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Quotes of the week - Edition 3

This edition is a bit of a catch up one to get some of the quotes since the last time in - it's going to be long but hopefully fun! Quotes of the week will be not scheduled to be posted on a regular basis but as and when our wonderful Celeloth has time to create them. Some quotes will be included that were not made by Celeloth, anyone who sees something they think should be included feel free to message me on twitch,

17 September: Adipose was testing the bot to see what was making it crash.

labradite: adi has temporarily removed everyone's gold,except spiggster's, to test something with the bot.  HA!
tabitenor17: Lab's first official mod message
theadiposetv: try sticking a sontar in front of it
labradite: adi has temporarily removed everyone's gold,except spiggster's, to test something with the bot.  SONTAR HA!
theadiposetv: i think her first official message was "***yeah im a mod, bow bitches or i will have you"
theadiposetv: and then spiggster said NOPE

Highlights from the Sept. 11 Doctor Who: Legacy stream of the Adi Pose:

< Adi-isms >
- "Hang on, hang on, Peter you are echoing all kinds of crazy. This is Pete, the king of the BBC and all things echoey. Susan has a cold, Pete, you need to sing sweet love songs to her."
- "I spent like two hours making faces and weird voices and got like over 200 people to watch, so I might randomly change in the middle of the stream, so if you hear me making a weird voice, it’s just, like, stupidity on my part."
- "Someone in the chat just asked the Adibot to stop spamming the chat. Um, he’s the one who controls your currency, mate. He’s not spamming, he’s like . . . part of the show."
- To Susan: "I think Lee has hung up on you. Which, um, might be a sign towards the relationship there. Should I try to get him back?"
- "I have one Toclefane left and I am going to squish him."
- "Oh no, I just missed my plot. And the Master just spit. . . . Why did he spit? Why is there is a big blue spitball on my screen? Leeeeee!!"
- "So Pete – oh wait. I seem to be alone. Everyone seems to have hung up on me. Pete! Pete! Oh my god, I’m been talking to no one. Oh this is embarrassing. Pete!!!"
- "Ooh I burped. And hiccuped. That’s terribly unprofessional. Awkward."
< Conversations >
Adi: "Hi everyone. Susan’s slightly sniffly, husky beautiful voice was coming out of my speakers instead of, you know, the ones you can actually here out of, so now I proudly present: Susan!"
Susan: "Hello"
Adi: "Wait . . . what have you done with Susan???"
Susan: "I don’t know. . . I’m drinking a glass of almond yak so I hope it helps."
Adi: "Almond . . . yak? Almond yak? Almanac?"
Peter: "Oh. Hi everyone!"
Adi: "Almanac? Is that not some kind of, I don't know, weather guide?"
[Continuing debate over the pronunciation of "Van Gogh"]
Adi: "It’s clearly Van Gogh."
Susan: "Not in America. But we have our own pronunciations for everything."
Adi: "Van Gogh never went to America."
Adi: "I’m a fox. You’re missing the important things here, Susan!"
Susan: "Yes, what did you mean by that? You mentioned it in Skype but –oh . . . oh . . . ."
Adi: "And it clearly confused you so much that you never responded to it. Or anything else."
Tpaper93: "That is not a fox! That is a red panda!"
Ipurpleninjah: "RED PANDA"
Adi: "There has been some debate over whether it’s a red panda or a fox or whatever, so that’s clearly an important debate, but um, we’ll have it another time, because now is DWL time"
Jendivine: "its’ a red panda."
Airame42: "It’s a red panda, not a fox."
Susan: "Hang on, it was Peter’s birthday this week, so we need to flood the chat with happy birthday wishes."
Adi: "Peter, we did try to call you. Like we called your skype so that the chat could sing you happy birthday, but you, um, didn’t pick up. And Lee said you were probably out with something hot or something, so yeah."
Adi: "Yeah, peter, you’ve got like 530 people wishing you happy birthday right now."
[Stream finally catches up to the chat]
Peter: "Huh, really – oh, Oh I do. Wow."
Susan: "Peter has something exciting to tell us."
Peter: "Yes, I - "
Adi: "He’s pregnant. He’s going through the change. He’s bought a new hat. He’s decided to be called Peter instead of Pete. He’s decided to move to Wales. He’s gonna be the new Doctor. Am I getting warmer?"
Susan: "He’s going to be the new companion, actually."
Adi: "REALLY?!?!?!"
Peter: "Um . . . "
