Saturday, 3 January 2015

Posse News - Jan 2

Happy New Year, Posse! Welcome to 2015!

How did you ring in the New Year? Hopefully you were able to join us for some Adi and Clarie (and a not sleeping Izzie) New Year's Eve Rockband or maybe the Doctor Who: Legacy stream that resulted in an Unexpected  New Years Partay!

Last Saturday we were finally able to get some chat in about the Doctor Who Christmas special! Our very own Posse PA tabitenor17 joined in the stream to discuss the episode with Adi and Clarie before dashi112 stopped by to discuss the special as well! We've got far too many months until Doctor Who Season 9 hits the air and Adi's not quite sure he’s ready to hang up the Saturday review streams for that long. Make sure you keep up with all things Adi to see what may be reviewed while we (not so patiently) wait!

Adi has been streaming up a storm this week including loads of Infamous role playing, more The Last Of Us, Don't Starve Together, Posse Wrasslin and more! But you already knew all of that if you're following Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, right? ;)

We've had some great posts on this week and even more to come! Adi has posted January's competitions and giveaways and the challenge is on to #MakeAdiBig! The December Hearthstone rankings were announced and Adi walked away in first place once again. Hues came in a very close second. Posse members interested in joining in on January's Hearthstone competition need to contact Adi by the 10th of January (See details in the January competitions link). Will you be the one to push Adi from the top spot this month?

Celeloth's Quotes of The Week include quotes from our Doctor Who: Legacy stream with Nicholas Briggs as well as loads of other awesome streams like Posse Wrasslin! Do you know what else you need to check out? Do you? The Posse FAQ! Tabitenor17 has put together a fantastic Q & A for all things Posse so head over and learn more about the greatest community there is! You'll also want to make sure you keep an eye out for a new Sweets post from LesMc537 coming next week!

We would like to send a huge Posse “Congratulations!!” to TinyDancer485 on becoming our newest chat Mod!  Way to go, Tiny!! Watch out for our Mods. They are seriously tough cookies in the Posse Wrasslin ring!

A very happy Posse-versary to alpha1812, grivas666, joshuamacrow and snakesosa! Congratulations on your Posse-versaries!  If you haven't already, please make sure you stop by the chat so the Mods or Adi can renew you for another 6 months with the Posse!

If you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you'd like to submit to be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!



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