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Stanley Parable - Adi rants about the futility of choice

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Terraria Giveaway TONIGHT!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Adi Sings 'Dead Space'

Howskirama has put together one of the coolest 'community made' features yet - an album of my deadspace songs!

Deadspace was a fantastic horror game that I played over the Easter Holidays. It was a rather scary first person shooter - and one of the ways I kept myself sane was making up stupid songs while crawling around the ship. Howski went back - isolated and combined the 'musical' bits and created Adi - the album!

Obviously none of these are real 'songs' - just improvised silliness - but I hope you'll get a kick out of it. There's also a bunch of one-liners that made me giggle too.

Unforgettable tunes such as Crabdance  and Don't kill Adi are of course present - along with some lesser known classics like 'conspiracy!'

A massive thank you to Howski - the album is available on mediafire and you can stream directly from their site.

Happy Listening!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out - The Best of the Best - City Design

Friday, 23 May 2014

DWL - Strategy - Perk Customization - Doctor Who Legacy

Introducing Izziepose!

Team Of The Week - Theme Tune - Doctor Who Legacy

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Baby Pose

More details to come so check back :)

Love Adi and Clarie

Friday, 16 May 2014

Let's RolePlay Fallout 3 Modded! #30 Daddy's Boy

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Posse Page updated!

Our community Posse page has been updated, so please join me in welcoming the following regular AdiposeTV viewers to the Posse:

SiTrix (Posse up)

Head on over here to see their pictures and bios, and if you would like to find out how to become a member of the AdiposeTV Posse make sure you read this

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Adiposes on a dinosaur!

Well you have heard of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship... but what about Adiposes on a Dinosaur? Thanks to penultimate-21 for this picture. We especially love the Doctor's outfits on the Adiposes! You can find the original here, inspired by the Doctor Who Legacy livestream.

You guys in the Posse are an exceptionally talented group of people. We love the pictures you send us and want to share them with the world! If you have a piece of AdiposeTV related art work you'd like to be considered to be shown, please tweet it to us or send it to us via facebook. We'd love to see it!

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Be part of the Adipose Posse

If you are a regular viewer of TheAdiposeTV we would love to feature you on our website, with your very own Adipose icon and a little bit about who you are. This costs 500 Adigold for 6 months on the website. If you would like to be involved you need to do the following:

1) Copy and paste this link into your browser

2) Right click on the Adi template and choose "save as" then save it somewhere on your computer.

3) Open the image from your computer in an image editing program e.g. paint, photoshop, inkscape. It is important that you save and open the image, rather than copy and pasting directly into your editing program, otherwise a black box appears around the image.

4) Using your editing program personalise the Adi picture. You can add ears, eyes, glasses, change the colour.... anything you like, just make sure it reflects who you are, and is still recognisable as an Adipose.

5) Write a little bio about yourself (max 60 words). This can be funny, serious, poetic, factual, anything. Please no spamming or links though.

6) Email your Adi picture and bio to

We look forward to seeing you on the website!
Adi and Clarie 

Terraria - Smart Cursor Tutorial - 1.2.4

When Vikings Attack Adi and Clarie

Friday, 9 May 2014


We are so glad you joined us. This is a space where all the Poses and the Posse can gather to get the latest news and information on TheAdiposeTV, and find out a bit more about the community and what we do.

At the top of the website you will find links to Adi's YouTube videos, the community pages and information on TheAdiposeTV including how to get and spend AdiGold. Further down the website is a news section where we can keep you up to date on giveaways and other happenings, links to videos, links to our merchandise store and the 'classic Adi' pages, where you can check out some of his earlier popular videos. 

Have a good explore and let us know in the comments what you think!

Civ V Giveaway!

Our first ever Giveaway on the new site is a biggy! - It's Civilization V for PC!! This is one of the best strategy games ever made and will give you hours and hours (and hours) of fun. To win a copy of Sid Meier's masterpiece come join our Sunday 18th May stream at 8pm BST. This will be a giveaway using AdiGold - so the more streams you watch before then - the better your chances of winning!

mmm tasty fan art...

Super cute and also looks delicious. What more could you want than a yummy cake complete with Adipose, Clariepose and even little Babypose? Thanks Claraoswald612, we love it!

You can check out the original link here

You guys in the Posse are an exceptionally talented group of people. We love the pictures you send us and want to share them with the world! If you have a piece of AdiposeTV related art work you'd like to be considered to be shown, please tweet it to us or send it to us via facebook. We'd love to see it!

