Monday, 12 January 2015

Posse News - Jan 11

Happy news day, Posse peeps!

We are flying through this new year. Double digit dates in January already!

What a start to the year it's been. Adi hit another fantastic milestone since our last update. Five THOUSAND followers on Twitch!! Just incredible. Congratulations, Adi!

We had some Posse peep birthdays this week! SmalBlueMonkey on January 5, Agnitti on January 6, Angelina_M (Hey! That's me!) on January 7 and our favorite bunny mod, Jennie_Bunny on January 10. Happy, happy birthday!!!

We also have another Posse-versary to announce. Happy 6 month Posse-versary mckapet! Yay, makka pakka! Hope you wore your party chaps for that one!

So much streaming this week. A 6 player Don't Starve TogetherWe've also had some shakeups in the Posse Wrasslin world. Check out the stream for some possibly controversial belt drama! The second Adi Concert!! It happened! We've also got some great high combo training for Doctor Who: Legacy with Adi and Lee that has some help for people trying to up their combo game. We had CompanionBre joining Adi for some Magicite! And more Wrasslin with Spud and Chip. And, and, and! So. Much. Stuff! Woo!

Adi's been hitting the Infamous roleplay hard this month! Be sure to head over to Youtube and catch up on the goodness!

Have you come up with your January competition plans to #MakeAdiBig yet? Make sure you get your submission in and follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube so you know when the stream to announce the winners happens!

January's Hearthstone rank competition is off to a great start as well. If you've entered, make sure you get your ranks in to Adi as outlined in Adi's post. January HAS to be the the month one of you knocks Adi from the top spot!

What's been going on at Celeloth's latest Quotes of the Week is up so make sure you get over to read the hilarity. Were you quoted this week? We also have the latest drool worthy guest post from LesMc537: Monster Cookies! Have you made any of her tasty treats yourself? Share your pictures with us if you have! RealTegan makes her guest post debut this week as well with a great Classic Doctor Who write up. Don't miss it! Thanks for the fantastic contributions, Posse peeps!

If you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you'd like to submit to be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!


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