Susan: "No. But he does have new information on who the new companion will be."
Peter: "Uh . . . . "
Adi: "Are you sure you shouldn’t have rehearsed this conversation? Because I’m not sure Pete’s in it."
Peter: "Me neither."
Adi: "Should we start this stream over again? I’m the Adipose, this is DWL, and these are the guys who don’t know what they’re talking about."
Adi: "Peter, can you speculate on whether Rusty will be returning? Of course you may know this."
Peter: "I don’t, actually. But he left the show intact, so . . . "
Adi: "So that means somewhere flying around is the Doctor’s daughter and Rusty. Who else?"
Peter: "And Handles somewhere."
Adi: " . . . I thought he died."
Susan: "Adi, two things. One, I cannot take you seriously with your ears wriggling about like that – "
Adi: "Not the first woman to say that to me."
Susan: "And two, we are also the front page story on twitch."
Adi: "Whoo! Hello new people, I am the Adipose and am currently a fox, this is DWL, and these are Peter who has a new cool hat and Susan who made the game in front of you."
[About bringing in the artist as a guest star on the show]
Susan: "Um, just keep in mind while you’re making questions to keep them to art questions, not design ones. So, nothing like why did Lee make this level so hard?"
Adi: "Yes, or like why don’t you work with someone else?"
Cigargent: “So who do you like better, Susan or Lee?”
Susan: "So soon we’ll have our new companion."
Peter: "Ally."
Adi: "What’s the difference? Like a companion permanently travels and an ally is vaguely associated with the Doctor?"
Susan: "Yes. Apparently. Lee is yelling at me for it now."
Adi: "We need like a . . . dictionary or something for this. This is too complicated for me."
Adi: "By the way, I just wanted to mention - Lee, there are strange noises coming from you!"
Lee: "Oh no! What kind of noises?"
Adi: "Like . . . like that."
Lee: "Is it gone now?"
Adi: "Yes. But that's not important. I was in the middle of a sentence, and you stopped me. You ruined my monologue, Lee!"
Adi: "I think there’s a problem with Skype. I seem to be suddenly on my own. I’m a fox on my own. I can’t handle this. I can’t – oh my god, everyone is calling me through the iPad now, oh no. It’s still ringing through Skype, how do I stop this. Shut up, Skype, shut up!"
[Adi's iPad Skype keeps ringing; Adi keeps poking his screen]
Susan: "I’m back."
Adi: "I know, you’re back and it’s lovely. But Skype is still calling me, and I don’t know how to stop it! Shut up shut up shut up Skype!"
Adi: "Wait, wait, before we move on, I have a very important question. Lee. Did you steal my channel?"
Lee: "I borrowed it. [pause] That could’ve sounded better."
Adi: "You HIJACKED my channel. Did you record yourself doing an evil laugh and broadcast it in my stream?"
Lee: "No, it was Mark Hamill."
Adi: "It sounded like you pretending to be Mark Hamill. Here let me rephrase. Did you laugh as Mark Hamill was laughing?"
[Susan talks about a new project trying not to give away sensitive details]
Susan: "So what do you think, Adi?"
Adi: "I think it’s gonna be amazing, as always. It’s just, um, you’re being so vague that it’s hard to be vaguely excited about it."
[Lee talks about his own new project vaguely]
Adi: "When is it going to be released?"
Lee: "Yes."
Adi: "Great, great. Wonderful. Good. So everyone, something new is coming that will be released some day, will have some stuff in it, and have some new somethings in it. If you’re looking forward to it, give me a Huzzah."
Adi: "Um, Lee, there are a ton of Huzzahs in the chat. I should’ve made them say something vaguer."
Lee: "What? What – oh my god, wow. I can see them now."
Adi: "It’s still going. There are like 730 people in the stream and I think like all of them have just Huzzahed."
Hues: "99themo, they announced nothing."
Adi: [laughs] "Even though Hues has just helpfully pointed out that you, in fact, announced nothing at all, they're still Huzzahing."
[Vote between Rory the Centurion, Tennant in a spacesuit, or Amy in her cop costume]
Adi: "Yes this vote will be so difficult. It’s the centurion, a spacesuit, and a stripper. I wonder who could possibly win in this vote with all the teenage boys in the channel."
Peter: "Adi, I would like to point out that Amy was working as a Kissogram, not a stripper."
Susan: "Peter, you would say that."
Adi: "Thank you for that very important clarification, Peter. I apologize."
Adi: "Rory won! Yay! We should tweet him."
