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Quotes! Dec 28-Jan 3

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >
Adi: “All I’ve got is fricking removal. Fine. I’ll play the exciting ‘I’ll play nothing and you’ll play nothing’ game. Isn’t this so exciting.”

Adi: “Why – why are we playing the what is Adi snacking on game? This is not – I mean, I am surrounded by chocolate wrappers, but . . .”

SPIGGSTER: “Oh Jesus.”
Adi: “Not Jesus, just a crapload of secrets and minions. So . . . whatcha gonna do now, huh? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna – ”
[Spiggster hits Adi’s face]
Adi: “Not go for my face!”

Adi: “I screwed up . . . I screwed up . . . let’s try Raggy. Good old Ragnoras. Go on, Raggy, you’re the man, hit the face, hit the face, hit the – well, I’m not quite sure what minion he hit cuz it was stealthed, but yay, hit that.”

Jendivine: “Gah I’m restless . . . don’t know what to do.”
Adi: “I’m sorry you’re restless, Jendivine. Am I not being fun enough? I’m sorry I’m not as entertaining as usual. Soon I shall juggle with invisible balls, like that scene in the office. You could go for a walk. You could play in the snow. You could build a snowman. You could build a Dalek snowman. You could build a Dalek Cyberman snowman . . . a cyalek.”

[Adi down 2 health, his opponent at 16 health]
Adi: “Just to be really fricking annoying, I think I can get my opponent down to 15.”
[Adi life-taps and dies]
Adi: “Or . . . I can hit the life-tap button and commit suicide. God how much Baileys did I

Wrestling with the Posse
Adi: “I have got no idea where Tiny lives actually. Somewhere with snow. And tiny parents.”
Matthias160771: “Where in Germany, Tiny?”
Adi: “Don’t tell him Tiny, don’t do it. He’ll go to your house and serenade you with David Hasselhoff songs, and no one wants that. Not even Hasselhoff.”

Adi: “Come here you, hug. Die. Oh. That was not as spectacular as I hoped.”

Adi: “Why am I rolling around on the floor? I wasn’t hurt. Or in pain. Well, I was in pain, but not rolling around on the floor pain.”

Adi: “Yes, we will remember this match forever, the time that Adi lost the match cuz he was too busy sitting on Jennie.”

Adi: “He kicked me in the glasses, how am supposed to win if I can’t see?”

Adi: “We should probably put a health warning on these streams, what with Tiny’s chest and Makka Pakka’s chaps. For you know, people with taste.”
Agragagagagjag: “What’s taste?”
Adi: “Everyone in the chat going ‘uh . . . . . .’.”

[Adi is about to die and the Lurker runs in]
Adi: “Oh thank god, the Lurker, THANK god. Wait. He’s not on my team. Oh my god he’s just straight up murdering Tabi. And Celly’s trying to murder me. WHAT.”
[Henoir walks slowly in with a chair]
Agragagagagajag: “It’s Henoir.”
Adi: “With a chair. What.”
Agragagagagajag: “Adi. Um. I think you’re out.”
Adi: "WHAT?!"
Agragagagagajag: “We didn’t get to see the ending. . .”
Adi: “Cuz Henoir came in way too slowly with that chair.”
Agragagagagajag: “Wait, where did Henoir go? Did he just like slowly go away?”
Adi: “He’s slow cuz he’s old, so it took him so long to get to the ring that by then he realized it was done, so he just slowly left.”

MoonBunnyJennie: “Adi would you get the Skype thinger off the screen please?”
Adi: “Apparently I need to get the Skype thinger off the screen.”
ROOSToir: “What?”
Adi: “Your skype thingers are on the screen.”
Matthias160771: “I don’t have a skype thinger.”
Adi: “You do now.”

Adi: “So who do you wanna fight? Mckapet? Tiny?”
Matthias160771: “How about you?”
Adi: “Me? You can’t fight me!”
ROOSToir: “He said he wanted the title, so he can fight Lab.”
Adi: “Fine, he’ll fight Lab. Although, Matthias, you can actually see yourself now. What do you think?
ROOSToir: “He still hasn’t see the bottom yet. . .”
Adi: “Did we lose him? Matthias? Did we hang up on him?”
ROOSToir: “I don’t know.”
Adi: “We’ve lost him. Did he mute us rather than the stream? Or did he mute himself?”
Matthias160771: “How about . . . Jennie?”
Adi: “He’s listening to the stream instead of us, isn’t he.”
ROOSToir: [laughing]
Adi: “Matthias – mute the stream, not the Skype call. Like watch the stream, but mute it, and listen to us on Skype. And about in 30 seconds he’ll hear that.”

tabitenor17: “Are you gonna share your screen?”
Adi: "Oh, right."
TheLabraditeTV: “See how delicate I was there?”
Adi: “Delicate. Name one thing you do delicately, Lab.”
TheLabraditeTV: “Sleep? Um . . . I do do stuff delicately. I am a delicate flower.”

