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December's Prizes!

Greetings everybody!

This will be the first in a series of monthly posts spelling out exactly what competitions and giveaways you can get involved with each month! I want to give you guys lots of opportunities to win gold - and then lots of giveaways to use that gold in!

Have yourself a very Adi Christmas!

Inspired by our wonderful Halloween stream - we're going to have a Christmas show at the end of the month! We want you to tweet us pictures of yourself dressed up all Christmassy..... BUT there has got to be some sort of link to TheAdiposeTV too! It could be connected to Adi or Clarie.... or a link to a game we play... or linked to Doctor Who.... be creative! Clarie and Adi will judge the competition and dish out AdiGold to our favourites! The deadline for entries will be a couple of hours before our Christmas stream - which will PROBABLY be Christmas eve! So get thinking, planning, costume creating and winning! First and second places will go to posse members only!

1st place - 100 Gold
2nd place - 50 Gold
Honourable mention - 25 Gold. 
If we show your picture on stream and you are present you will win 5 gold!

Hearthstone Ranking Competition!

Our monthly Hearthstone competition continues! Open to posse members only. The highest ranks at the end of the month win AdiGold! But we warned - Adi will fight hard to keep his prizes to himself! You will be expected to tweet or message Adi your rank once a week during December - and then every day for the final 5 days. Everyone who enters and tweets their rank will win 10 AdiGold at the end of the month!
1st place - 100 Gold
2nd place - 50 Gold

All entrants win 10 Gold - see above.

December's Giveaways!

Each week will have a bunch of exciting prizes for you to get involved and play for! However - most of the time the giveaways will be during random streams so you've got to make sure you're present in the channel to win! Follow on twitter and facebook to increase your chance of getting notifications of a giveaway happening!
  • TWO 2 mini giveaways! A random small giveaway chosen at random by the bot. Anyone can enter by saying the keyword required. Open to all and no AdiGold required.
  • ONE Double AdiGold stream! During the stream you will earn 2 Gold every 5 minutes to help you build up your collection. Leave a window open at all times to maximise your chances of earning. 
  • ONE BIG giveaway a week! Check the list below to see what prize will be available each week. These are AdiGold giveaways which means the more Gold you put in - the higher your chances of winning!

  •  Dec 1st-7th  - Brothers - A tale of two sons
  •  Dec 8th-14th - Don't Starve
  • Dec 15th-22nd - The Swapper
  •  Dec 23nd-28th - The Sims 3 with "Late night" and "Date night" and High End Loft Stuff 
Of course on top of all of that there will be the normal giveaways and competitions on Doctor Who Legacy every Thursday! 

Wow! So that's it! Loads of fun stuff coming in December and I hope you will spend as much of it as possible with TheAdiposeTV and the Posse!

Don't Starve! Highlights chosen by the posse!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Deploying the Deck: #2 Malygos Rogue. Hearthstone

The Last of Us - Part 11 - Sewers, Zombies and Adi

DW: L and Adi - A Look Back

Guest Post from CompanionBre

Like many of you, I discovered Adi’s show around five months ago through a post on Facebook by Doctor Who: Legacy.  I already had a Twitch account, DW: L installed, and nothing to do for the next couple of hours, so I thought, “Why not?” and clicked the link.

That’s when my whole life changed.

I’m sure you can all relate.  Doctor Who: Legacy took over our lives with its extremely addictive gameplay, fascinating storyline, amazing artwork, and phenomenal support.  Add an Adi, and we didn’t stand a chance.

After the stream ended that day, I had to have more.  MORE DOCTOR WHO: LEGACY.  MORE ADI.  MORE! (Sorry for the caps, mods, ;) )  Thus began my journey of watching every video Adi had ever done regarding DW: L, and, eventually, working my way through all the videos he had ever put on YouTube.

In the spirit of Doctor Who: Legacy’s 1st Birthday, I watched Adi’s videos from the beginning of it all.  The two videos “Doctor Who: Legacy - Let's Try! Gameplay” and “Doctor Who: Legacy-LIVE-TinyRebelGames joins the stream!! Highlights!”  were fantastic, with Adi playing DW: L for the first time, and Susan jumping into the stream.  The first video, we get Adi narrating from the beginning of the storyline, and it is a great representation of how I felt when I first played the game, with a good amount of added commentary, of course!

While watching the video, I noticed how different the game was and how much it has grown.  It is especially fun to watch Adi learn about the basics of the game: my favorite laugh-out-loud moment happened around 13:20, where Adi learns how to target enemies.

GAME: “Did you know that you can target individual enemies?”
Adi: “[pause]… I didn’t know that.”

As we all know, Time Crystals are precious, and when you get awarded them in-game, it is a very big deal.  However, since Adi is a new player in this video, he is more focused on beating the bad guys than receiving a Time Crystal.

