Saturday, 10 May 2014

Be part of the Adipose Posse

If you are a regular viewer of TheAdiposeTV we would love to feature you on our website, with your very own Adipose icon and a little bit about who you are. This costs 500 Adigold for 6 months on the website. If you would like to be involved you need to do the following:

1) Copy and paste this link into your browser

2) Right click on the Adi template and choose "save as" then save it somewhere on your computer.

3) Open the image from your computer in an image editing program e.g. paint, photoshop, inkscape. It is important that you save and open the image, rather than copy and pasting directly into your editing program, otherwise a black box appears around the image.

4) Using your editing program personalise the Adi picture. You can add ears, eyes, glasses, change the colour.... anything you like, just make sure it reflects who you are, and is still recognisable as an Adipose.

5) Write a little bio about yourself (max 60 words). This can be funny, serious, poetic, factual, anything. Please no spamming or links though.

6) Email your Adi picture and bio to

We look forward to seeing you on the website!
Adi and Clarie 


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