Adi: “Oh I accidentally attacked a ladder instead of my opponent.”

Adi: “I have had it with people shooting at me! I will come up there and I will spank you and you will not like it. I am the man with electricity. And I am the man who can climb a pole.”

Adi: “If I’ve got no powers, what am I gonna do when I find him? Tickle him to death?”

Adi: “My name is Cole, and I live in a city where things have gone seriously seriously – ”
Zeke (game character): “Hurry up, man.”
Adi: “Shut up, Zeke! He keeps ruining my introductions.”

Adi: “I need to stop standing in puddles of water. Look at this. All it would take is someone handing me a glass of water, a wet glass, and they would die. Like I would kill them. Ow! Except you Reapers, you can definitely hand me a wet glass.”

Adi: “God, I hope these powers aren’t temporary. Like I hope don’t wake up one morning and jump off a building and die. I didn’t even think of that, if these powers are temporary. Cuz if I
did jump off a building I would like . . . cease. I’d be . . . ex-Cole.”

Adi: “Moya here has soooo much heart. You know how my powers rely on electricity to live and recharge and stuff? Let’s send him into the area with no electricity and where I can be easily killed. Yeah, that’s a great idea.”

Adi: “Ow . . . ow . . . .so . . . what happened was . . . I got hit by a train, watching a reaper get hit by a train . . . ow. I seem to feel better now, so I guess Zeke dragged me back and left me near a source of electricity. I should stop getting hit by trains though. Bad for my reputation. Like, if I keep getting hit, soon those posters of me will be me and a train and me squished. Not exactly the image I want when cultivating an international reputation as a superhero, you know.”

Adi Grumbles
Adi: “I’ve done that thing where I try to change too many settings at once. Like . . . I upgraded X-split at the same time that I tried to do other things, and now everything is screwed up. Like, the chat isn’t there. There are now like green chunks around my arm and fingers cuz the green screen is screwed up. And what the hell is this blue box, like really. In theory, though, the Playstation should work and I should be in sync now.”

Adi: “There are speckles on my shirt. WHY.”

Adi: “Why did I update this fricking program. It worked perfectly fine before. Now it keeps trying to be ‘helpful’ by resizing and cropping and randomly shifting things. Like my camera has moved – why. Why. No don’t crop that side. And no, don’t make me huge. No, not that size either. Yes, because what I wanted to do was move my Hearthstone screen instead of me.”
ROOSToir: “Oooh Adi wins the Make Adi Big contest.”
Adi: “Yeah, and he’s also gonna win the make ADi pissed off contest. Fine, fine. Just stay there and don’t move. I don’t care.”
[Screen moves again]
Adi: “And of course there is no undo button because it is a piece of crap. Where can I turn all these unhelpful crap options off? I guess I’m just gonna be stuck in the middle of the screen. Anyone who wanted to see me playing Hearthstone, tough luck.”
Matthias160771: “Lol dancing Adi.”
ROOSToir: “I wanna touch and drag Adi around the screen.”
TinyPrancer485: “Aww I shouldn’t have mentioned the text.”
Adi: “Yes, let’s blame Tiny, it’s all her fault.”

New Year’s Party: Doctor Who: Trivial Pursuit
Adi: “For Clarie, Lab, and Agrajag – what kind of monster was Captain Vargas?”
Clarie: “A big scary one.”
Agragagagagajag: “I don’t know.”
TheLabraditeTV: “An alien one.”
Adi: “Shut up, Lab.”
TheLabraditeTV: “I bet I’m right.”

Adi: “Henoir if you say anything like “It’s my favorite battle involving the apple or whatever’ again I will stab you.”

TheLabraditeTV: “Adi, you’re just mad that you haven’t had a chance to answer anything.”
Adi: “I did get a chance, and Henoir mucked it up. I mean, who says I’ve watched the episode last week and doesn’t remember the villian’s name??”
ROOSToir: “Short term memory!”
Adi: “You couldn’t mention that BEFORE I picked you for my team?!”
ROOSToir: “I did! At least I thought I did.”

Adi: “Where was the battle held in Doomsday?”
Agragagagagajag: “Canada Square.”
Adi: “So close. Canary Wharf.”
Agragagagagajag: “But wasn't it 1 Canada Square?”
ROOSToir: “That’s the address. But it’s formally known as Canary Wharf
Adi: “How the hell do you know more about the Canary Wharf than me???”

Doctor Who: Legacy with Not-Susan and Not-Lee
Adi: “Oh my god, that is the loudest game on the planet, and now it’s shouting at me, what is
TheLabraditeTV: “I love how we’re sitting here saying how much we love this game, and Adi’s like ‘Shut up game, you are too loud’.”