Adi: [Makes accidental high-damage combo against three Cybermen]
GAME:  [Cybermen all die. Time Crystal!]
Adi: Ooh I got the lot! *sing-song voice* I got the lot! [Absolutely no reaction to the Time Crystal]

Lee and Susan Cummings, the dynamic duo behind Tiny Rebel Games

After thinking back on the original stream, I had to find the moment that Adi met Susan and Lee.   I searched for the video and found that Adi had conveniently made a Highlights video of just what I was looking for.  In the video, we learn a lot about Susan and Lee, and are humbled by their awesomeness.  Around 9:20, we learn that Susan had worked on Bioshock and Borderlands, was one of the founders of 2K Games, and both she and Lee worked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where Lee was the producer.  As Adi then said: “Wow! Wow. We are in the presence of royalty, ladies and gentlemen!”  These words have never been truer than now, with Doctor Who: Legacy being Tiny Rebel Games’ biggest (in my opinion) achievement.  I have never felt satisfied with an in-game purchase in a free-to-play game until I came across DW: L.   I have never been more passionate, devoted, and, yes, addicted, to a free-to-play game before DW: L, and doubt that I will after this.

Adi, Susan, and Lee have truly spoiled us with this game and stream.  Who else can say they chat with the creators of their favorite game every week, get rewarded with codes for participating in giveaways and watching an amazing host play an awesome game, and get to be involved with further development of the game?  Any question is answered, any issue is addressed immediately, and, the best part is, you guys are Whovians just like us! It is official; you’ve won over our hearts.  Happy birthday Doctor Who: Legacy, and thank you Adi for being so FANTASTIC!


Friday, 28 November 2014

Hearthstone Beginners Arena Guide

Posse News - 11/28/14

Welcome to the News at! Our new weekly blog series to get you caught up with what is going on in the Posse community.

 Here’s a little history to get us up to speed:

Since Adi began streaming on Twitch in the fall of 2013, a close-knit community has sprung up and continues to grow by the day! What was once viewers showing up to watch Adi play games and stream tutorials to help users became a chat that is active 24 hours a day with viewers from all over the globe.

That is where came in. The perfect place to display all of the happenings of a fantastic group of game loving chatters!

Adi has led us through countless games such as The Simpsons Tapped Out, Fallout 3, Terraria, Doctor Who: Legacy, Hearthstone and more! Be sure to check out all the great tutorials and past streams!

So with that said, what’s been going on? Tons!

AdiPose and the lovely ClariePose brought home a new human to join them and the feline support team of Small Bean and Mr. Chips. Just over 6 months on the job, the fantastic stream starlet, IzziePose, brings smiles with the mere mention of her name.
The weekly Doctor Who: Legacy streams have been incredible! Every week the viewership explodes. Lee and Susan from Tiny Rebel Games have been incredible to the Posse. Giveways galore and absolutely fantastic guests. We’ve been able to chat with the games creators and loads of special guests including Pippa Bennett-Warner (Saibra from Time Heist on the current season of Doctor Who)!  Word on the street is that we’ve got more great guests being lined up thanks to Tiny Rebel Games and the BBC.

Some well wishes are also in order this week! A very Happy Birthday to Posse members Confusethepolarity and VealyDan12! Happy 51st Birthday to Doctor Who and a huge Happy FIRST Birthday to our favorite game, Doctor Who: Legacy!!! We also hope all of our state side Posse peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday!

We had an incredible Doctor Who: Legacy birthday stream filled with guests and fun. (Check it out here!) It’s been an incredible year and we’re looking forward to even more amazing things from the team!

All of us in the Posse and here at want to take a moment to wish Lee and Susan Cummings an incredibly Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary as well. You are an amazing team and here’s to 100 more!

Posse members, Twitch viewers, YouTube followers, person who has randomly stumbled upon this website: Want to be a part of the action? We want to hear from you! Have ideas for blog posts? Would you like to submit an article? What about fan art? Drop us a line in the comments or come on over to the Twitch chat. Right now we will be posting Celeloth’s chat quote highlights every Monday and a Posse News blog post every Friday. There are still plenty of days in the week for interesting submissions and we’d love to have you involved!

Be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay up to date and receive notifications. We’ll see you in the chat!

DWL - Anniversary Spectacular - So many special guests!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Hearthstone Deck Tracker! - Full Review and Guide!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Let's RolePlay Fallout 3 Modded! #47 - Only God can Judge me

Hearthstone Rank Competition November!

Every month @TheAdiposeTV we have a Hearthstone rank competition! The person with the highest rank wins 100 AdiGold - Second place gets 50 AdiGold!.

You will be expected to tweet Adi your current rank once a week and every day during the final 5 days. Failure to do so could mean disqualification at Adi's Discretion!

The Current Ranks with 4 days to go are:
Adi - Rank 9
Hues - Rank 10
Labradite - Rank 13
 McKapet - Rank too scared to play

Good luck all!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to Unlock Hearthstone Fireside Card Back Online!

The Last of Us - Part 10 - Zombies, Toy Shops and Adi!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Quotes! Nov. 9th-15th

Welcome to this week's edition of "Quotes of the Week!" These quotes were put together by the wonderful Celeloth Imladris, a longtime member of the community. (read her disclaimer here). This is only a small sampling of the quotes she collected. To see the full sets of quotes from these streams, visit her Facebook page. Be sure to check back here every Monday for more quotes!

Without further ado, here are the best quotes from last week's streams and chatter!