Clarie: "We should. In fact, I dare you – I dare the entire chat – to tweet him."
Adi: "We can’t have over 730 people tweeting Rory! He’d be so upset."
Peter: "Yeah, but you know what, it will trend worldwide."
Peter: "Adi, I love your method for getting past the Blind ability."
Adi: "Um, my method is just to whizz all over the screen and desperately make a combo before the time runs out."
Peter: "I usually just try to remember where the gems are."
Adi: "Wow. That’s awesome."
Peter: "I am awesome."
Adi: "Does it work?"
Peter: "No."
[Skype problems and everyone hangs up on Adi again, so Adi changes his face from a fox to a blonde girl]
Adi: "So, I understand that many of you tuned in to see all of us, but it appears that all of us who were here have left for various reasons. One has left for the crapper, one has left to pick up a small child, and one has just disappeared for unknown reasons. So now I am alone. Let’s take a look at this game. It appears to be a match three game, and it appears to be free to play, which I get a lot of complaints about. But it doesn’t appear to have any clashing of clans, so that is – oh is someone here? Hello?"
Peter: "I’m here."
Adi: "Oh hi Peter. I’m a blonde."
Adi: "Well, Susan, Peter did the number rap for the code last time and I’ve always done it, so now it is your turn."
Susan: "I’m not good at that. Why don’t I do the whoo-we-woo thing?"
Peter: "The WHAT?"
Adi: "Don’t explain it. Just - just leave it like that."
Adi: "Oh, here’s my beat for the rap. Are you spanking yourself?"
Peter: "No, I’m clicking my fingers. Spanking myself was too loud."
Adi: "Yes, no, maybe so? No! I’ve been abandoned again! Nooo!"
Susan: "I’m here."
Adi: "Oh. You are. I should get less emotional then."
[Adi changes face again from the blonde to a soldier]
Susan: "What the heck is that supposed to be?"
Adi: "A soldier. . . "
Susan: "That’s creepier than the last one."
Adi: "Fine. Let me change the background so he can soldiery things. Here. Now he’s in a forest. Better?"
Peter: "If you love Minecraft and you love Doctor Who, you’ll love DW Minecraft."
Adi: "They should definitely make you do the advertisement for it."
[Adi turns off the face animation]
Peter: "Adi, not to sound alarming, but, um, the woman’s been replaced by a strange guy."
Adi: "What? Oh, you’re funny, hilarious."
Adi: "Okay, first serious question: Did you know the fourth doctor isn’t in the game?"
Susan: "Really???"
Peter: "What is going on with that?"
Adi: "I know, right? Call yourself a DWL game but don’t have the fourth doctor, tsk tsk."
Adi: "I think Labradite may have been living out of her mailbox for the past couple of days, waiting for those books."
Peter: "Ues, and Amazon is amazing for this book delivery."
Adi: "Yeah, and Amy’s a wholesome young lady."
Adi: "In fact, Pete, you need a Pose."
Peter: "What?"
Adi: "You’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, do you?"
Beeporama: "How are you so awesome, Peter?"
Peter: "It’s tough."
Adi: "There do seem to be a lot of people who turn up before the stream to say they are here for Peter, and that’s obviously damaging to my ego, so soon I’ll have to start victimizing you like I do Lee."
Adi: 'So, I think that’s it for tonight. Lee was fantastic, Susan was fantastic, Peter was fantastic, and you know what? So was I! Good night!"
Smallbluemonkey: "Oi! Adi! Finish the level!"
Peter: "Wait, are we done?"
[Stream ends]
< Highlights from the chat >
Susan: "Please nobody from Twitch complain that the code doesn't have time crystals."
Confusethepolarity: "Hey, Susan I didn’t get any crystals. "
Adi: "Cheese is amazing. You should do an entire episode dedicated to cheese. The Doctor could be half cheese through a regeneration! He could enter a cheese – no already done that. He could defeat an army of cheese by like summoning toast!"
Toseryler: "Let’s kill Cheese"
Sticksandstring62: "The Caves of Parmesane-y"
Scott_allonsy: "The end of cheese"
Mgaverz99: "Into the Cheese"
Zrsone; "The grated cheese of the galaxy"
Scott_allonsy: "cheese wolf"
Zrsone: "The parting of the curds and wheys"
Zrsone: "The Brie-st below"
Cigargent: "Captain Monterey Jack"
Magical12325: "thanks guys/gals/aliens/entities."
iPurpleNinjah: "Someone asks Peter if he likes to be licked, I have to be subtle."
[Someone else asks who/what Adibot is]
Alvin1104: "Good question, Jonah. Who is Adibot? Do you know, Ninjah?"
iPurpleNinjah: "Why am I the one with the answer?"
Angelina_m: "Hearing “hairy pony” over and over again will melt my brain."