Adi: “Let’s do like fake complaint letters to Susan?”
ROOSToir: “. . . What is there to complain about?”
Adi: “You know how she gets like stupid fake complaints? Like that. Here, I have one here. ‘Dear Susan, why did you give us a game with so much free stuff. I have not seen my family for ten months and I am now suffering from a mild form of pneumonia. I demand a refund on all the free stuff as compensation’.”
TheLabraditeTV: “I have one! ‘Dear Susan, where is Donna. Did you know she was a companion? Why is she not in the game?’”
Smallbluemonkey: “Dear Susan, stop making us look so greedy. Love, King Games.”
Jenniferheckel: “Dear Susan, code?”
Realtegan: “Dear Susan, you only updated once a day during the Advent? Why not once an hour?"

ROOSToir: “Oh, Adi, you have some big hitters you haven’t upgraded.”
Adi: “I’ve got 105 companions!”
ROOSToir: "So have I. Probably more. And I don’t use crystals to upgrade them, I do it the hard way."
Adi: “I actually go out.”
TheLabraditeTV: “You do not.”
Adi: “Who’s point are you trying to prove?”
ROOSToir: “That I play the game more.”
[Everybody laughs]
ROOSToir: “Adi, can you actually go to our fragments page? I’m curious. Cuz you never use
Adi: “Where is it? Oh. Items. Ooooh. I have never seen this screen. Wait. None of you are gonna tell Lee and Susan this right?”
TheLabraditeTV: “I think like 8 people already highlighted it.”
Fireboltavis88: “Adi has never seen the fragment screen.”
Stile99: “!highlight Adi learns about pink hearts. Blue moon and purple horseshoes to come.”
CompanionBre: “Yeesssss must be highlighted.”
Mousycherise: “So much shame, Adi.”

Adi: “I miss chapter one. I used to be able to take out an entire level with one shot – that’s how the Huzzah thing started, remember? – and now I barely take out half a snowman, which when it dies is instantly replaced with another snowman courtesy of Lee.”

Adi: “Oh no DWL crashed!”
TheLabraditeTV: “DWL never crashes.”
Adi: “Right, sorry, I accidentally exited the game while trying to select a level.”
TheLabraditeTV: “Much better.”
Adi: “I’m also trying to run it on an older iPad.”
TheLabraditeTV: “And you have fifty one thousand e-mails.”
Adi: “No. I have fifty one thousand UNREAD e-mails. Get it right.”

Don’t Starve Together
Adi: “This is Don’t Starve together, although we all know I failed at not starving by myself, so god knows how we’re gonna do with two mouths to feed.”

Adi: “I am here and I found something and you cannot have it.”
TinyPrancer485: “You have nothing.”
Adi: “I have grass.”
TinyPrancer485: “So . . . nothing? Where are you even?”

TinyPrancer485: “Ooh animal tracks.”
Adi: “Where do they lead?”
TinyPrancer485: “To the animal probably.”

Adi: “Did you place this trap?”
TinyPrancer485: “Maybe?”
Adi: “And you call yourself a hunter. Let’s place the trap vaguely near the rabbit hole and hope some dumb rabbit wanders in – what the frick is this trap doing? You, come here. See. This is a
correctly placed trap. This is not. Now you do it.”
[TinyPrancer485 makes another attempt]
Adi: “No. No. And – god. What the frick are you doing. You know what, fine, I’ll be the designated hunter gatherer here.”
TinyPrancer485: “I’ll just light stuff on fire.”

Adi: “I think I found the nest for the eye walking thingies.”
TinyPrancer485: “Um, I wouldn’t touch that, they get really really pissed at –
Adi: “OH S**T OH S**T.”
TinyPrancer485: “Run, just run – ”
Adi: "I can't run!"
TinyPrancer485: “Walk really, really far.”

TinyPrancer485: “What are you doing? It looks really weird.”
Adi: “I am murdering a rabbit.”
TinyPrancer485: “Oh, it looked like you were dancing.”
Adi: “It’s the murder a rabbit dance.”
TinyPrancer485: “I am dancing.”
Adi: “Stop dancing, I am trying to murder a rabbit! If I accidentally give it to you . . . Crap, I
TinyPrancer485: “That was not my fault, you moved towards me.”
Adi: “Cuz you keep dancing around the fire. Just – fine, eat that rabbit and shut up.”
TinyPrancer485: “I’d rather cook it first, thank you.”

