Development so am always fixing computers like The Doctor. I’m a huge Whovian, Fish Fingers and Custard are Très Délicieux. I love playing games and watching anime/TV shows, Doctor who of course being my favourite for both, DWL being my favourite of most games. GERONIMO!!!

Hi I am joshuamacrow (very original username I know.) I am some weird guy who likes puppets and spends his time making YouTube videos. I love music as well, Trumpet guitar and ukulele are my main instruments but I can play almost anything. I found adi by searching doctor who legacy and I have not stopped watching since.

I’m Twelvesoswald also known as Steph you can call me either one. I’m 25 from New Jersey, and I love Musical Theater, books and TV shows. I watch a lot of Doctor Who as well as other shows such as Orphan Black. I started watching Adi for DWL, and I stayed for everything. I play: DWL, HS, and HayDay.

From the great state of Texas, where everything is indeed bigger! Married for a whole bunch of years, resulting in 7 children (4 girls, 3 boys) from age 20 down to 7. Working as a Consultant in the IT sector.

Hi everyone! I am TheDoctor'sFan1 on Twitch, and your average Doctor Who and AdiposeTV fan! Unless the stream is DW related, then I'll usually be lurking in the shadows of the chat.

Phienixash1986 here im a 28yr old married man with one little girl(10months currently). I am an avid gamer and love playing most games at least once also an avid dr who/fantasy fan who discovered adi through the dwl team facebook page started as just that feed now i watch everything
see you in the chat

This is David aka Grolt. He's 26, studies biology (M.Sc.), lives in germany and is proud to be different. He's a nerd, geek, mad scientist and father of turtles. In his cave, where he lives together with two in-training turtles, there's time for gaming, reading and everything you need for a geeky life. Questions? Just ask! :-P

Hi I am Henoir99, a long time whovian / sci-fi fan starting from the 3rd doctor when as a small child I used to watch avidly with my family every Saturday teatime.When not watching sci-fi or playing adventure / shooter games, I am likely to be found reading action/adventure fiction, specially Indiana Jones, James Bond or John Mclaine type adventures.

Bio: Hi, I'm mudhut4. I chose the name randomly after 50 others that were taken. I'm a whovian from the UK and I love gaming. I have a PS4 and a gaming PC. I'm a regular to the Doctor Who Legacy stream and watch Simpsons Tapped Out and Battlefield tutorials on youtube. I once ate fish fingers and custard, it was nice!

Old American geek who loves AAA gaming, Doctor Who, magic tricks, and vegetables.

I'm lucky12001. I love Doctor Who and all related works to it, Star Trek, and DWL. Came to Adi's stream for DWL, but stayed for the wit and humor!


I'm Naxev, from the USA. I'm a fan of awesome sci-fi and fantasy stuff, and play video games. I tend to be good and kind most of the time, but there are times where an evil and mischievous side takes over...

Hi, I’m Agrajag42, 20-something living in the wrong country (=Sweden) currently studying ceramics. I’m a lurker - always watching everyone quietly from the corner. Usually because I’m busy knitting, spinning, or playing Doctor Who Legacy. I’m a big fan of Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, quite obsessive to be honest!

RoryInScrubs: Howdy y'all! My name is Gregory Scott Dean, but you can call me Greg or Rory. I call "The Lone Star State" my home and I am a couple months shy of my thirtieth birthday Name Day. I love all things Who,Sláinte is táinte!
mixed with a little History, and some Genealogy on the side. Love reading and Swedish Fish.

Hi i am Michael i am 33 years old i am a level 2 qualified child care professional and in the process of further progressing my experience. I am a major doctor who fan and play the doctor who legacy atleast 8 hours a day if i can and if not playing i am studying i also am into creating logo and images as a hobbie and like listening to music and watching the adipose tv streams

Asaloth: Hello my name is Paul I'm a forty something geek about science fiction. I am a Certified Registered Medical Assistant and live in Florida, which I became solely due to the fact my former employers let me go after almost eleven years. Grew up watching Doctor Who on PBS on Saturday late night glad we have BBC America.

My name is Emma_Jadee :) 
I love animals and nature! i enjoy playing lots of games on my laptop or ps3! I love doctor who and my favourite doctor is Matt smith (11th :P) 
I enjoy watching Adi in his streams and meeting the pose! 
I love wearing converse and geeking out reading 'The amazing spiderman' comics!

Hi I'm TomBakerFan73, obviously a 4th Doctor Fan, I’m from the UK, father of 5 was dragged kicking and screaming into the age of technology, Lifelong Whovian, I like cricket I support Warwickshire & England but watch most other teams. Film fan mostly action, adventure & Sci-Fi, started watching Adi after I was introduced to Doctor Who Legacy.

