Saturday, 29 November 2014

DW: L and Adi - A Look Back

Guest Post from CompanionBre

Like many of you, I discovered Adi’s show around five months ago through a post on Facebook by Doctor Who: Legacy.  I already had a Twitch account, DW: L installed, and nothing to do for the next couple of hours, so I thought, “Why not?” and clicked the link.

That’s when my whole life changed.

I’m sure you can all relate.  Doctor Who: Legacy took over our lives with its extremely addictive gameplay, fascinating storyline, amazing artwork, and phenomenal support.  Add an Adi, and we didn’t stand a chance.

After the stream ended that day, I had to have more.  MORE DOCTOR WHO: LEGACY.  MORE ADI.  MORE! (Sorry for the caps, mods, ;) )  Thus began my journey of watching every video Adi had ever done regarding DW: L, and, eventually, working my way through all the videos he had ever put on YouTube.

In the spirit of Doctor Who: Legacy’s 1st Birthday, I watched Adi’s videos from the beginning of it all.  The two videos “Doctor Who: Legacy - Let's Try! Gameplay” and “Doctor Who: Legacy-LIVE-TinyRebelGames joins the stream!! Highlights!”  were fantastic, with Adi playing DW: L for the first time, and Susan jumping into the stream.  The first video, we get Adi narrating from the beginning of the storyline, and it is a great representation of how I felt when I first played the game, with a good amount of added commentary, of course!

While watching the video, I noticed how different the game was and how much it has grown.  It is especially fun to watch Adi learn about the basics of the game: my favorite laugh-out-loud moment happened around 13:20, where Adi learns how to target enemies.

GAME: “Did you know that you can target individual enemies?”
Adi: “[pause]… I didn’t know that.”

As we all know, Time Crystals are precious, and when you get awarded them in-game, it is a very big deal.  However, since Adi is a new player in this video, he is more focused on beating the bad guys than receiving a Time Crystal.

Adi: [Makes accidental high-damage combo against three Cybermen]
GAME:  [Cybermen all die. Time Crystal!]
Adi: Ooh I got the lot! *sing-song voice* I got the lot! [Absolutely no reaction to the Time Crystal]

Lee and Susan Cummings, the dynamic duo behind Tiny Rebel Games

After thinking back on the original stream, I had to find the moment that Adi met Susan and Lee.   I searched for the video and found that Adi had conveniently made a Highlights video of just what I was looking for.  In the video, we learn a lot about Susan and Lee, and are humbled by their awesomeness.  Around 9:20, we learn that Susan had worked on Bioshock and Borderlands, was one of the founders of 2K Games, and both she and Lee worked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where Lee was the producer.  As Adi then said: “Wow! Wow. We are in the presence of royalty, ladies and gentlemen!”  These words have never been truer than now, with Doctor Who: Legacy being Tiny Rebel Games’ biggest (in my opinion) achievement.  I have never felt satisfied with an in-game purchase in a free-to-play game until I came across DW: L.   I have never been more passionate, devoted, and, yes, addicted, to a free-to-play game before DW: L, and doubt that I will after this.

Adi, Susan, and Lee have truly spoiled us with this game and stream.  Who else can say they chat with the creators of their favorite game every week, get rewarded with codes for participating in giveaways and watching an amazing host play an awesome game, and get to be involved with further development of the game?  Any question is answered, any issue is addressed immediately, and, the best part is, you guys are Whovians just like us! It is official; you’ve won over our hearts.  Happy birthday Doctor Who: Legacy, and thank you Adi for being so FANTASTIC!



  1. What a great article Tabi! Agreed on all the points. Made me just a little teary-eyed, too :D I think need to go back to those first videos again myself, it's been so long!

    1. Oops, just saw it's an article from Bre, sorry! Great article Bre :D

  2. now we just need adi to speed through chapter 3 so he can start on chapter 4 in january



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