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Quotes! Jan. 11-17

So yeah, this is a day late, sue me. If you missed day 1 of the Quotes Doubleheader That So Very Nearly Was, click here!

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

WWE 2K14
SofaSpudTV: “Chip is very, very serious about WWE.”
Chip: “Yes, I am.”
Adi: “You haven’t defeated me in this decade.”
Chip: “Have too.”
Adi: “Fine, you haven’t beaten me this year.”

56max2: “Is this live?”
Adi: “Why would ask if this was – no, we already played and pre-recorded this, and we thought it was so good we decided to stream it again.”

[Spud hits Adi]
Adi: “OW! Why – why – ”
SofaSpudTV: “Auto-aim. It’s a bit off.”
Shidohari: “That Spud style.”

Adi: “Oh my god I’m just making sounds with my voice!”
TheLabraditeTV: “But you love that. Cuz then you get to hear yourself.”

Adi: “Whatever one he chooses, it won’t have an impact on me. [pause] Unless he plays that one.”
TheLabraditeTV: “You’re about to be dead, Adi.”
Adi: “Hah! I laugh in the face of . . . in the face of . . . um . . .”
TheLabraditeTV: “Death?”
Adi: “Yes.”

Doctor Who Episode Review: The Runaway Bride
Adi: "And there’s this just terrible look on Tennant’s face, like I’m killing you and I’m sorta enjoying it, and it kinda reminded me of the faces I sometimes pull when I’m doing really violent roleplays and – and I’m being laughed at.”
Clarie: [laughing] “Did you just compare your acting to David Tennant?”
Adi: “Shut up.”

Adi: “I have to say, The Runaway bride is one of the better Christmas specials, and I apologize to the world for Matt Smith fans – ”
Clarie: “FOR Matt Smith fans? You apologize for them?”
Adi: “Yes, yes, I apologize to the world for Matt Smith fans everywhere. No, I meant, I apologize TO Matt Smith fans for what I am about to say.”

[Mod alert goes off]
Adi: “Oh, right, we need to start our mod giveaway – ”
Clarie: “MOD giveaway?!”
Adi: [laughing] “Ah, yes, our mod giveaway, where we give away one of our mods.”
Clarie: “Lab, you’re up.”

Mushroom Wars
Adi: “If you haven’t seen Mushroom Wars before, then it’s delightfully silly. You’re a mushroom, and you go to war.”
Adi: “Oh, maybe I have played some of this before. Wait. If there’s a thing over it, does that mean I’ve done it or I haven’t?"
Adi: “I still haven’t gotten that grey one down here. God. I can take over my neighbor’s thing next door, but I can’t invade my own hut down there.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Adi: “And now I’ve got a load of powered up yellows. Not sure why considering there are no yellow people on my team, but – we’ll just go with it.”

Adi: “Oh no! That wasn’t the last wave. I was not prepared for this. And now I can’t see a freaking thing. Maybe if I change color I can see? Nope! Now they’ve changed to some other completely invisible color. Thank you, Colonel Orson.”

Adi: “I got asked to be interviewed about Doctor Who: Legacy.”
Susan: “What website?”
Adi: “That . . . is an obvious follow-up question that I don’t actually know the answer to. Um . . . . . I have it here somewhere.”
Susan: “That’d be great!”
Adi: “I said they should talk to you, but they said they were focused on fans and semi-pros. At which point I took great offense at being called a semi-pro.”

Adi: “I think my hat is slowly falling off. Let’s see how long it takes.”
Susan: “Oh, you ARE wearing the hat. It’s hard to tell cuz it’s black.”
Adi: “Well, when you suggested it I didn’t have the heart to refuse on account of my headphones so I just stuck it on the headphones.”
Susan: “It looks like you have really big hair.
Adi: “Wow, it’s a been a very, very long time since anyone’s ever said that to me.”

Adi: “See, these people are all dumb. They shoot at you when you’re trying to heal people and 
they ram cars into you when you’re trying to take down Dustmen. Like, where are you even driving to, half of the city is still dead.”
Adi: “So I guess I have to destroy the boat engine. So the next question is . . . what does a boat engine look like? I’m not a sailor, I don’t know.”
Adi: “If you shoot me again, there will be hell to pay. Mainly because I am hell, and you will pay.”
Adi: “There, drive! Mush! Heel! Move forward! Whatever word makes you move! MOVE!”

Don’t Starve Together
[Everyone spawns in and tries to find each other]
AmazingTabiCat: Oh you are all towards the left and I am all the way towards the right. This is going to go well.”
Adi: “Believe in yourself. And more importantly, start walking.”

Tinydancer485: “No! Stop! Adi don’t go there, there’s a clockwork thing.”
Tinydancer485: “What happens when you don’t listen.”

[Two minutes in]
AmazingTabiCat: “I found the edge of the map.”
[Ten minutes later]
AmazingTabiCat: “Oh. Found the edge of the map. Again. If anyone ever wants to find the edge of the map, I’m your person.”
[Tabitenor17 dies halfway through the game]
AmazingTabiCat: “Where is the portal? Where is the – oh there it is. I shall just head straight right – oh. No I will not. Cuz, guess what, IT’S THE EDGE OF THE MAP”

TheLabraditeTV: “I . . . might have started . . . a tiny fire. Well, a big fire.”
Adi: “Brilliant. Now we will all die.”
TheLabraditeTV: “I’m already dead.”
Adi: “How did you start a fire from the grave???”
AmazingTabiCat: “You concentrate really, really hard and it bursts into flame.”

AmazingTabiCat: “Oh a walking eye. Oh – OH NO RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!”
Adi: “What are you doing?”
TheLabraditeTV: “Can you not hear?”
Adi: “No.”
AmazingTabiCat: “Oh I am dead.”
TheLabraditeTV: “Then you didn’t run away very well.”

[Adi shaves a beefalo and dies when the rest of the herd wakes up]
AmazingTabiCat: “Oh he actually did it?”
Adi: “I also died.”
TheLabraditeTV: “HEY!”
Adi: “Oh. Sorry, people. I did not intend for my shaved beefalo to – well. They saw the fire and wanted to play.”
TheLabraditeTV: “Thanks, Adi.”
Tinydancer485: “Oh there’s the shaved one!”
AmazingTabiCat: “Where?”
Tinydancer485: “It’s running over our farm.”
MoonBunnyJennie: “Adi, what did you DO?!”
[Everyone sees the shaved beefalo and can’t stop laughing]
TheLabraditeTV: “OUCH!”
[Labradite dies]
AmazingTabiCat: “Oh, Lab’s dead.”
TheLabraditeTV: “And it was the one you shaved too.”
AmazingTabiCat: “Look at it, it’s really angry.”
Adi: “I didn’t intend for that to happen!”
MonnBunnyJennie: “Oh it looks so sad with its shaved body.”
Adi: “I’m so sorry. But someone suggested I couldn’t so . . . . . .”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

[None of the mods are in chat, and so everyone is doing roll call trying to find at least one]
Blutech100: “Where’s Lab at?”
lucky12001: “Having a life?”
Teganator: “Is that allowed?”
lucky12001: “It is for mods.”
Teganator: “Wow. Lucky.”
lucky12001: “We're all allowed to have a life. For some reason, we choose to spend it here
Blutech100: “Haha. So true. I like this chat, it’s full of awesomeness.”
lucky12001: “Awesomeness and sass.”

[Conversation about expert Rose turns into rose plants]
OnlyMetahuman: “I know all about rose breeding. I spent a lot of time in Animal Crossing
Teganator: “I know about nose bleeding.”
stile99: “I know about toes. . . Aw screw it, too tired.”

Teganator: “What do you feed nine student engineers staying at your house for a weekend? Maybe I'll insist they feed me instead.
TheLabraditeTV: “I bet that is cool.”
OnlyMetahuman: “Bread and water, Tegan. Make ‘em sorry they are inconveniencing you.”
Teganator: “I sort of invited them. Accidentally. In a couple of weeks, apparently.”
OnlyMetahuman: “Were you visiting a poor students orphanage or something and like ‘Oh you 
are all so sweet, I’d take care of you if you were with me . . . babies’ and they were like ‘Ok’ and now they're coming? How does one accidentally invite?”
Teganator: “I suggested they come out to my town to work on a project, and they said, ‘Can we stay at your house?’ and I laughed and said, ‘Sure, why not?’ I didn't think they'd take me so seriously. I should have remembered. They are engineers.”
OnlyMetahuman: “Oh you sweet summer child. Seeing as i know you'll take anyone, I will be sure to pop in if I’m ever in the area.”
Teganator: “I told them I only have bed/cot/couch space for six. Three will have to sleep on the floor.”
OnlyMetahuman: “Maybe they can engineer makeshift beds.”
Teganator: “I'm going to ask them to build my cat a TARDIS scratching post.”
OnlyMetahuman: “You'll go into their room in the morning and find 3 non-destructively-built hammocks.”
TheLabraditeTV: “Well if they are smart they will bring inflatable air mattresses.”
OnlyMetahuman: “Engineers can seem magical but i'm not sure they can currently make things bigger on the inside.”
Teganator: “Yeah. It may not be nine. They may bring fewer. It's Engineers Without Borders. They needed a project that didn't require passports for practice.”

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, and Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars Chip, SofaSpudTV, TheLabraditeTV, MoonBunnyJennie, CompanionBre, AmazingTabiCat, and Tinydancer485, as well as 56max2, Shidohari, Blutech100, lucky12001, Teganator, OnlyMetahuman, and Stile99


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