Sunday, 30 November 2014

December's Prizes!

Greetings everybody!

This will be the first in a series of monthly posts spelling out exactly what competitions and giveaways you can get involved with each month! I want to give you guys lots of opportunities to win gold - and then lots of giveaways to use that gold in!

Have yourself a very Adi Christmas!

Inspired by our wonderful Halloween stream - we're going to have a Christmas show at the end of the month! We want you to tweet us pictures of yourself dressed up all Christmassy..... BUT there has got to be some sort of link to TheAdiposeTV too! It could be connected to Adi or Clarie.... or a link to a game we play... or linked to Doctor Who.... be creative! Clarie and Adi will judge the competition and dish out AdiGold to our favourites! The deadline for entries will be a couple of hours before our Christmas stream - which will PROBABLY be Christmas eve! So get thinking, planning, costume creating and winning! First and second places will go to posse members only!

1st place - 100 Gold
2nd place - 50 Gold
Honourable mention - 25 Gold. 
If we show your picture on stream and you are present you will win 5 gold!

Hearthstone Ranking Competition!

Our monthly Hearthstone competition continues! Open to posse members only. The highest ranks at the end of the month win AdiGold! But we warned - Adi will fight hard to keep his prizes to himself! You will be expected to tweet or message Adi your rank once a week during December - and then every day for the final 5 days. Everyone who enters and tweets their rank will win 10 AdiGold at the end of the month!
1st place - 100 Gold
2nd place - 50 Gold

All entrants win 10 Gold - see above.

December's Giveaways!

Each week will have a bunch of exciting prizes for you to get involved and play for! However - most of the time the giveaways will be during random streams so you've got to make sure you're present in the channel to win! Follow on twitter and facebook to increase your chance of getting notifications of a giveaway happening!
  • TWO 2 mini giveaways! A random small giveaway chosen at random by the bot. Anyone can enter by saying the keyword required. Open to all and no AdiGold required.
  • ONE Double AdiGold stream! During the stream you will earn 2 Gold every 5 minutes to help you build up your collection. Leave a window open at all times to maximise your chances of earning. 
  • ONE BIG giveaway a week! Check the list below to see what prize will be available each week. These are AdiGold giveaways which means the more Gold you put in - the higher your chances of winning!

  •  Dec 1st-7th  - Brothers - A tale of two sons
  •  Dec 8th-14th - Don't Starve
  • Dec 15th-22nd - The Swapper
  •  Dec 23nd-28th - The Sims 3 with "Late night" and "Date night" and High End Loft Stuff 
Of course on top of all of that there will be the normal giveaways and competitions on Doctor Who Legacy every Thursday! 

Wow! So that's it! Loads of fun stuff coming in December and I hope you will spend as much of it as possible with TheAdiposeTV and the Posse!



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