Wednesday, 17 September 2014

News of the week edition 1

First of all welcome to the new weekly news of the week blog post! Each Wednesday there will be a new post with news from the Adiverse.

TheAdiposeTV news


New community coordinator

TheAdiposeTV has made me, Magical12325, the community coordinator to help with community matters. I'll be coordinating the birthday list, making this news letter and more!

Birthday list

Everyone who wishes to be on the birthday list and hasn't already informed me should get in touch either on TheAdiposeTV chat (outside of streams please) or via a direct message on twitch. I need to know the day and month of your birth - and year too if you wish! Please remember that we don't all use the same date formats so it would be helpful if you wrote it as "day month", so for example 15th September, to avoid any mistakes from happening.

Celeloth's Chat highlights and other gems

Each week there will be highlights from the chat posted in a separate blog post. Most of the highlights will be made by Celeloth however it's highly possible that other people's highlights may be included too.

The twitter list

Anyone who wishes to be added to smallbluemonkey's twitter list should contact him on twitter and let him know, remember to include your twitch name if it's different from the one you use on twitter. Remember that you don't have to join the list, you can also just subscribe to it instead.

Community news 


DWL on tumblr

Our lovely posse member Penultimate21 has started a tumblr for DWL fanart with kind permission from the amazing Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games. Check it out over on the Doctor Who Legacy game on tumblr.

AdiposeTv Meet

Anyone who has been in the chat recently will have heard people talking about the possibility of a TheAdiposeTV meet. People in the UK and beyond are considering meeting up some time in February, probably the first weekend. While there is no concrete date and Adi has expressed fears that we might all hate each other and spend all day wondering why we ever did this, I know from experience that it's actually rather fun to meet up with random strangers from the internet that you have spent ages chatting with in a chat. The plan so far is to meet either in London or, more likely Cardiff - more news to follow.

For those of you in the USA who can't travel as far as the UK for a meet there is another meet being plotted by mckapet who would love to be told if you are interested in meeting up too. He will need to know which part of the USA you are in to help plan a central location where all meet with everyone having to travel about the same distance. Contact mckapet via the chat or send him a direct message on twitch. The plan for this meet is to have it on the same day as the UK meet and hopefully connect via skype or similar to the meet in the UK to have a mega meet.


tabitenor17 had been given the job of student ambassador after she had interviewed for the job - Congratulations!

Baby news

hues_of_blue_23 informed us that his daughter gave birth to his first grandchild on the 16th of September. Mother and child are doing well.

We were also reminded on Monday by steveoooooooh that his wife is due to give birth to another addition to the family on the 28th of February.

That about wraps it up for this weeks edition of the News of the Week.

If you have any news that you feel should be included in the news blog post please let me know - either in the chat if I'm around or via direct message on twitch.


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