Hi, I'm JodyNye. I hang around The Adipose TV chats when I ought to be writing a book. I've been a fan of Doctor Who forever. I started out in role-play gaming when it was still all on paper, but I love app games, especially DWL. I live northwest of Chicago with my husband and our cat, who rules all he surveys.

Angelina_M lives on the east coast of the US and works for a small software company. She spends far too much time playing games and being random and she is a bit obsessed with geeky crafts and all things Who. Care taker for what feels like a zoo, life is never dull in her house.  Sleep is often lacking.

“Web 24/7 describes my life and work”…Graphics Artist/Webmaster/Programmer living in East Texas.
My MacBook Pro or iPhone never leave my side. Sci-fi is my passion, and Doctor Who is #1 on the list. 
Found Adi through Doctor Who Legacy, and I enjoy watching him play games I never could.

JuDGe1232: An AdiposeTV nearly-professional lurker (See also: watches mostly while at work and
infrequently comments). You may want to know more about this husband, father of 3 (2 boys & a girl), his life in the Western US, love of Doctor Who, Spider-Man, other geeky things, and the like, but I am far too inconspicuous for that!

Hi, I'm confusethepolarity. I'm from the US. I love my family, volleyball, gaming, and my cats. My favorite shows are Doctor Who, Top Gear (UK), and pretty much anything else on BBC America. I love watching sci-fi, action/adventure, and sports. I found Adi when I started playing DW Legacy and ended up loving all of his streams.

tabitenor17 is an overly musical college freshman who plays violin and sings. She found Adi and the Posse through Doctor Who: Legacy and stayed because of the awesome community. She casually plays Hearthstone, Hay Day, and anything involving How To Train Your Dragon, and enjoys most popular TV shows and books. She also hates talking about herself in third person. Funny.

Hi I’m Jennifer.  I live near San Francisco, California and two of my favorite things are panda bears and Doctor Who.  I’m married and have two fur-babies.  My cat named Samantha and my rat named Snakey.  I love playing video games on my iPad and on the PS3, reading lots and lots of books, and watching Adi on Twitch.

i am smallbluemonkey (here and on twitter), one of the few people on adi's channel not called some variation of jen, and one the even smaller percentage that's male. if you need to get even more unique than that, i've actually met lee and drunk tinyrebelbeer with him (: came for the DWlegacy, stayed for the friends i've met here

I'm the Magical Mystery, smallbluemonkey's gf and mother of 2. Ever creative, I make embroideries, made my own Tardis sized bag and many other things. DWL brought me to the chat and after that I couldn't get away.

Hello! I’m Spazzy and I’m a big fan of all sorts of things, from Doctor Who to Disney. I’m Michigan born and raised and am big into theatre and music. I spend more time than is healthy reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and playing with my pets 😊

Longtime Dr Who follower (196??? its all blurry).  DWL is1st gameplay. Retired and got hooked back into Dr Who on BBCAmerica. Found Adi's streams on DWL site ..was searching for answers to question like "what is HP??" Travel a lot, love coffee (Roast my own), volunteer and collect shoes.  Live in Tulsa Okla USA

whoisthemole: I’m Clint Hassell, a 37-year-old, single guy in Dallas, Texas.   I’m a columnist for a BBC-sponsored DOCTOR WHO website.  Other interests include arthouse film, theatre, DC Comics, science, dentistry (my full-time job), synesthesia, Art Deco and Googie design, and Dr Pepper.   I’m creative, engaging, and urbane, with a dry sense of humor.  (Why does this sound like a personals ad?)

I'm Shidohari.  I've been watching Adi stream ever since I ran across one of his Doctor Who Legacy streams.  I love the series Babylon 5, and like Doctor Who (favorite Doctor is 10th).  Have a Cat named Cinnamon, and a fish tank with two other pets.  Also like Japanese Anime and Jpop/Kpop music.  My favorite food is Sushi.

Hi, I'm Reversethepolarity. I am married to Confusethepolarity, who got me hooked on Adi's streams. When I am not working or hanging with the family, I casually play HS and DWL. I enjoy music (favorite ban is Rush, hence the RASH T-shirt on my pose) and have also been a Doctor Who fan since the Tom Baker days.

Hi Im Shi, I'm of Elven hereditary from Tirishmand. RW im a fan of Xena and other sci-fi-fantasy shows and an avid FanFiction Reader. Loved DrWho as a kid and the game Doctor Who:Legacy reawakened my passion for the show. Came to TheAdiposeTV streams when he first did the DWL Shows, I stayed for the entertainment and re-education of the gaming world.

