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Quotes! Nov 30-Dec 6

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< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Last of Us
[Adi tries to jump up on a ledge for a better view]
Adi: “I’m stuck in this place, oh no. Is this cuz I mentioned ET? Oh no there are nasty things
here. Get back down, Joel. Stop floating like Jesus! Go down!” [Adi jumps off and dies] “I think
that’s God’s way of saying I did something wrong.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “He fell to his death? Inconceivable!”
Adi: “So I need something to stand on. So I don’t go flying again.”

Adi: “Oh do I need the dumpster again? I’m sorry. I know you must not like us very much
anyone, cuz we’ve dropped you down a hill and used you to ram a gate. But uh, just gonna use
you one more time.”

Adi: “Well, he can barely see, and neither can I. Thankfully I barely saw him before he barely saw me.”

Adi: “Um . . . sorry, Juno. I may have fallen in the torrenty river. Um. I may be stuck here forever.” [pause] “Oh. Turns out I can just walk. My bad.”


Hearthstone & Hearthstone: Gnomes vs. Goblins
Adi: “Who was complaining about the size of my face earlier? Mckapet wasn’t it? Makkapakka. Tell me, what crucial piece of game play am I covering now? Oh my god you can’t see the well. Oh my god you can’t see the bottom of the chat.”

Adi: “You see that new sparkling thing around arena? That’s cuz goblins vs. gnomes is now active. However it also means that when I pick a deck it’ll take twice as long, cuz now I need to actually look these cards and go what the frick is that.”

Adi: “I have unlocked humility! Although hah. Because long time viewers will know that is not true.”

Adi: “Oh, no, he hit my yeti! I have a yeti and his name is Betty and he is a yeti and he is married to . . . Jeff.”

Adi: “After evaluating the entire situation I decided that . . . I didn’t care.”

Adi: “Hello, Clarie.”
Clarie: “Hello, Adi.”
Adi: “I’m adjusting my camera on my face and everyone’s giving me feedback.”
Clarie: “That’s dangerous.”
Adi: “Not my actual face!”

Left For Dead 2
Adi: “I’m going down, I’m going down, I’m going down – Spud! Spud, turn around! SPUD!!!
Who is standing next to me?! Oh, Bish.”

Adi: “Maybe we can just move . . . you know, move organically around, and spread the resources around.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Move organically around? As opposed to moving around mechanically like robots?”

Adi: “Whose dead body is this? Is this Spud?”
SofaSpudTV: “Yes.”
Adi: “Oh. I had not realized we were dying together.”

Bisheh: “Adi set everything on fire. Including me.”
Adi: “Well, maybe you shouldn’t stand in the way of my fire.”
Bisheh: “I wasn’t on fire til you came by and set my butt alight. You were like ‘It’s so pretty and
shiny fiiireeee’.”

Adi: “Who took the axe?’ [pause] “I’m on fire, crap. I didn't do this one. You ain't pinning this
on me.”
SofaSpudTV: “Your fault.”
Adi: “No, it’s not. Why would I set something on fire when I’m standing on top of it?”
SofaSpudTV: “Cuz you’re a pyromaniac.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Adi: “I thought I’d try something new today. Here are my ears. Now, normally I wear those huge headphones, but then some of you were nice enough to photoshop it into me being a Cyerbman, so . . . . not gonna wear it. I’m gonna wear my little earbuds. So I can hear, but not look like a droid.”

Adi: “Well hello, Susan.”
Susan: “Hello.”
Adi: “Ah . . . interesting. You’re coming out of my other speaker.”
Susan: “Um . . . okay. Test. Hello hello hello?”
Adi: “Ah, now you’re coming out of my ear, excellent.”

Susan: “If you die more than two times in season 7, I tried to make the pop-up as nice as possible when suggesting that they change some things up and view your new tutorial.”
Adi: “Lee gave me headers to cover in the video, and it was hard, because I wanted to go full on
monologue mode, but he told me it had to be five minutes long, so I, um, said fine and made it eight minutes.”

Don’t Starve
Adi: “We might need to re-plant the forest that I – I mean, someone, someone destroyed.”

Adi: “The Firestarter character is immune to fire damage and sets fire when nervous. Well, I’ve been setting fire to everything already soooo. Why not?”

Adi: “Stop dropping things. Put the grass on the fricking fire. Why do you think I gave it to you? To just leave it laying on the floor and say it’s pretty?”

Adi: “I’ve forgotten where I died. . . . Does anyone remember where I died? God, it’s all starting to blur.”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
tabitenor17: “What does green Adi convert?”
TheAdiposeTV: “Ladies.”
Labradite: “Yes, Adi?”
TheAdiposeTV: “I was answering the question.”
tabitenor17: “You're green?”
Labradite: “Oooh.... umm... right...”
tabitenor17: “Are you the grinch?”

Angelina_M: “Any UK bakers around that want to confirm some conversions for me?”
onlymetahuman: “i want to help angelina but i gave myself food poisoning by not cooking
chicken dippers enough a few nights ago.”
Angelina_M: “lol. You're out.”

Labradite: “I'm going to the store. Don't kill chat while I’m gone.”
LesMc537: “be safe.”
[tabitenor17 stops sharpening my ax]
tabitenor17: “Aw man...”
[mckapet ...puts away the knives and guns....]
[Doctorwhofan6872 puts the matches down]

[An hour into the stream]
tabitenor17: “Is the bot not working?”
Hues_of_blue_23: “It’s responding, Tabi.”
CompanionBre: “I don’t think we’re earning gold, though, Tabi.”
Hues_of_blue_23: “!mod checkvault”
Adibot: “Is the vault open? – no”
Everyone: “Ohhhhhhhh.”
Adi: “Oh. I seem to have never opened the vaults. My bad!”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV and Clarie Pose, Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars SiTrixonian, SofaSpudTV, and Bisheh, as well as Hues_of_blue_23, tabitenor17, Labradite,  Angelina_MonlymetahumanLesMc537mckapetDoctorwhofan6872, and CompanionBre


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