Adi: “Wow, day ten. We are actually doing really well. I’ve never gotten this far before.”
[ten minutes later]
Adi: “OUCH! The ghost just bit me in the butt.”
TinyPrancer485: “What?”
Adi: “Ow! My sanity is 27.”
TinyPrancer485: “Yeah, you’re insane.”
Adi: “Well kill it!”
TinyPrancer485: “I can’t attack it.”
Adi: “But it says ‘attack’!”
TinyPrancer485: “OW. Oh great, now I can see it even better.”
Adi: “Did you just try to hit the ghost with a shovel? OUCH. I don’t know what I’m supposed to
TinyPrancer485: “I don’t know either!”
Adi: “Oh no! I’m a ghost! I’m a ghost . . . . Oh yes, I just died so you decide to have a snack.”
TinyPrancer485: “Well I don’t wanna die too. . .”

Adi: “This isn’t a sentence I often get to say, but . . . where is my corpse?”
TinyPrancer485: “Your what?”
Adi: “My corpse. Where I expired.”
TinyPrancer485: “Which time?”
Adi: “Shut up. The time I died.”

Adi: “Dance around the fire, dance around the – OUCH. Maybe we shouldn’t dance with our

Adi: “Stop clicking on my skeleton or I’ll start clicking on yours here. Oh wait. They’re both my skeletons. Why are they both my skeletons??”

Adi: “If I don’t find my body, I am going to die . . . and that is such a weird sentence.”

[Adi's sixth death]
Adi: “WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME. I wouldn’t mind if it was like . . . a turn death thing, like oh Bre’s dead, oh Tiny’s dead, oh Adi’s dead. No, but it’s always Adi’s dead. Adi’s gone on a long trek with no food, Adi’s death. Adi’s gone after a spider with a spanner, Adi’s dead. “
CompanionBre: “Maybe it means you’re the brave one.”
TinyPrancer485: “I would’ve said stupid.”
Adi: “I’m gonna hang up on you.” [pause] “I hung up on her. Let’s see how long it takes her to find the call back button and – ”
TinyPrancer485: “BOO.”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >
Adi: “I really don’t like this announcer guy. He just made everyone hate me. Which means I need to take it out on you.”
Vealydan12: “I think the TV is Adi’s even twin VTesopidAehT.”

Shidohari: “Adi knows when you’re sleeping, and he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve played Legacy and he’ll beat you in Hearthstone for goodness sake.”

FireboltAvis88: “Woah Hen is on fire. . .”
Smallbluemonkey: “But that would make him roast chicken.”

Jendivine: “You need to sit on him, Adi.”
The1nOnlyMRPIX: “Jen,that is the solution to many worldwide problems.”
Adi: “Let’s sit on him. And one more time. There we go. We have now reached the midpoint of
Realtegan: “The world would be a better place if wrasslin-Adi just sat on more people?”
The1nOnlyMRPIX: “Yes . . . If Adi sat on world leaders, they’d make better choices.”

Blutech100: “!lab”
Labradite: "?"
Blutech100: “Hey, it worked.”
Labradite: "Hi."
Blutech100: “It summoned you lol.”

TheAdiposeTV: “On the third fricking attempt - i finally have a usable roleplay for infamous.”
Labradite: “Huzzah ?”
LesMc537: “Hooray. You know what they say about the third time. . .”
Labradite: “You already failed at it twice?”
LesMc537: “Bingo.”
SpotsKnight: “It is not that Adi failed twice, it is that he successfully completed an incorrect practice.
Labradite: “You tried way too hard for that one.”

[OnlyMetahuman wonders what to change the tumblr avatar to for new year...]
MythrilJenova: “I think I found your Tumblr earlier. >_>.”
OnlyMetahuman: “My tumblr? You sure? If it’s one with this name, not me.”
MythrilJenova: “Oh, then no.”
OnlyMetahuman: “You on Tumblr? Or just Googling me for fun!”
MythrilJenova: “Google like a bawse.”
OnlyMetahuman: “I'll try not to think you're creepy.”
MythrilJenova: “Oh I am but if you want to think that way it’s okay.”
OnlyMetahuman: “The person with my name has a nice theme though.”
MythrilJenova: “A nice Tumblr? I didn't know that was a thing.”
OnlyMetahuman: “My actual Tumblr is very nice.”
MythrilJenova: “Compared to your not actual Tumblr?”
OnlyMetahuman: “Well yeah, you found my not actual Tumblr lol.”
MythrilJenova: “Damn, good point.”

TinyPrancer485: “Did you decide to not have the scrolly text anymore?”
Adi: “Do you mean the text under the screen? Um . . . this is gonna sound stupid, but I don’t know what happened to it. I coded it and put it there . . . and now it’s gone.”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, and guest stars SPIGGSTER, TheLabraditeTV, Matthias160771, Agragagagagajag, ROOSToir, tabitenor17, Les, TinyPrancer485, and CompanionBre, as well as Jendivine, Jenniferheckel, RealTegan, Stile99, Mousycherise, Vealydan12, Shidohari, FireboltAvis88, Smallbluemonkey, Blutech100, Spotsknight, OnlyMetahuman, and MythrilJenova


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