Saturday, 6 December 2014

December Hearthstone Competion!

Every month on TheAdiposeTV we have a hearthstone ranking competition. First place wins 100 Gold - second wins 50 and you get 10 gold just for entering! This competition is open to Posse members only! To win, you simply need to have the highest rank on the EU server by the time the new card back is released!

To enter - you need to tweet or PM Adi to tell him you are joining by the 10th Dec. You also need to give him weekly updates on your rank so he can update this post. Finally, for the last 5 days of the month you need to give him daily updates if your rank changes.

Good luck and Happy Hearthing!

Adi - 8
Steveooooooh - 13
Hues of Blue - 13

Labradite - 14
MadHarrisWithABox - 18
Les - 19
Agriffindor - 18
onlymetahuman - 18

Scott Alonsy - 19
Tiny Dancer - 19
Justin (drwhofan) - 20
Tabby - 23

TwelvesOswald - 23


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