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Let's Roleplay Far Cry 4 - #12 - Miserable People

Posse News - Feb 28

Happy weekend, Posse! The news is back!

What a crazy month. And short. February’s been flying by! Between the Adi Meet and Gallifrey One, what an incredible month it’s been!

From Far Cry 4 to Posse Wrasslin’ to Doctor Who: Legacy and more, Adi’s been a busy bee since the Poses made their way home from Cardiff. Those that attended the Adi Meet shared plenty of pictures and have some great stories. They were even surprised with some special gifts from attendees as well as Lee and Susan! We had a chance to see some pictures and hear some stories during a review stream that you can check out.

Speaking of Lee and Susan, we got to hear all about Gallifrey One and talk to PixelWho on the Doctor Who: Legacy stream from the 19th. Hearty congratulations to cigargent, shidohari and lazerwulf who had their submitted questions read during the Doctor Who: Legacy panel at Gallifrey One. During the Doctor Who: Legacy stream on the 12th chatters were asked to submit questions that could be asked during the panel. The winners each won some of the awesome convention ribbons! Fantastic prizes from the incredible Susan and Lee!

This week’s Doctor Who: Legacy stream brought some exciting discussion about another convention coming up that directly involves our very own Posse member, RealTegan! She busted her butt to rally the Posse troops and got the folks at Anglicon very interested in the Doctor Who: Legacy and the PixelWho folks. So interested in fact that Lee and Susan will be heading to Seattle to participate! Head over to to get all the information and check out the guest list so far! Interested in going to Anglicon? There’s a discount code you can use! Just enter LegacyWho while registering and receive 10% off the cost! Awesome stuff!

During the Doctor Who: Legacy stream on the 26th, Susan also mentioned that the Tiniest Rebel wasn’t feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better, Lanyon!

We’ve had lots of Posse Wrasslin happening. We also had…SUMMER SLAM! If you missed that stream, head over and watch. You’ll get a chance to see something you have never, ever seen a wrestling ring do.

There’s been more than just gaming going on. We are also continuing with our relaunched Doctor Who review shows! