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Quotes! Dec. 7-13

Merry/Happy Christmas Eve, Posse! Here are (finally, sorry about the wait) the quotes of the week! Have a great Christmas! :)

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Winnie the Pooh with Izzie
Adi: “This is a stream that Izzie might like. Which is the greatest idea for a stream ever, watching a young girl play a game she MIGHT like.”

Adi: “Sadly, I do not think Izzie is very enthralled by this game. Maybe you’re too young. Maybe you can watch it when you’re older. Like in a week.”

Adi: “I will turn down the volume of the game, because otherwise Tinydancer will probably be like “THE GAME’S TOO LOUD” in that charming German way of hers.”

[Labradite is happy for HS at the end of SoC. Couldn’t deal with WotP]
Adi: “For some reason Lab is talking in acronyms and I don’t understand.”

Adi: “Oh no he’s got a taunt. I didn’t realize that. Well, I did realize it, but I conveniently forgot.”

Adi: “Really? Really? You’re giving me an Annoy-o-tron to annoy me, and my fifth – MY FIFTH – Gilbin Stalker! I do not need five of these! I didn’t even need ONE! It’s just there to irritate me, along with Annoy-o-tron. Actually, they should call this Annoy-o-tron, because that one is vaguely useful sometimes.”

[Adi streaming at like 3 AM for Americans]
Labradite: “*** adialarm. Morning Krentaris and Adi.”
Adi: [laughs] “I always love it when people leave their computers on and then we start streaming
and we wake them up in the middle of the night. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it. To know that people on the other side of the world are going f-k, Adi!”
Krentaris: “Who did we wake up?”
Adi: “Labradite. Success!”
tabitenor17: “Well. That woke me up.”
Adi: “Oh excellent, we woke up Tabi too.”

[Adi underneath the desk trying to install his monitor]
Krentaris: “Hey, guys, while Adi’s gone, I’m gonna hit end turn early and hope he times out.”
Adi: “What did you say?”
Krentaris: “Good luck!”

Adi: “They said this game was multiplayer. Does that mean I can bring other people in? Mainly so they can kill these things for me.”

Adi: “I can terraform!! Well this changes everything.”

[Quits the game 2 minutes later out of boredom]

Adi: “This game teaches us to run. And to climb. And to jump.” [Adi jumps and falls off] “Or not.”

Adi: “Oooh these pieces can rotate. So . . . this could be the top or bottom. Oh brilliant. As if I wasn’t having enough problems putting this puzzle together already.”

Adi: “You killed him! You absolute dingleberry! You killed him, you dingleberry! Stop killing him you cretin! Fool! Marsupian! Idiot!”

Adi: “You’ve been fantastic, and if I could say that backwards – oooh there’s a ladder! Where does it go? Oh it’s a broken ladder.”

Adi: “So we need to kill that one first, and then un-kill it, and then kill this other one, but as long as he stays alive, we don’t need to kill him again. Am I being thick here or does that make sense?”

Adi: “Please no spoilers, as usual.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “SPOILERS = DEATH!”

Posse News Stream
Adi: “You’ll know when your membership has expired because, um, because . . . your blue star will have disappeared from the on screen chat.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “You'll know you've expired when they start the autopsy...”
Adi: “Ah yes. I was trying to think of a funny joke, but Hues got there first.”

Adi: “Let’s start a countdown! Pick a number!”
Clarie: “50!”
Adi: “. . . You wanna do a countdown from 50?”
Clarie: “Fine, ten.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Susan: “People are loving your tutorial, Adi.”
Adi: “Where are you gonna link it in the game? Cuz, I mean, I never die, so I’ll never see the link.”
Susan: “If you suicide a few times, you’ll see it.”
Adi: “Maybe I’ll just have to die a few times on stream, then. On purpose, you know.”