Hi, I'm Zuno, a mostly silent lurker from Norway. I'm a 28 year old girl gamer and an illustrator/artist (or try to be =P ) I found the stream through Doctor Who Legacy, which I absolutely love! I watch the stream any chance I can, always so much fun to be had whatever the game! =^_^=

Figaroess in a haiku: 

Mostly tend to lurk
but hope to chat more in time

 I'm a 42 year old, living in New England area of the USA. I love doing photography. I am married with two turtles and two cats who claim ownership of my wife and I. I started watching Adiposetv for DWL. I started playing Hearthstone after watching Adi's streams. I love: STARBLAZERS cartoon, Space:1999, Doctor Who, Cruxshadows music. I also "cosplay" as a member of the worldwide costume group the 501st. 

Hey, I'm DrTrench1984 but my real name is Trish! I found Adi because of DWL but I stayed b/c Adi is hilarious! I love Doctor Who! My fave Doctor is Ten with Eleven in a close second. I work at a men's clothing store as a department manager. My fave band is Marianas Trench! I live in North Georgia, USA! If you wanna know more, ask me in chat!! See you around!!!

This is EmmyKsama, who's also active in other forums like VOCALOIDOtaku.
My interrests are: Doctor Who, Star Trek (TNG prefered), manga, anime, Final Fantasy, Angry Birds and of course, making music with VOCALOID.
I also love 80's music!
When I write this, (20140924), I'm currently 27 years old

Hi everyone! I'm missbubblestt AKA Kristina. I'm a 22 year old from the Wonderful Land of Oz, Kansas. My username comes from another game I used to play, Toontown Online, in which my character name was Miss Bubbles. Sadly, that game got closed last year. So my next biggest gaming love is of course Doctor Who Legacy! I'm way more obsessed with the game and Doctor Who in general than I should be.

I'm Nessy, a 24 year old physics student from Germany. I'm addicted to TV shows (like Doctor Who) and since I found Adi's Tutorials, I'm addicted to Doctor Who Legacy as well.

JohnSeever: A nice person with a lovely wife and three beautiful children. Has a BA in English, Technical Wring. A fan of LOTR and STAR WARS, retired RPG Gamer and a American Civil War Reenactor with the Missouri Irish Brigade and a decedent of James de Sandilands of Clan Sandilands on his mother side. Favorite Doctor is William Hartnell.

Hello, My name is Alvin1104, I'm a crazy whovian and I love playing video games! I also love to draw! I'm a friendly person and easy to talk to. I love coming to the Adi streams as the community is friendly and Adi is a great host! I love playing DWL and that's how I found Adi! Is that enough? Good! :)

Hello there, I'm a 37 year old man from the Netherlands. I love watching sci-fi/fantasy, playing games (IOS & PC), listening music, my 3 cats(!) and lots of other things. DWL brought me to Adi's streams and now I'm a daily visitor of the adiposetv! Mostly I'm lurking but that might change in the future. See ya!

KenWilliams84 here! When I'm not checking out Adi's awesome streams, I can be found doing many different things in my spare time...playing Doctor Who Legacy, Minecraft, spending time with family and friends...really anything that sounds interesting to me :) Being an interior design graduate, I also enjoy coming up with different room designs for fun or helping someone else!

Hi I'm Robin_Bunny, Queen Bunnifers other half. I'm a  huge Science fiction fan and also enjoy watching Anime, I started gaming in the 1980's with the Commodore 64. My favourite hobbies are photography and travelling.
I also enjoy drinking cups of tea.
Pleased to meet you.

Hi, I'm sticksandstring62! Not much to say about me, I'm 52 years old and a long time Who fan (since Jon Pertwee) who just loves the insanity of your streams.

Paperdoll_NL is a mom of two boys and lives in eastern Canada. An avid lover of science fiction, but most especially Doctor Who, she has turned this love into a career writing about science fact – including stories about pig memories, the sex life of water fleas and whether snow makes noise.

Just Drawn that Way is one of the bunnies in the Posse (I collect stuffed rabbits.) I am married and have a cat named Parker, she's a bit crazy.

Hi, I'm FireboltAvis88 also known as Pearl. I'm married and live in Los Angeles with my husband. We both work in the mental health field. I love reading, writing supernatural/mystery novels, going to the movies and traveling. I'm a long time Whovian and remember growing up watching William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. I'm honored to be a member of the posse.

