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Quotes! Dec. 14-20

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Labradite: “But all of the mech decks I’ve seen are aggro, so why would Tree of Life be in it?”
Adi: “Cuz . . . you know . . . when everything’s gone horribly wrong, you click it and then everything’s fine and happy.”
Labradite: “Yeah . . . everybody is happy. So what you’re saying is you don’t play it if you’re winning?”
Adi: “No, what I’m saying is that I never win, so it doesn’t matter.”

Labradite: “Adi, you know I still can’t see your cards right?”
Adi: “I shared my screen.”
Labradite: “All I see is a swirly circle.”
Adi: “It’s definitely sending it, so . . . let’s both reboot Skype.” [pause] “Did you hear that? Lab? Oh crap, I hung up.”

Adi: “Great, let’s be pedantic over who we thank for this situation. This is exactly the reason I brought you on, Lab.”

[Adi talks for five minutes while microphone is off]
Adi: “Sooo . . . I screwed up.”
Tinydancer485: “Hey Adi, the mic seems to be off.”
Adi: “Yes, Tiny, the microphone was off, thanks.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Hey Adi, the mic seems to be on now.”
Adi: “YES I KNOW.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Always glad to be of service.”

Adi: “No I don’t want that. Give me something else. No I don’t want that either. Next. Oh my god not that. I’ve got nothing good to play!”

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “Makka Pakka is here, and he is about to do exciting things with statistics and math.”
Labradite: “Oh dear god, thank god it’s not gonna be you.”
Adi: “You . . . You know we’re about to MAKE you, right? You remember that godawful lipstick from yesterday that everyone was like “whoa!” You’re gonna get that.”

Adi: “Her name is: Labradyke.”
Labradite: “That is NOT how you spell my name!”
Mckapet: “What did he write? Labradyke? Yes!”
Adi: “What? What did I do?”

Adi: “Alright, everyone, last chance for the giveaway. Someone give me a 120 second countdown.”
Mckapet: “Do you want us to actually count it out loud, or just run a timer in the background?”

Adi: “I should not have come back into the ring, that a foolish decision, I just got a heel through my cranium.”

Adi: “Ouch! Ouch! We both ran to save Monkey at the same time and instead ran into each other.”

Mckapet: “Those are the sounds the announcers make when you come out into the ring.”
Adi: “I don’t think we have ever edited that.”
Mckapet: “We haven’t. And please don’t. Or I need to make another column in the spreadsheet.”

[Watching a match’s highlights and counting how people lost]
Adi: “You know, I still don’t know what happened to Lab.”
Mckapet: “Me neither. Rest assured I will download the vid though and we will find out what happened to Lab.”

Adi: “When you look at Veem right now do you think cricketer?”
Tinydancer485: “No.”
Adi: [sigh] “Maybe I should just write cricketer on his butt.”

Tinydancer485: “If you have ten people doing the same thing, it’s kinda creepy.”
Adi: “You’re creepy.”
Tinydancer485: “No, you are.”
Adi: “How could I ever be creepy? I’m adorable. I’ve got fifty – oh, we’ve just lost ten viewers. See what you did!”

Doctor Who: Legacy with Nicholas Briggs!!!
smallbluemonkey: “Hi susan... ready for the crazy times? (; ”
Tinyrebelgames: “Hang on I hadn’t even said hi yet . . How'd you know I’m here?”
Cigargent: “Sorry about that Susan, but you popped up on the list of online users.”

[Beeping alarm goes off in the background]
Adi: “Is that an alarm going off? Pete! Peter, is that your alarm?”
Peter: “Um, yep, right, sorry, just let me get my dinner out of the oven. Bear with me, I’m still gonna be here!”
Susan: “I think the pizza’s ready.”
Adi: “You know, when I was setting up, I told everyone that we were having an international celebrity, so let’s have a completely professional stream, no scuffling, no weird noises, no nothing. And Susan was like “yep, yep sure” and Peter was like “Yep, yep sure” and then we start and the first thing we here is “beep beep beep”. So the whole stream is ruined. Ruined. RUINED.”

Nick: “I’ve got an acting agent and I’m available.”
Adi: “For acting or just in general?”
Nick: “I’ll just turn up to your house with a ring modulator!”

Adi: “At what point were you offended to realize that you’d been brought in to play a rhinoceros? Like, ugly rhinoceros, we need Nick!”
Nick: “More like, funny voice, we need Nick.”

[Adi showing off Chips in the afterstream party]
Adi: “It’s a good thing you’re not green, Chips, or you wouldn’t show up – ow! Okay, he tried to bite me, won’t do that again. Or maybe he was trying to be affectionate. Hard to tell with cats.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “I don’t think Chips wants to be green.”
Adi: “Anyways why am I telling you people about my cats? We’re supposed to be talking about DWL. Oh god I’m turning into one of those people who talks about their cats to everyone. . .”

