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Quotes! Dec. 21-27

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Adi: “You froze me!”
LesMc537: “Yes, I did.”
Adi: “Why???”
LesMc537: “Cuz it was pretty much the only card I had at the moment.”

Adi: “I don’t remember this card.”
Labradite: “You got it last time. And you were pretty excited about it.”
Adi: “What? Me?”
Hues_of_blue_23: “Was it golden?”
Adi: “It probably looked cool. It spews soot, I wanna spew soot, can you soot spew soot – wow.”
Labradite: “You wanna try that again?”
Adi: “Look I just played 3 hours of Posse wrestling and I didn’t get much sleep, my brain is frazzled.”
Labradite: “I know, I was awake for it.”
Adi: “Really?”
Labradite: “I was on call with you the entire time!”
Adi: “Did I lose?”
Labradite: “Did you block it all out already?”
Adi: “Did you lose?”
Labradite: “Yes. No. um . . . “
Adi: “Excellent, you’ve blocked it out too.”

Adi: “And our favorite chugga chugga chugga.”
Labradite: “My favorite is when it goes chugga chugga awwww.”
Adi: “When does it do that?”
Labradite: “When it dies.”
Adi: “Mine never dies.”

Adi: “Tabitenor seems to have released a ‘how to use Snapchat’ guide on Snapchat. Sooo if you know how to use snapchat, you can go and have a look at it.”

Adi: “Ship’s cannon, to add to my collection of them – in fact, I think I have enough of them to make the entire ship.”

Adi: “Oh my god I have over 9 Shrinkmeisters. I didn’t even know you could have that. I’ve never seen that symbol before. I wonder how you find out how many you have. . .”
Labradite: “You could disenchant them. Like one at a time.”
Adi: “How would that help?”
Labradite: “You disenchant them, remembering to leave at least 2.”
Adi: “And?”
Labradite: “So say you disenchanted five, then you wait and see how many you have left.”
Adi: “Why?”
Labradite: “So then you add the five to how many you have left, and if you’re competent at math – okay, so maybe you shouldn’t being doing that.”

Adi: “Malorne again! God. I’ll leave this one to chat: how many Malorne do I have now? It’s not a bad card, I’m not moaning because I got it, I’m moaning cuz this is the fourth one I’ve got. It’s like . . . a deer right? I could practically pull Santa’s sleigh now with my Malornes.”

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “How do I not have any chocolate? That seems to be an oversight of mine.”

Adi: “We won’t do diva championships though, because I am clearly the biggest diva here. Don’t need any competitions to determine that.”

Adi: “I was looking at this yesterday and – “
Labradite: “What? You did PREP for a stream? Instead of just figuring it out live?”
Tabi: “WHAT?!”
Labradite: “Look at you, getting all professional.”

Adi: “And Hues gets up and he is not the same man. Well, he is the same man, just the man with more doctor’s appointments.”

Adi: “Oh we’ve got him. Turn turn turn turn – okay fine, don’t turn, just lob Makka Pakka that way.”

[Phone goes off in the middle of a match]
Adi: “WHOSE PHONE – oh. It’s mine. Um. I’ll be back.”

Adi: “Who should I play as? Divine, Bunny or . . . I need something funny. Um, God.”
Adibot: “Option 1: Divine?. Option 2: Bunny. Option 3: God.”
Labradite: “Why is there a question mark after Divine?”
Adi: “Cuz we’re not really sure she is. Um. Actually, I meant to put a questionmakr after all of them. That wasn’t really meant to be a commentary on Divine. Although I like the way it’s come out.”

[Labradite throws Hues through a table during a match]
Adi: “Well, he’s dead.”
[Hues gets up]
Adi: “Or not.”
Labradite: “DIE HUES.”

Welcome to the Posse 
Adi: “And here is the Posse. Clarie, what is the Posse?”
Clarie: “I don’t know.”
Adi: “ . . . Thanks for that.”

Adi: “And this is Realtegan.”
Clarie: “Is she Irish?”
Adi: “No, she’s North American.”
Clarie: “Then why are you talking in an Irish accent?”

Adi: “During the Adi meet-up, you can touch us in real tangible life as much as Clarie and I are touching now.”
[Adi and Clarie touch fingertips]
Clarie: “Or I might just give you a great big hug!”
Adi: “Ouch! Thank you for now giving everyone permission to squish my head.”
Henoir99: “I plan on sitting on you in revenge.”
Clarie: “Why is everyone talking about sitting on you?”
Adi: “Um . . .”

Spec Ops: The Line

Adi: “These giraffes are really, really cool. I wanna take one with me.”

Adi: “Oh good oh good. It’s one of those moments where Adi dies over and over and over and ragequits the game and goes to play SuperMario instead.”

Adi: “Oh good. Even the big bad guy is just bad cuz he’s gone crazy cuz of the war.”

Adi: “Oh crap. I threw my own grenade. At myself. That was dumb.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Adi: “Oh no, I just died because I wasn’t focusing. Lee, it’s your fault.”
Lee: “I knew it was my fault before you even said that.”

Lee: “And then for Christmas we’ll take a breather.”
Adi: “I love how it’s not ‘We’ll celebrate Christmas’, it’s ‘We’ll get through Christmas. Somehow’.”

Adi: “You know what you should do. You should assemble the TARDIS, put the presents in it, and then sometime in the night play ooowweeeoooo on speakers until he wakes up and runs out and sees the TARDIS with torches all around it.”
Peter: “Was that a choking squirrel?”
Adi: “ . . . That was my impression of the TARDIS.”