Agriffindor is a huge Harry Potter and Doctor Who Fan. He's 28 years old and lives in England. He found Adi through one of his Doctor Who reviews, and has since become addicted to Doctor Who: Legacy and watching Adi Streams

Hi! I'm Onlymetahuman. I'm mid-20s. Not exceptionally tall but not considered small either. Awfully Welsh. Talks a lot for a quiet person. Can be found most days playing Doctor Who: Legacy, contemplating space, or perusing tumblr. The main loves of his life are River Song, Doctor Who, Stars Wars, and Star Trek, vaguely in that order.

Hi I'm Dragonheartandsoul. I love dragons, unicorns, wolves, reading, crocheting, knitting, Doctor Who, and Doctor Who Legacy!  I also love to watch Adi's streams!

Eschwenke, husband, father, student, business-owner, and would-be farmer, resides at Swanfire Hall and Farm in North Carolina, USA with his lovely wife, three boys, and a variable number of bees, chickens, goats, and cats. Although more of a lurker, he has been watching Adi's videos since the end of December, 2013 and has been watching Doctor Who since the early '90s. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to play games nearly as much as he used to. That green thing is supposed to be celery, btw.

Hello!  I'm CompanionBre, a dedicated DW:L player, Doctor Who fanatic, event planner, animal lover, rec and tourism major, and Adipose TV addict!  I am never far away from my dogs, Bruiser and Rumi, and love playing with my potbelly pig, Guster. Allons-y!

RealTegan, a long-time Doctor Who fan, is a reporter for a small community newspaper (inland West Coast of North America). Real name: Laura... has a husband, Eric and a cat, Inkwell. Also an Aquaman fan, an avid reader and Fortean. Found the Adi posse from the Doctor Who Legacy streams and stuck around.

Hi, I’m Celeloth! I love sci-fi and fantasy, from SW and DW to HP and LOTR. I found Adi through his YouTube TSTO tutorials and followed him over to Twitch. Nowadays, I’m the Keeper of the Quotes, so come to over to Twitch! Chat is open 24/7, and if you make me laugh, you could get quoted.

Hello I go by blutech100 but you can just call me blu. I love playing video games. Still have my working original Nintendo with super Mario brothers and duck hunt. Right now I play Doctor Who legacy and Hearthstone. I love getting into the strategy of the game. I suffer from gigantism (either that or i couldn't edit my image size for Adi).

 Meadowvale: b.1956, Irish, lives at the foot of Slieve Donard. Remembers watching the first broadcast of “An Unearthly Child” and became entranced by The Doctor and Sci-Fi in general. Currently working as an unemployed former world traveller waiting for his pension. Found Adi through a link on BBC DW site stayed for the laughs; plays Eve Online, Hearthstone and DWL.

Hi I’m PGTips2 I’m 14 years old and I live in Northern Ireland. I came to watch the Simpsons tapped out but I stayed. I like playing games like Fifa, Battlefield, and Hearthstone. I watch Dr. Who when possible. I also love reading books like the Hunger Games and the Hobbit. 

I'm MousyCherise, but you can call me Mousy, seeing as I'm not much of a fan of cherries. I'm a twenty-something year old studying to become a librarian. I mostly read, but I'm slowly starting to become a gamer once again. I also knit and a fan of DW, the Eighth Doctor being my favourite.

Dr skymandr is a doctor of physics and a bit of a know-it-all. His super-power is synaesthesia, and his kryptonite is 5. He's yet another Swede and his family name roughly translates as "Gravy-man". He only rarely plays games and then almost exclusively solo. In fact, he's not very fond of people in general. What am I doing here again?

Paperlessprinter is a printer connected to a high school network but also lives online. She found Adi thanks to the wonderful Doctor Who Legacy streams and has recently embraced the Posse community. When she’s not lurking on Twitch she’s on social media - mainly tumblr, which is how she got into Doctor Who in the first place. She’s doktorwer there.

My name is JWFBirrell, Jw for short. I come from the planet Manchester in the city of Earth... Or is it the other way around. Who cares? I’m a big TV and Film nerd; favourites include Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I started with DWL but now I watch as much as possible.

This is Alpha1812, admin at the doctor who legacy wikia, Whovian, Star Wars fan, DC Comics fan, gamer all round, an occasional modder and general IT support. Feel free to talk to me in any of these topics. Remember: If you have IT problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can Hire The Alpha.

Hello, I'm DeuceX.  I got the nickname from bluffing a pair of two in Texas hold-em. I have been an avid gamer most of my life. I've worked as a butcher, bouncer, and bartender (not at the same time) among other jobs. Collector of comics, certain Transformers and other stuff that I find interesting. Tom Baker was my first Doctor.