< Credits >
Quotes courtesy of TheAdiposeTV and Clariepose, Peter from the BBC, and Susan and Lee from TinyRebelGames, as well as Tpaper93, iPurpleNinjah, Jendivine, Airame42, Cigargent, Beeporama, Smallbluemonkey, Confusethepolarity, Toseryler, Sticksandstring62, Scott_allonsy, Mgaverz99, Zrsone, Magical12325, and Alvin1104

Congratulations to Magical12325 for the appointment to community leader! (AKA posting to the website because Adi forgets)

Highlights from the Sept. 9 Doctor Who: Legacy stream of the Adi Pose:

AKA the aftermath of ‪#‎thebestleestreamever‬

< Adi-isms >
- "So it’s time for a DW show. And yes, it’s not Thursday, it is not Thursday, so what the hell right? Well, apparently, someone else played a DWL level on my channel. And it wasn’t me. So I figured I’d better hop on and do the level a damn sight better before everyone lost interest or hope in me."
- "Well, I also need to apologize cuz apparently Lee monologued for a very long period of time, because I was not there to cut him off in mid-flow for quite quite a long time."
- "I watched a little bit of it, because I didn’t have too much time before work, so when he started speaking I skipped ahead a little and he was still speaking, so I skipped ahead more and he was still speaking, so I went towards the end of the stream and he was still speaking about what he had been speaking about in the beginning, so – oh hi, Lee."
- "The guys in chat were saying that you played the game faster than me, Lee. Like for you the gems were just flying around. I got called Fat Sausage fingers at one point."
- "No it hasn’t finished yet, it is still making you feel good inside. Now it’s done. And I have no idea what you actually muttered."
- "I haven’t gotten Clara’s new costume yet, but you can like provide her voice, so we’re going through the level for her dress."
- "I am a slow-moving but accurate thing. What I need are your fingers of fire."
- "I like how you just called it purple laser. Instead you could’ve called it like the Crucible Crush or the Purple Laserlight or you know, any of those."
- "I love this new costume, the dress is . . . um . . . well I don’t know how to describe it, it’s um . . . I don’t know! Like Marion. Like Marion, she’s dressed like that."
- "I did not show off all of the stuffed animals I wanted to. Here’s one more, it’s . . . slightly confusing. Because it’s labeled Jennie cat but this is clearly a bunny. Like I’m not the best at this game, but I’m sure it’s a bunny."
- "Right, I’m gonna just play silly buggers for a second, which means my face is going to disappear. [pause] Don’t panic."
- "Really? Really? All of this important stuff, and you want fixing Jennie’s ears to the priority? Really?"
< Conversations >
Lee: "Hi Mr. Bunny."
Adi: "It’s a girl."
Lee: "Sorry."
Adi: "You’re so rude, can you not see the skirt?"
Lee: "It’s cut off in the image!"
Adi: "How was your first stream?"
Lee: "It was terrifying. We hadn’t even really played it, I was just, like, drinking and then suddenly I was streaming and playing live and . . . it was all very scary."
Lee: "You should make a new team for this level. I don’t think they do anything special besides hit you with a lot of damage."
Adi: "What do you mean, make a new team? Like a new team for this week? Like . . . a team of the week?"
Lee: "Yeah why not."
Adi: "Why don’t I play the theme tune, cuz that’s about all I can do, while you suggest people for the team."
Adi: "Oh wait Izzie is going to bed. Good night Izzie.
Lee: "Oh, good night Izzie! I’m sorry your father has stolen your lamb."
Adi: "I didn’t steal it, I made it internationally famous."
