Saturday, 3 May 2014

Quotes of The Week

Spot the Difference:
Adi: [shows off his brand new Adipose logo]
Adi: “Spellcaster has said that you are an amazing drawer.”
Clarie: “And I think you are an amazing cabinet.”

The Simpsons Tapped Out: The time when Krentaris won the raffle to have his town shown, despite only having bought one ticket, and never having played the game:
Adi: "Firstly you need to be playing the game – *cough*Krentaris*cough* – then you need to friend request me and then go and clean up your town, make it look awesome for our show. So let's choose our winner!"
Adibot: "Tonight’s winner is: Krentaris!!"
Adi: “Oh my god!” [dies laughing]
 Krentaris: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 ticket!" [ten minutes later] Krentaris: "GUYS GUYS GUYS I STOLE A KINDLE SO NOW I HAVE TAPPED OUT. FRIEND ME." [pause] "I have skillz. Already level 91 whoo-hoo!!!"

Doctor Who Legacy:
Susan: "We’ll be coming over to your land for a week."
Adi: " . . . I love how you didn't say, 'We'll be coming across the pond' or something. You said it was 'your land', like I own England or something.”

Super Mario:
[Giant monster appears] Clarie: "Wait wait oh my god run away run awaaaaaay!!!"
Adi: “Wait, we’re the hero. We’re not supposed to run away."
Clarie: “So that’s why I don’t do well on Mario. . . ."

Doctor Who: City of the Daleks
[Adi reading from a note] Adi: "When power stations burn coal, sulphur dioxide is produced . . . and turns you all into Daleks!"
Clarie: " . . . It doesn’t say that."
Adi: "It might as well. And the rest of the stuff was boring."

Adi: "Laura, I can’t get past your house, so I’m just gonna cut a hole in it. Sorry!"
In Chat
Stephenstewart1234: "Guess what age I am?"
Hues_of_blue_23: "1234?"

Hues_of_blue_23: “Lava is not a good substitute for hair shampoo.”

Detetiv400: "Wish I could distinguish voice is there so I can tag who said what actually."
Theadiposetv: "I’m the one with the sexy voice."

Alvin1104: "Ah back. The poor old lady." Hues_of_blue_23: "That's no lady, that's Adi."
Ipurpleninjah: "I thought they were the same thing, Hues."

With thanks to all Possiers who have appeared in this weeks quotes:
With Special thanks to Celeloth for compiling the quotes


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