Meglos. 40, from Bristol UK, discovered PC gaming late in life - thanks to watching Adi! Found stream through DWL last year, then Terraria and other games/streams. DW fan all my life - love classic/RTD era (not Moffat). Can't work due to health, so keep busy with gaming, reading, writing, music mixing. Have 2 black cats, Max and Dax (she trills!)"

Much of the time Agnitti is meant to be spending being productive is usually spent lurking in the chat and watching Adi play games Agnitti wouldn’t normally play. Agnitti hates word limits but loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, The Daily Show, Monty Python, The Beatles, Colors!Live, Nintendo, and being a NYU student. Agnitti also has a strange aversion to pronouns.

 Det here! Name comes from Detective as in Detective Conan. Sometimes tweet quotes besides being a night owl. I'm a Long Islander who lives out west of NYC. When bored I draw, photograph or read. Besides Who I'm always watching some anime or toku series. Always have too many games on my phone.

DigitalImposter - Mancunian. Video/computer gamer since the mid 80s. Metal head. Sci-fi and fantasy fan. Eater of jelly beans. Man of few words. Usually silent in chat, but pipes up when there's something funny to say.

 Kyhawkeye (Short for Kentucky Hawkeye, not the jelly…) is a fan of sci-fi and mysteries.  When he’s not playing DWL, he is a board certified oncology pharmacist treating our vets.  Married with 2 kids, he also loves baseball and wrestling, both amateur and ‘professional’.   After all, Iowa is where the corn is tall and the wrestling is real…

Hi, I am TheAutismRob, but you can us call me Rob.  I am a 22-year old guy from the state of Indiana. I am a major sports fan, but I do focus on motorsports. I found adi through the Hot Shots Golf videos. I am basically always in chat and welcome to talk to at any time.

LiverpoolRose is an American Doctor Who fan who discovered Adi through the DWL streams. She fell in love with the city of Liverpool on a trip to England. She is an avid Anglophile, loves castles, and of course, unicorns. Her favorite decade is the 80s, favorite color: pink. She has a variety of other interests too long for this bio!

Hey I'm ProfRiverSnow (Iamprofessorriversong) Snowjoke's oldest snowflake, im 18 years old. I love Reading and TV shows... Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood and Supernatural. I'm super into my superheroes, Captain America is my favourite. im not a big gamer but i do love playing Hearthstone, Lego games and Doctor Who Legacy.

Hey! Aeniala here. I'm a twenty-something girl from Hungary with a degree in Japanese. I'm usually a lurker but sometimes I come out of the shadows. *evil laughter* I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who (Clara being my favourite companion), BBC Sherlock, and The Beatles (especially Paul). When I'm not playing Doctor Who Legacy, I'm probably singing (or both at the same time).
LegendGHT is currently a film major. When he grows up he wants to be a director. But that's not for a while yet. For now he enjoys video games, Doctor Who, and making short films. 

My name is Lianne
and I'm a huge tennis fan
You'll find me Down Under
Where I try not to blunder
through a game called Legacy
but that would be a fallacy.
Elthesh, a mysterious individual occasionally observed at Mexican restaurants in search of the perfect salsa. Sometimes also found at the bar having a margarita. If disturbed, offering up video games and Pepsi will ensure a pleasant encounter. Can be seasonally sighted making an annual journey north to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.

A quintessential nerd addicted to doctor who from the time she saw her first episode, she has been playing DWL since Nov 2013. Her schedule does not allow her to catch as many of the live streams as she would like, but she enjoys her time with Adi, Et al as often as she may.
Hey I’m Dashi, 24, a carer for my mum and a bit crazy ( who isn’t!). Found Adi when Doctor Who Legacy started and have enjoyed every step of the way. Am usually on most days to watch Adi have fun but will chat about Dr Who at any opportunity but am a HUGE wrestling fan as well. Jervis Cottonbelly Rules!


  1. Love all the creativity the Posse has put in to representing themselves. Sooooo proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. Thank you Adi for bringing us all together. May your channel and popularity continue to grow. Can't wait to see Babypose join our family :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, we think everyone's pictures look fantastic, thanks for being a part of it :)

  2. It looks absoulutely fantabulous! Can't wait to see all the rest of the poses!

  3. I love everyones Poses and reading the mini profiles about them. You guys all rock! :D

  4. I like all the creativity as well. I just submitted my design yesterday via email since i am now eligible to join. I hope Adi accepts it and my bio. You are all great people.

  5. I sent my pix and bio last Sunday. How long does it take?



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