Spec Ops: The Line
Adi: “Oooh there I am. Good looking guy. He even has my hair!”

Adi: “Why does my team keep disguising themselves as people that need to be shot?!?!”

[Adi grabs a machine gun and then can’t let go]
Adi: “Um . . I can duck. Duck. Heel. Shoot. End. Stop. Seriously, let go of the gun. Is there something I’m supposed to be shooting? Stop. Let go. Are you serious? I’m attached to the gun! Let go!” [pause] “Hi. I am the Adi Pose. I am attached to this gun.”

Adi: “Boo! Oh my god why are my lips so red. Am I bleeding? What is this? Wow. Okay. I may have over tweaked this and made myself look allergic to life.”
Confusethepolarity: “Adi’s been playing with Clarie’s lipstick again.”

Adi: “Oh nice glasses – wait, those are not glasses, they just . . . gouged out his eyes. Who gouges out the eyes of a painting???”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

Angelina_M: “Bf's 25th reunion was the Saturday after Thanksgiving but we were on the Cape at his mom's house so we skipped.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “We had our 200th last year...”
smallbluemonkey: “Wow, I knew you were old, Hues, didn't realise it was that old though.”
Jendivine: “Llol”

Labradite: “That's why the ignore feature is so important. Does the same thing with none of the drama.”
onlymetahuman: “I had no idea there was an ignore button . . . “
Labradite: “I think it's /ignoreuser labradite.”
onlymetahuman: “Oh pops up when you click on a name, I just didn't know it existed until right now.”
Labradite: “obvi - with whatever name you want to ignore. Oh it's /ignore labradite.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Where'd Lab go?”
onlymetahuman: “Wish lab told me how to unignore her before i ignored her...”

mckapet: “Tabi: If I come up with stuff, would you be able to either post it for me, or help me get it posted?”
tabitenor17: “I'll post it for you. No problem.”
mckapet: “Cool beans!”
Shidohari: “Be careful what you say, Tabi.”
Jendivine: “Lol.”
tabitenor17: “Just email me the doc.”
Shidohari: “Especially it's items from Mckapet.”
mckapet: “What? Who me?!!!”
Shidohari: “”

RUMBLEROYALE: “What mic do you use? your voice quality is awesome! (@blue shirt guy).”
smallbluemonkey: “Rumbleroyale: (@blue shirt guy) is our host, Adi.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “Sorry didn't want to say no hair guy... didn't want to disrespect.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale, he's been called worse.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “His voice quality is the best one i've heard here in twitch. Really want to
know what mic uses and how he gets such awesome vocal quality.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale - if you ask after the stream, you'll have a better chance of getting a response.”
RUMBLEROYALE: “I understand completely! Sorry was just really amazed by his voice hehe. I’ll wait till after the show.”
Labradite: “Rumbleroyale - no worries. he's amazed by his voice also.”
agrajag4242: “He sure is, Lab!”

RealTegan: “Hola Rob! How's life?”
TheAutismRob: “It is well for the first few days being in my early twenties.”
RealTegan: “Ah, a kid.”
onlymetahuman: “Eww, you're younger than I am. And by eww that's simultaneous disgust but also jealousy.”
Labradite: “Mostly jealousy.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “I don't remember being that young in my twenties.”
Labradite: “Being old means lots of memory problems.”
TheAutismRob: “Yep.”
RealTegan: “Yup, the memory is the second thing to go.”
Labradite: “What’s the first?”
onlymetahuman: “Can't remember the first?”
RealTegan: “I don't remember.”
Labradite: “Walked right into that one.”

Paperlessprinter: “Question: does anyone know when the next DWL stream is?”
stile99: “Answer: yes.”
mckapet: “Stile: you *SO* helpful!”
stile99: “I try.”

LesMc537: “Is that a book on the table behind you? The words were scrolling across it.”
Adi: “It’s my iPad, actually. Probably reflecting the screen. I’m glad the stream is so riveting that you are asking what is behind Adi.”

[after twenty minutes of chat silence]
Labradite: “What’s wrong with you all. i go and shower and you all kill the chat. What did the chat do to you!!!! Sooooo rude.” [long pause of silence] “You don't like me either? :( ”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars Nicholas Briggs, Chips the cat, Labradite, mckapet, and Tinydancer485, as well as Hues_of_blue_23, SmallbluemonkeyCigargent, Confusethepolarity, Angelina_M, Jendivine, onlymetahuman, tabitenor17, ShidohariRumbleroyale, agrajag4242, RealTegan, TheAutismRob, Paperlessprinter, Stile99, and LesMc537


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