Friday, 28 November 2014

Posse News - 11/28/14

Welcome to the News at! Our new weekly blog series to get you caught up with what is going on in the Posse community.

 Here’s a little history to get us up to speed:

Since Adi began streaming on Twitch in the fall of 2013, a close-knit community has sprung up and continues to grow by the day! What was once viewers showing up to watch Adi play games and stream tutorials to help users became a chat that is active 24 hours a day with viewers from all over the globe.

That is where came in. The perfect place to display all of the happenings of a fantastic group of game loving chatters!

Adi has led us through countless games such as The Simpsons Tapped Out, Fallout 3, Terraria, Doctor Who: Legacy, Hearthstone and more! Be sure to check out all the great tutorials and past streams!

So with that said, what’s been going on? Tons!

AdiPose and the lovely ClariePose brought home a new human to join them and the feline support team of Small Bean and Mr. Chips. Just over 6 months on the job, the fantastic stream starlet, IzziePose, brings smiles with the mere mention of her name.
The weekly Doctor Who: Legacy streams have been incredible! Every week the viewership explodes. Lee and Susan from Tiny Rebel Games have been incredible to the Posse. Giveways galore and absolutely fantastic guests. We’ve been able to chat with the games creators and loads of special guests including Pippa Bennett-Warner (Saibra from Time Heist on the current season of Doctor Who)!  Word on the street is that we’ve got more great guests being lined up thanks to Tiny Rebel Games and the BBC.

Some well wishes are also in order this week! A very Happy Birthday to Posse members Confusethepolarity and VealyDan12! Happy 51st Birthday to Doctor Who and a huge Happy FIRST Birthday to our favorite game, Doctor Who: Legacy!!! We also hope all of our state side Posse peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday!

We had an incredible Doctor Who: Legacy birthday stream filled with guests and fun. (Check it out here!) It’s been an incredible year and we’re looking forward to even more amazing things from the team!

All of us in the Posse and here at want to take a moment to wish Lee and Susan Cummings an incredibly Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary as well. You are an amazing team and here’s to 100 more!

Posse members, Twitch viewers, YouTube followers, person who has randomly stumbled upon this website: Want to be a part of the action? We want to hear from you! Have ideas for blog posts? Would you like to submit an article? What about fan art? Drop us a line in the comments or come on over to the Twitch chat. Right now we will be posting Celeloth’s chat quote highlights every Monday and a Posse News blog post every Friday. There are still plenty of days in the week for interesting submissions and we’d love to have you involved!

Be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay up to date and receive notifications. We’ll see you in the chat!


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