Sunday, 4 May 2014

Doctor Who Legacy

Adi has a weekly livestream show at 9pm BST Thursdays. Lee and Susan (the games developers) always join in the fun and the show is full of gossip, giveaways and gameplay!

The liveshow itself can be found at
Adi's youtube playlist contains all the liveshows AND a bunch of tutorials to help you master the game.

 The official description for Doctor Who: Legacy from says:
"Team up with your favorite Doctor and head back through time - revisit your favorite episodes from the TV series and build a team of your favorite companions and allies including Clara, Rory, Amy, River, Ianto, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane, K-9 and dozens more, each of which has their own abilities to help you solve the infinite number of puzzles you’ll face.

Face the Doctor’s greatest enemies! Crush Daleks, destroy Weeping Angels use puzzles and abilities to take down The Silence, Headless Monks, Peg Dolls, Spoonheads and
many more in this brand new Doctor Who saga!"



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