Monday, 5 May 2014

Adi & Clarie

Everyone loves Adi's shows, but sometimes he gets lonely and needs the company of a Clariepose, whether it is to try out new games, do silly voices or generally hang out. You can find the complete list of Adi and Clarie videos here.

A selection of some of the best:
For some lighthearted IOS fun (and to see Clarie's gameplaying skills at their most elite) have a look at Lets Try King of Opera

For beginners tips and tutorials for Hay Day check out the Hay Day series. This one has ideas for maximising your use of Tom.

For some good old fashioned MarioKart fun have a look at this video which was originally livestreamed. Don't forget to check out the twitch channel to see if you can catch an Adipose and Clariepose show live!

Let us know what your favourite Adi and Clarie videos are!


  1. VeeMJ27 here, my fav Adi and Clariepose moment is the iPad gaming stream when Adi and Claire play I went to a supermarket. That stream overall was just pure comedy and pure awesome-ness!



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