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Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen #1

Monday, 5 May 2014

Metro 2033 #2 Commies

BF3 Tutorials

This is the series that started it all! Adi's channel started with a bunch of Battlefield 3 tutorials In July 2012. A massive thank you to Team Europe who took him under their wing and taught him how to play. There are accuracy tutorials, helicopter tutorials, accessory tutorials and loads more! This series is suitable for anyone who wants to get better at FPS games as so many of the ideas cross across the genre. Check out the video below for details and the playlist links can be found below that. Happy Battlin'!

Playlists can be found at:

Battlefield 3 playlist:

We read all comments and reply to as many as we can - so if you've got questions, just ask!

Adi & Clarie

Everyone loves Adi's shows, but sometimes he gets lonely and needs the company of a Clariepose, whether it is to try out new games, do silly voices or generally hang out. You can find the complete list of Adi and Clarie videos here.

A selection of some of the best:
For some lighthearted IOS fun (and to see Clarie's gameplaying skills at their most elite) have a look at Lets Try King of Opera

For beginners tips and tutorials for Hay Day check out the Hay Day series. This one has ideas for maximising your use of Tom.

For some good old fashioned MarioKart fun have a look at this video which was originally livestreamed. Don't forget to check out the twitch channel to see if you can catch an Adipose and Clariepose show live!

Let us know what your favourite Adi and Clarie videos are!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tapped Out!

You can find all Adi's Simpsons videos at this EPISODE LIST

This Simpsons Tapped Out tutorial series will help you in all areas of city building and quest completion. I will be looking at city design, how to get free donuts, how to get more xp and get more dollars. This will all be through legitimate methods and with no hacking. The series will also have simpsons tapped out gameplay and simpsons tapped out walkthrough elements too. I will discuss the best buildings, best characers, best missions, best quests and all with high definition - HD - gameplay footage. This game is for the iPad, iPhone, android mobile gaming and is one of the top games in the world for in-app purchases. Getting unlimited donuts isn't possible without an exploit but I will try and teach you how to maximise the amount of donuts you can get through careful money management. I hope you enjoy this simpsons tapped out guide and please subscribe and like the videos. Adi

The official simpsons tapped out website describes the game as....
 From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield...for FREE.

Recreate Springfield just like you want it, as you help Homer find Marge, Bart and the rest of his family and friends. Complete comic quests like making Apu work ridiculously long shifts at Kwik-E-Mart, growing and harvesting Tomacco on Cletus's Farm, partying down with Duffman at Duff Brewery, and more. Finish jobs and tasks to earn currency and...mmm, donuts. This mobile game is available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices and is also on the google play store.

This is my most long running series and it has been an absolutely pleasure to partner up many times with and tapped out addicts.

Fallout 3 Roleplay

Let's RolePlay Fallout 3! This is an in-character playthrough of Fallout 3. Sebastian has been forced to leave vault 101 to pursue his father across the capital wasteland. This walkthrough will follow Sebastians Adventures as he adapts to life in a post nuclear hell hole.

You can find the first episode of this story here: EPISODE ONE!

You can find the full episode list here.

Much of what I know about Modding comes from the excellent tutorials of Gopher. You can find his fallout 3 section here:

3 useful resources I used when deciding on my modlist:
Zemalf's blog
Steam community
FWE Recommended Mods

Current Mod List:

FallOut Script Extender (FOSE)

CASM (Auto Save Manager)

Unofficial Patch

NMC Texture Packs (I run large pack)

Fallout Wanderers Edition (FWE)

Martigen's Mutant Mod:

EVE (Energy Visuals Enhanced)

Project Beauty / Fallout Redesigned

Blackened (resolves conflicts between major mods)

Darnified UI (google it)

Immersive HUD, Adjustable HUD, Unified HUD

Project Reality (weather and visuals)

The Official Description of Fallout 3 reads as follows:

Vault 101 -- Jewel of the Wastes. For 200 years, Vault 101 has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of 2077 left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault 101 enjoy a life free from the constant stress of the outside world. Giant Insects, Raiders, Slavers, and yes, even Super Mutants are all no match for superior Vault-Tec engineering. Yet one fateful morning, you awake to find that your father has defied the Overseer and left the comfort and security afforded by Vault 101 for reasons unknown. Leaving the only home you've ever known, you emerge from the Vault into the harsh Wasteland sun to search for your father, and the truth.

