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DWL - NEW CHARACTER - Eel Yspit! Doctor Who Legacy

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Sniper Elite V2 - Bridge Sniping!

DWL - Adi, Lee and Susan finally meet!

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Quotes of the week!

Highlights from yesterday's Doctor Who: Legacy stream of the Adi Pose:

Massive thanks to @Celeloth for putting this together 

Adi: "Hello everyone! I am here with Lee!"
Lee: "Hello, and good morning. Or evening. Or afternoon. I don’t know where you are the in the world, so good something."

Adi: "I can see that my webcam has completely the wrong settings, and it looks like I am broadcasting from Heaven. But, um, yeah, welcome to heaven, everyone!"
Shadowlorde: "Adi, you’ve just become Jesus, if you’re in heaven."

Adi: "I will play and attack things today, but you, Lee, you control the destiny the show today."
Lee: "You mean the chattiness."
Adi: "Yes, indeed."
Lee: "Thank God Susan’s given me a huge list of things to talk about, so I don’t even have to think. I just have to talk."

Adi: "I’m just gonna check . . . No, nothing intensely personal up there."
Lee: "What, no cat photos?"
Adi: "What?"
Lee: "Like . . . millions of cat photos?"
Adi: "No, no, not a crazy cat man. I just have a bad habit of doing insane things of leaving my e-mail open. Or passwords up. And stuff."

Lee: "We only have an hour, and we’re six minutes in, and we’re already on tangents about Modern family."
Adi: "You say that like I would not go on tangents."

Adi: "I’m being attacked by a tentacle, and I can’t see, and I don’t like it."
Lee: "Well, later you’ll be attacked by many tentacles."
Lee: "Did you get the link to the FB beta?"
Adi: "Yes. It just asked me if I was willing to share my entire life with this app, so obviously the answer must be yes."

Lee: "I’m really excited about this level, because ‘blind’ was one of the first abilities I wrote down lines for."
Adi: "So, line one: ‘let’s code for pretty gems’ and line two was: ‘and now let’s code to make people not be able to see them’. That makes perfect sense."

Lee: "Next underlined thing. We ran a contest with a Polish Doctor Who Facebook page."
Adi: "Wait, what? Run that by me again."
Lee: "It’s a Polish Doctor Who Facebook page. And we’re going to announce the winners. Um, I would say the link, but I can’t read or say Polish."

Adi: "Watching game credits can be interesting."
Lee: "No one watches game credits, Adi."
Adi: "Well, see, first you see the English people, and that’s fine, but then they’re like, hey here’s all the French people and the Swiss people and the German people and you’re just like oh come on, and then they start doing songs, and . . . yeah. . ."

Lee: "Every time you show my Skype handle, I get loads of people asking to be my friend on Skype."
Adi: "Sorry. Although, interestingly enough, I don’t. And keep in my mind that’s its MY bloody show."

Adi: "Thank you, Susan, and god dammit Lee I can’t see the bloody board again!"
Susan: "I’ve got to go, Lee’s coming back."
Adi: "Oh well you’re welcome to stay. You can just, like, pass on my rant to Lee."
Lee: "No, no, I heard it loud and clear. And Susan is not welcome to stay, because you ranted to her last week."

Lee: "I don’t know why we’re getting so many bird strikes, I think it’s because the glow of your computer stream attracts the birds."
Adi: "They must see my bald head and mistake it for a glowing egg. Like, there's the egg, so this must be the nest!"

Lee: "Oh, and this new cool thing – well, on the scale of cool anyways – it’s pretty cool, I think."
Adi: "‘scale of cool’. Like not very cool, slightly cool, chilled, relaxed, frozen!"
Adi: "Everyone thinks that the fall of the master is some grand decline. I personally think it should be the master just falling, tripping and landing arse over tit."