Lee: “Hey, Adi. Nice top.”
Adi: “What’s wrong with my top?”
Lee: “Orange is the new black.”
Adi:” It’s fricking red!”
Lee: “You look like a prison inmate. Or James the giant peach.”
Adi: “It’s a RED Christmas jumper!!!”
Jennie_Bunny: “Adi's just peachy.”

Adi: “Pete are you like cooking food with your iPad again, cuz there’s that lovely scrapping noise again. . .”
Pete: “I’m trying to adjust the volume. Obviously by making a lot more noise.”

[Adi opens the floor to questions from the chat]
Pete: “What – someone just asked what our favorite biscuits are?”
Adi: “Yeah. Someone asked that last night and we ended up with a half an hour rant about biscuits.”
Pete: “Why?”
Adi: “Don’t, don’t go there.”

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “You might sit on people, Spud, but I – I am a lump of living fat.”

[Posse Rumble and Henoir99 going on a rampage against everyone else]
Adi: “Oh everyone is just . . . dead.”
SofaSpudTV: “Stop the chicken!”
Adi: “I can’t! Cuz you murdered Jennie cuz she murdered me and the chicken murdered you for murdering Jennie.”

Don’t Starve
Adi: “Petals have improve my sanity. Cuz you all know how sane I am.”

Adi: “I’m trying to make an entertaining stream here, but all I’m finding is grass, flint, berries, and nothing else!”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
Blutech100: “What was adi braiding?”
TinyDancer485: “His chest hair.”
Labradite: “A game called braid.”
Blutech100: “LLOL Tiny.”

Hues_of_Blue_23: “llol. I just mirror entitied up a mana tide totem.”
Labradite: “Nice.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “He immediately silenced it.”
Labradite: “Less nice.”

[Adi trying to scold the chat]
Adi: “You seem to have had a card pack opening party. And without me!”
Hues_of_blue_23: “We had Kren, that was just as good!”
TinyDancer485: “You snooze, you loose.”
Labradite: “LLoL Hues.”
tabitenor17: “LLOL Tiny.”

Adi: “Chicken Gnomish Experimenter. This card will turn any minion into a chicken. Why . . . why is this card useful? Someone tell me what is the point of this card?”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “I have no idea why that card exists.”
TinyDancer485: “I got one of those as well, it's stupid.”
tabitenor17: “Lol I love how much this card confuses us.”
Henoir99: “Karma adi, you transformed me into a chicken.”

Labradite: “Soooo funny story. . . i got a skype add today from AngelinaM. So i assumed and shared. NOPE. WRONG. I LOSE.”
Celeloth: “. . . . You shared what?”
Labradite: “Luckily the conversation didn’t get far.”

TheAdiposeTV: “Posse list updated. Moved Lab too.”
Labradite: “Thank you update and super thank you for moving me.”
TheAdiposeTV: “You haven’t seen it yet.”
Labradite: “I’M NOT 40.”
TheAdiposeTV: “Oh god my tummy hurts from laughing.”

Detetiv400: “Les- adi did something bad.”
LesMc537: “What's new.”
Detetiv400: “You may want to watch adi's future pause videos or opening countdowns @Lesmc537.”
TheAdiposeTV: “Thanks det. That was as clear as a wall. Well played.”

Shidohari: “Should i do asia america or europe tonight?” [pause] “also i just realized how bad that sounded.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Try to get into china.”
Shidohari: “Lol too late i'm already eating left over Chinese food, hues.”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose; Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games; and guest stars Krentaris and SofaSpudTV, as well as Labraditetabitenor17, Hues_of_blue_23, Jennie_bunny, Blutech100, Tinydancer485, Henoir99, Detetiv400, LesMc537, and Shidohari


  1. Which stream was the 3am wake up call w Kren? ~Det

    1. Y'know, I don't actually remember...which is funny, because you'd think I'd remember being rudely awakened by Adi.

  2. I remember that happening to me & it was Adi shooting monsters... Probly posse up or Hs. Maybe that game that kren kept on killing adi ~Det



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