Adi: “Hello again. I’m here with Pete on Skype, Susan on skype, and I think Lee’s in the background ordering a pizza.”
Lee (barely audible) “Yes, we have new characters – ”
Adi: “Lee, microphones are our friend.”
Lee: “Sorry, I was shouting – fine – HELLO HELLO I WAS ABOUT TO SAY – ”
Adi: “Oh dear God, microphones are not your friend. Stay nearer but not that near.”
Lee: [inadudible again]
Adi: [rolls his eyes]

Adi: “How much longer have I got in this level? Lee?”
Lee: “I don’t know, seventy.”
Adi: “SEVENTY?!?!”
Lee: “That was a joke. I don’t actually know.”

Adi: “Hello to Braid. I can’t remember where we are now. So how do I know if we’ve completed a level or not, that’s the questions. . .”

Adi: “What. The. Frick. Is. Going. On. Who is that shadow. Is it my shadow? Oh. So I come back here, and my shadow goes down and still does whatever I did. Ah. This is gonna mess with my head so much. . .”

Adi: “I . . . should not have killed that one creature, should I? Oh frick now my shadow’s gonna kill it. No, don’t kill it, shadow!”

Doctor Who: Last Christmas episode review
Adi: “Tabitenor is gonna be joining us, so let’s give her a call. Hopefully she will mute the stream before she answers.”
Clarie: “And hopefully she answers.”
Adi: “Yeah, cuz otherwise that’d be awkward. I’d have to do an impression of her.”

Adi: “Dashi occasionally has rants kinda like SofaSpud, so we need to be prepared for the Dashi Christmas rant at Doctor Who.”
Dashi112: “Rant?! Excuse me?”
Adi: “Hi, Dashi. So was it a ho ho ho or a ho ho no?”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
Jennie_bunny: “Wait so Adi voted that he did not have trousers on?”
tabitenor17: “Does he just put a shirt on and sit in front of the computer?”
Jennie_bunny: “One way to find out? Hey Adi you dropped a pencil!”
Adi: “I did? Where?” [Adi goes looking all over] “Oh. That’s a candle, not a pencil.”
tabitenor17: “I cannot believe that worked.”
Jennie_bunny: “Didn’t find out his trouser status for sure though.”
LesMc537: “Hey Adi there’s a spider above your head.”
Adi: “Apparently there’s a spider above my head.” [Adi reaches up without standing up] “That is just a drawing of a spider.”
Jennie_bunny: “GOSH DARN IT.”

[spiggster burps]
[Labradite sprays spiggy in the face with a water spray bottle]
[spiggster shrieks]
[spiggster grumbles]
Labradite: “What do you say after a burp?”
spiggster: “Scuse me.”
[Labradite tosses spiggy a spiggysnack]
onlymetahuman: “I usually go with "you disgusting pig get the *** out of this room.”

[Adi testing out the nickname feature]
Tinydancer485: “What should I say?”
Adi: “Just type something woman! Or I will come over to wherever you are in Sweden and go apes**t on you.”
Tinydancer485: “I dare you to.”
[Tiny’s name vanishes from the on-screen chat]
Adi: “Oh my god. Tiny I am so sorry. I may have actually killed you.”
Tinydancer485 (with no name): “What did you do.”
Adi: “Let’s not talk about it. Ever.”
Tinydancer485 (still with no name): “Adi. What did you do?”
Adi: “Moving on! I’m very nearly certain that I’ve got it right this time.”
TinyPrancer485: “Fixed WHAT?”

Adi: “That was a great joke. Until Lab ruined it.”
Labradite: “Well maybe next time you should explain your jokes so I don’t ruin them.”
Adi: “What, like in advance?”
Labradite: “Yeah, cuz otherwise they aren’t very funny.”
Adi: “Fine.”
[Adi types into Skype]
Adi: “Knock knock.”
Labradite: “Who’s there?”
Adi: “Doctor.”
Labradite: “Who.”
Adi: “Oh hang on, I’ve typed it wrong.”
Labradite: “Doctor who?”
Adi: “I give up. This is the end. Here are the end credits, over which you’ll hear me yelling at
Lab.” [credits roll] “WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK. WHO SAYS WHO.”
Labradite: “That’s what you told me to do!”
Adi: “That is not how a knock knock joke goes!”
Labradite: “I was just doing exactly what you told me to do.”
Adi: “Well, it’s disappointing you didn’t use your imagination. If this was your mod interview, you’d’ve failed. I hear another person’s channel needs mods.”
Labradite: “Rude. I deserve better. And you should not be advertising another person’s channel.”
Adi: “You need brains, you need initiative, you need imagination, and you need thighs.”
Labradite: “I have thighs.”
Adi: “Oh bollocks we’re still live.”

Realtegan: “Where’s Hues at?”
VeeMJ27: “With family I guess.”
SPIGGSTER: “Hues is actually Santa Clause.”
Realtegan: “Oh.”
SPIGGSTER: “He’s been busy.”
Realtegan: “Poor guy. All of those cookies.”
SPIGGSTER: “Those two sentences do not match.”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games and Peter of the BBC, and guest stars Les, TheLabraditeTV, Hues_of_blue_23, tabitenor17, and dashi112, as well as Henoir99, MoonBunnyJennie, SPIGGSTER, onlymetahuman, Realtegan, and VeeMJ27, and our lovely new mod, TinyPrancer485!


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