Lee: "I am sorry, because last night, for a test, I did like a ten second stream just for a test. And people just came pouring in going “Where’s Adi” cuz they love you so much."
Adi: "Yeah, and poor Hues of blue."
Lee: "Oh my god I thought Hues was going to have a heart attack."
Adi: "Ah, they turned all my gems red!"
Lee: "Yeah, and they hit you really hard."
Adi: "I thought they zapped you with purple lights."
Lee: "That wasn’t slow at all, Adi."
Adi: "Have you seen yourself move gems?"
Lee: "No.
Adi: "What? You’ve never watched your own stream for, I don’t know, vanity?"
Lee: "No"
Lee: "See, you just gotta pretend to be great like me to be really great."
Adi: "Are you concerned about your son releasing details about DWL?"
Lee: "You know, I was thinking about this the other day. Like all it would take would be a bully threatening him to tell or else and suddenly all of our secrets would be out to, like the entire playground."
Adi: "That’d be amazing, then everyone in this one crazy American school would know all the secrets. And then the FBI’d come after you . . ."
Adi: "How do you like my sheep?
Lee: "Your daughter is probably lying pissed in her bed cuz you stole it.
Adi: "My daughter can’t tell the difference between a sheep and a piece of plastic wrapper at the moment, so I think she’s fine."
Lee: "No, no, we are not going to get dragged into a HS discussion. I have like a list of things to be doing and talking about, and HS is like way way waaay down on the list."
Adi: "Oh, is the Sheriff about to stun me?"
Lee: "Probably."
[Sheriff in the game stuns Adi's whole team]
Adi: "He stunned the whole team. He – LEEE!!!"
Adi: "He’s really not taking much damage. What did you put on him?"
Lee: "I covered him in gold, can’t you see?"
Lee: "It’s Peter’s birthday today."
Adi: "Is it? Really? We should call him!"
Lee: "What? No! How would you like it if someone did that to you?"
Adi: "Come on, it’s me, I’d love it if 205 people called me over Skype to wish me happy birthday."
Adi: [Changes his Clara costume to the Robot of Sherwood costume]
Adi: "Oh yeah that costume is staying on, oh yeah. Oh no. I hung up on Lee as well. I hung up on everyone. I thought I was telling him everything about this costume, and I . . .wow that’s awkward."
Lee: "Yeah, you did."
< Highlights from the chat >
Labradite: "V - i told you the answer was yes"
VeeMJ27: "lol lab correct"
Jendivine: "what answer?"
Labradite: "that you had eaten the cake. it would save people time if they just listened to me."
Jendivine: "oh....yeah...well it would be weird as a trained baker not to have eaten it."
Hues_of_Blue_23: "Plan our lives, oh wise Labradite!"
Jendivine: "hail the all knowing Labradite!"
Henoir99: "I have joined the world of terraria!"
Jendivine: "yay Hen"
Jennie_Bunny: "Yay!"
Snowjoke: "the Terraria craze has restarted."
Henoir99: "damn joe the guide just let a zombie in and i got chomped."
Jendivine: "aaaw I miss Dylan!"
Snowjoke: "RIP Dylan"
Hues_of_Blue_23: "Shame you can't rename them."
VeeMJ27: "who is Dylan"
LesMc537: "i lost zach when i deleted my first world, now i'm stuck with jeffrey"
Snowjoke: "Dylan was Adi's guide when he played Terraria he killed him though."

< Credits >
Quotes courtesy of TheAdiposeTV and Lee from TinyRebelGames, as well as Labradite, VeeMJ27, Jendivine, Hues O'Blue, Henoir99, Jennie_bunny, Snowjoke, and LesMc537

That's all for today - other quotes will be added to the blog at a later date. Thanks goes to Celeloth and smallblue monkey for creating the quotes.



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