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Doctor Who episode review: Death in Heaven
SofaSpudTV: "But we just had Robin Hood, and now this is saying Santa is real and this is just . . . too much."
Clarie: "Whoa whoa whoa, are you saying that one of your crazy theories is that Santa is not real?"
Spud: "Um . . . . "
Adi: "Danger danger danger!!!"
Spud: "Um, are there any children around me? No? Okay, I won’t say anything."

Adi: "Clara, what do you think?"
Clarie: "You just got my name wrong."
Adi: "No, it was because I was asking about Clara and looking at Clarie so I got confused."
Clarie: "We met 13 years ago on Wednesday, and you still can’t get my name right." 
Spud: "Danger danger danger . . ."

Run, Sackboy, Run!
Clarie: "Oh no, don’t talk while we’re playing even though we’re streaming and that’s the point."
Adi: "I have to make sounds sometimes."
Clarie: "No, there will be silence from you and the rest of the Posse."
Adi: "But it would be so quiet . . . "
Clarie: "This is why I don’t drive with you."

Doctor Who: Legacy
Susan: “Apparently Twitch is refusing to let me log in, so today I am TinyRebelNothing.”
Adi: “What?”
Susan: “I am Lee today, because Twitch is refusing to let me log in to myself.”
Adi: “Well, you and Lee are for the most part interchangeable. You are the San part of the Lusan.”

Adi: “I just died. Again. I am not gonna change my team, I am determined to win with this team. Next question. Why – ”
Susan: “No.”
Adi: “Awww. Fine. Fair enough.”

Adi: “Oh I have a new follower, how nice. But wait. There’s no name. How can I have a new follower but no name?”

Susan: “Oh, yeah, you missed that last week, we are creating a new buff system.”
Adi: “I’m about to die. I mean, yeah, that sounds cool, but I am also about to die. Pink gems pink gems pink gems. . . “
Susan: “I shall leave you to deal with that then.”
Adi: “Come on heal heal heal – no! No! it’s healing me for 0! They were real pink gems! Real pink gems! Why?!?!?!”

Adi: “I died. No! Adi-rage. . . I was supposed to be climbing the ladder, but instead I’m slipping down it like a snake. Like a snaaaakkkeeeeeee. . .”

Adi: “Where did all of his cards come from? I suppose I should’ve paid attention to what he 
actually did. . .”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

tabitenor17: "g'night bestie."
TheAdiposeTV: "Has everyone paired up into besties? Whose my bestie."
Labradite: "Spud."
TheAdiposeTV: "I have 960 gold."
Labradite: "That’s a lot."
tabitenor17: "More than me."
LesMc537: "You could prob buy a bestie with it. Not me though, you need at least a grand."
TheAdiposeTV: "Thank you for letting me know your personal pricing system, Les."

TheAdiposeTV: “Oh, yes, what is that? A win streak. And rank 12. My friends, my Posse Posse friends, if you wish to beat me . . . well, the bar has just been raised.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “12? You let him get to 12, Lab?”
Labradite: “I'm at work. He’s on your watch.”

mckapet: “cele: don't die...we need you to keep doing quotes....”
tabitenor17: “eh, whoever the next PA is can probably do it.”
mckapet: “by the way...what did we decide PA stood for? Personal Assistant? Professional Assaulter?”
Hues_of_Blue_23: "Public Announcer.”
agriffindor: “properly Awesome??”
tabitenor17: “Personal Assistant would be the person who checks Adi's twitch messages for him.”
mckapet: “tabi: shudder....what a job that would be!”
tabitenor17: “eh, it's actually more like Community Manager, i think Posse CM.”
mckapet: “ it! PCM?”
tabitenor17: “but it doesn't have the same ring to it as PA.”
agriffindor: “lol announce when people join and leave the channel?”
tabitenor17: like the bot used to do!
Labradite: “Posse Assistant.”
Jennie_Bunny: “Town Cryer? Hear ye! Hear ye!”
tabitenor17: “Posseville Town Crier?”
mckapet: “lab: oh...that makes the most sense...”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Public Affliction.”
mckapet: “Public Affection?” 
tabitenor17: “So the Posse Posse Assistant? Posse Ambassador? nah, posse assistant. Lab's wisdom wins again. And I'm talking to myself. Hello, self. How are you? I'm lazy. You? Saaaaaaame.”

All of these highlights generated by TheAdiposeTV and Clarie Pose, and Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, as well as members of the Posse like SofaSpudTV, tabitenor17, Labradite, LesMc537, Hues_of_blue_23, mckapet, agriffindor, and Jennie_Bunny

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Deploying the Deck: #1 Basic Mage. Hearthstone

Doctor Who: Legacy LIVE - Biggest Giveaway ever!

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Run SackBoy! Run!

Let's RolePlay Fallout 3 Modded! #44 - Mutant Dilemma

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

DWL - Bigger on the inside preview! Doctor Who: Legacy

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Doctor Who: Death in Heaven - detailed review and discussion

Terraria - First Frost Moon!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Terraria - First Frost Moon!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Doctor Who: Dark Water - detailed review and discussion


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