Metro 2033 #1 Ghosts

Doctor Who Legacy

Adi has a weekly livestream show at 9pm BST Thursdays. Lee and Susan (the games developers) always join in the fun and the show is full of gossip, giveaways and gameplay!

The liveshow itself can be found at
Adi's youtube playlist contains all the liveshows AND a bunch of tutorials to help you master the game.

 The official description for Doctor Who: Legacy from says:
"Team up with your favorite Doctor and head back through time - revisit your favorite episodes from the TV series and build a team of your favorite companions and allies including Clara, Rory, Amy, River, Ianto, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane, K-9 and dozens more, each of which has their own abilities to help you solve the infinite number of puzzles you’ll face.

Face the Doctor’s greatest enemies! Crush Daleks, destroy Weeping Angels use puzzles and abilities to take down The Silence, Headless Monks, Peg Dolls, Spoonheads and
many more in this brand new Doctor Who saga!"

Classic Videos!

Hey Guys!
TheAdiposeTV has been running since July 2012 and we have over 600 videos now!
There are SO many great games and great videos that we'd love you to see so we're going to use this section of the site to direct you to older videos that you probably haven't seen before. We've carefully arranged our playlists on the channel so you can find your way around and check out some Adi gems from days gone by.

You can see a few clips from 'classic Adi' videos here:
You can go straight to the front page of the channel from the link below and scroll down for the playlists!

Hope you enjoy the 'classic' stuff and let don't forget we read all comments and reply to as many as we can!

Adi and Clarie

Classic Adipose Videos

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out Live - Knowledgeum - City Design

Fan Art

Thank you to penultimate-21 for this amazing picture of an Adipose hugging our favourite spaceship the Tardis. You can check out the original here

You guys in the Posse are an exceptionally talented group of people. We love the pictures you send us and want to share them with the world! If you have a piece of AdiposeTV related art work you'd like to be considered to be shown, please tweet it to us or send it to us via facebook. We'd love to see it!

Quotes of The Week

Spot the Difference:
Adi: [shows off his brand new Adipose logo]
Adi: “Spellcaster has said that you are an amazing drawer.”
Clarie: “And I think you are an amazing cabinet.”

The Simpsons Tapped Out: The time when Krentaris won the raffle to have his town shown, despite only having bought one ticket, and never having played the game:
Adi: "Firstly you need to be playing the game – *cough*Krentaris*cough* – then you need to friend request me and then go and clean up your town, make it look awesome for our show. So let's choose our winner!"
Adibot: "Tonight’s winner is: Krentaris!!"
Adi: “Oh my god!” [dies laughing]
 Krentaris: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 ticket!" [ten minutes later] Krentaris: "GUYS GUYS GUYS I STOLE A KINDLE SO NOW I HAVE TAPPED OUT. FRIEND ME." [pause] "I have skillz. Already level 91 whoo-hoo!!!"

Doctor Who Legacy:
Susan: "We’ll be coming over to your land for a week."
Adi: " . . . I love how you didn't say, 'We'll be coming across the pond' or something. You said it was 'your land', like I own England or something.”

Super Mario:
[Giant monster appears] Clarie: "Wait wait oh my god run away run awaaaaaay!!!"
Adi: “Wait, we’re the hero. We’re not supposed to run away."
Clarie: “So that’s why I don’t do well on Mario. . . ."

Doctor Who: City of the Daleks
[Adi reading from a note] Adi: "When power stations burn coal, sulphur dioxide is produced . . . and turns you all into Daleks!"
Clarie: " . . . It doesn’t say that."
Adi: "It might as well. And the rest of the stuff was boring."

Adi: "Laura, I can’t get past your house, so I’m just gonna cut a hole in it. Sorry!"
In Chat
Stephenstewart1234: "Guess what age I am?"
Hues_of_blue_23: "1234?"

Hues_of_blue_23: “Lava is not a good substitute for hair shampoo.”

Detetiv400: "Wish I could distinguish voice is there so I can tag who said what actually."
Theadiposetv: "I’m the one with the sexy voice."

Alvin1104: "Ah back. The poor old lady." Hues_of_blue_23: "That's no lady, that's Adi."
Ipurpleninjah: "I thought they were the same thing, Hues."

With thanks to all Possiers who have appeared in this weeks quotes:
With Special thanks to Celeloth for compiling the quotes

Adi vs Spud vs Chip - Amazing Match! WWE 2K14

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Doctor Who: Legacy Livestream - 1st May

Doctor Who: Legacy Livestream - 1st May

Doctor Who: Legacy Livestream - 1st May


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