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Quotes! Nov. 16-22

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Doctor Who Season Review
[When discussing the chat's season 8 "best moments"]
SpotsKnight: "!question My favorite moment was when Clarie was on camera a minute ago."
Clarie: "Awww."
Adi: "Aww. That’s kinda weird."
Labradite: “You know Adi just made his Youtube channel to have a valid excuse to sit and watch videos of himself.”
Adi: “Shut up, Lab!”

[When discussing the chat’s season 8 “worst moments”]
Jennie_Bunny: "!question The over the top summersault that Danny did over the robot alien thing."
Adi: "Ah yes. Can we reenact that using Small Bean?"
Clarie: "No. Poor Small Bean, no."
Angelina_M: "Poor Small Bean being used for gymnastic entertainment purposes lol."

[Bringing guest star Dashi112 in via Skype]
Adi: "Dashi are you there?"
Dashi112: "I’ve been here for over a minute. . ."
Adi: "Over a minute!"
Clarie: "What have you been doing???"

Adi’s Leaky Roof Stream
Adi: “We’ve only been here a week, and then a week later it rained very very hard, and then when I came into my new office here, I noticed a new little wet patch on the floor. My first thought was oh my god it was the cats. I mean, there were a lot of patches, so my second thought was that maybe my two cats had gotten together and like time-shared the office. But then I found a wet bit on my computer desk and was like, mmm, this does not smell like cat wee.”

Adi: “Most of you will immediately go “have you tried this” and the answer is, yes, yes I have. I have tried everything. It is quite deaded.”

The Making of Hearthstone Tutorials
Adi: “Where I cocked up is I accidentally completed the tutorial. And now it’s not something you say often, but you can only complete it once, otherwise you have to log in to another location. So I did all the European ones on my normal account, and then I started filming the tutorials in Asia, and then I was left with only the Americans ones cuz I cocked up the Asian ones. So I thought, I’ll just play through a bit to get used to it before I actually film it and deliberately fail it, and then, um, the enemy exploded because I had completed the tutorial without even filming it. So now all I’ve got are ones where I’m rabbiting on like rubbish or me just making weird faces until the enemy explodes.”

Adi: “Mckapet, we shall now call you Makka Pakka, he’s a little troll who makes parlour stones for – oh god, why do I even know this? All this brain space wasted on this ‘In the Night Garden’ info.”

Adi: “I love this green screen. I probably shouldn’t because it’s, like, egotistical, because it’s like just my face. But still!”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Susan: “I’ll make sure to have something nice for the Americans, who by watching this stream would be taking time away from their Thanksgiving – “
Adi: “Hey, hey. Racism.”
Susan: “Maybe I’ll make it American-only, the promo code.”
Adi: “Hey! Hey! It’s a British show! You tried to do DW once, and how many episodes did you produce? ONE.”
Adi: “I’ve just noticed that Lee is monologuing in the chat.”
Susan: “He is.”
Adi: “Instead of monologuing here. Okay. How did the first meeting go? Did you just sit down and say, I want to do a game about monologues?”
Susan: “Well, I think we’ve made very clear that any future games we design must have monologues.”
Adi: [laughs]
Susan: “Well, they’re good monologues!”

Wrestling With the Posse
Adi: “I just clucked.”
Doctorwhofan6872: “Quote of the day : Adi :" I just clucked".

Adi: “Hues is just writhing on the floor after her attack. I’d interfere but I’m afraid of getting
kicked by those heels again.”

[Adi’s green screen falls down]
Adi: “Oh. Oh god. My green screen just fell down!”
Mckapet: “You can see Adi’s house! :O ”
[TheAdiposeTV opens the new wall fund]
Labradite: LLoL
tabitenor17: LLOL
[Jennie_Bunny opens a plastic surgery fund for her wrestler.]
SpotsKnight: I needed a stream like that after my day at the office today.
[tabitenor17 opens a college tuition fund]
[smallbluemonkey opens a beer]
Labradite: brilliant monkey
[SpotsKnight donates some plastic carrots to bunny's plastic surgery fund.]
[Jennie_Bunny was gonna open a packet of cheese balls, but has somehow been put off...]

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Henoir99: “That is an image I wish I had never seen, Adi being Teabagged by a zombie in a huge pile of bile.”
agrajag4242: “Yay!”
Labradite: “The bile is really what made it super gross.”
agrajag4242: “Oh dear - wrong time to write 'Yay!'”
SiTrixonian: “lol”
mckapet: “agrajag: dang auto correct!”
TheAdiposeTV: “And yes being teabagged by a zombie in a large pool of bile is pretty final.”

All of these highlights generated by TheAdiposeTV and Clarie Pose, Susan of Tiny Rebel Games, guest stars Dashi112, Mckapet, and Henoir99, as well as members of the Posse like Jennie_Bunny, Angelina_M, Doctorwhofan6872, Labradite, tabitenor17, Spotsknight, Smallbluemonkey, agrajag4242, and SiTrixonian


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