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Posse FAQ

Whether you're a new member, a newly-renewed member, or maybe not even a member, you've probably had a few questions about what on earth being in the Posse means and what you can do as part of the Posse. Well, ask no more, because everything you've ever wanted to know about being in the Posse can be found right here!

First off, what is the Posse?

We are the Posse. We are the diehard Adi addicts, the ones who show up hours before every stream and hang out for hours after (as we are permitted to by this terrible thing they call Real Life). We are the ones who have saved up at least 500 AdiGold, are willing to try our hands at designing an original adipose, and are proud to make our addiction known to the world for at least six months.

What does being in the Posse do for me?


 - Website feature
Part of your Posse application involves designing an adipose that reflects you and writing a short biography for the official Posse page. That 'pose and bio will stay on the website for six months! How cool is that?
 - Chat star
Posse membership also means you get a special teal star by your name in the onscreen chat for six months!

Henoir99, longtime viewer, known onscreen as ROOSToir

 - Custom name
Posse members have the ability to create a custom nickname for the onscreen chat! For more information, ask one of the mods.
 - AdiBot recognition
If you're one of the newest members, AdiBot will occasionally give you an in-chat welcome! Also, during Adi's commercial breaks, the bot will put a random Posse bio into the chat. If you're around and you see that it's yours, say something in chat and one of the Mods will give you some bonus AdiGold!
 - Stream highlight selection
Posse members now have the ability to choose the best parts of the stream for Adi to put on YouTube! All you have to do is type "!highlight" with a brief description of the highlight relatively close to when it happens on stream. If Adi picks your highlight, he'll give you credit for it in the video!
 - Exclusive giveaways
Every once in a while, Adi will do a giveaway that's only open to Posse members. And it's usually pretty good, so you don't want to miss out!
 - Double entries in public giveaways
Posse members get double entries in all general giveaways! (Donors get the same, so if you're a Posse member who donates, you get TRIPLE the entries!)
CompanionBre, Posse PA
 - Exclusive opportunities to game with Adi
Adi occasionally plays multiplayer games like Terraria or PvP games like Hearthstone and likes to get the Posse involved! Don't miss out on your chance to play with Adi and the Posse!
 - Snapchat
Adi interacts with Posse members on Snapchat during the streams! The Posse also gets to see behind-the-scenes shots of the streams, daily life in the Pose family, and pictures of Izzie. Who doesn't want that?
Angelina_M, Posse PA

 - Community
Of course, there is the simple fact that by joining the Posse, you become a member of one of the greatest communities on the internet. The Posse is a very diverse and welcoming group of people. The chat is active 24/7. You can always find someone to talk to about Doctor Who, Doctor Who: Legacy, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, pizza, or any number of other topics. Jump on in and start chatting! We'd love to get to know you!

Wow, this all sounds great! Does it cost anything to join?

Nothing but 500 AdiGold! For more details on joining the Posse, click here.

500? That sounds like a lot.

It seems that way, but it really isn't. AdiBot is in the channel 24/7. 1 AdiGold every half-hour is 48 gold a day. If you left a tab open on your computer, you'd only need 11 days to save up 500 AdiGold, and that's without streams. So really it's not hard at all! There are no drawbacks to joining the Posse! What are you waiting for?

But how will I know when I'm really a part of the community?

Celeloth Imladris, Keeper of the Quotes

You know you're in the Posse when...

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or contact one of the mods in chat. Hope to see you in the Posse!


tabitenor17, Posse PA


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