Adi: "You can’t do a car, Lee."
Lee: "Why not?!"
Adi: "No, what you should do is make an equipment slot or something for Bessie. Because otherwise it’d be like putting Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in."
Lee: "If I was doing a Disney game, it might well be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
Adi: "Can I just say that when you mentioned Wilf the entire chat went nuts, and when you said Bessie there was an awkward silence?"
Lee: "There was an even more awkward silence for the DW mobile."
Adi: "True true. Are you now going to bring in Matt Smith’s motorbike?"
Lee: "You say that like a joke, but, um, I did put in a request for that."
Adi: "Oh my god, Lee."

Lee: "No other game will put something like Bessie in the game."
Adi: "Maybe that should not be the sole selling point of Doctor Who Legacy."

Lee: "Adi, are you running adverts while you’re talking? You are, Mr. Pose."
Adi: "Oh okay. Shall I talk louder then?"
Lee: "I don’t know, Susan’s watching it, not me."

Lee: "So hats off to the BBC folks for their awesome hard work."
Adi: "Are they like standing behind you over your shoulder?"
Lee: "I hope not. Although I just heard a big thud, so. Last week was bird strikes. Maybe it’s BBC week."

Lee: "Who are you fighting?"
Adi: "Some guy."
Lee: "He has a name you know."
Adi: "He does?"
Lee: "Adi! Is there anything in Doctor Who that doesn’t have a name? [pause] Which is actually a really good question now that I think about it."

Adi: "So, Susan, any more last minute news from you as we approach the end of the show?"
Lee: "Oh, no, she’s gone now, it’s Lee, I’ve stolen the headset back."
Adi: "Stop turning into Susan, Lee, it’s very off-putting."
Lee: "I’m sorry."
Adi: "What if I’m trying to have a private conversation with your wife and it turns out I’m not?"
Lee: "Private? You’ve got like over a thousand people listening."
Adi: "Private-ISH."

Lee: "Alpha beta kappa dragon . . . um . . . "
Adi: "Is that your attempt at the Greek alphabet?"
Lee: "I should know this, because when we started doing the pocket universes in, each one is using the military alphabet. Um, delta, epsilon fargo . . . fridge . . . something."
Adi: "Very very close to whatever the original was, well done."

Adi: "While we’re on the subject, what the world really needs is a Doctor Guess Who."
Lee: "Yes!!"
Adi: "We can do, is he wearing glasses, does he have a tentacle coming out of his head, is he humanoid, all sorts of amazing questions."
Adi: "Should we call it Who Doctor? Or Doctor Who Guess Who?"
Lee: "We should probably call it just 'Doctor Who?' instead. No need for Guess Who."
Adi: "But then how would people know what it was guess who?"
Lee: "Cuz it’s a massive board with 'Guess Who' on it?"

Highlights from the chat:
Beeporama: "Of all the ways to contact Tiny Rebel Games, Twitch chat is probably the absolute worst way to communicate bug report. Second only to spray painting it on their garage door."
W_nightstone: "YEA DON’T USE CAPS IN CHAT CUZ IT’S RUDE: (sorry couldn’t resist)"
[Magical12325 slaps w_nightstone with a large white shark for shouting and confiscates the caps lock key]
[Smallbluemonkey drops an acme anvil on w_nightstone]

Quotes courtesy of TheAdiposeTV, Lee (aka Tinyrebellee) and Susan (Tinyrebelgames), as well as Shadowlorde, Bepporama, W_nightstone, Magical12325, and Smallbluemonkey

On a side note, thanks to my bestie Tabitenor17, my door-cursed friend ipurpleninjah, as well as snowjoke and jodynye and everyone else who jumped up to compliment me when Adi mentioned me. You're all amazing too

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Inatek Bluetooth Speaker - Waterproof with Hands free review!

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Hearthstone Arena with detailed commentary - #1

Hearthstone's Biggest Ever Consecration!

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Let's RolePlay Fallout 3 Modded! #31 On The Run!

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Flappy Who! (Doctor Who meets Flappy Birds)

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Doctor Who Gaming Show - Clarie tries DWL for the first time!


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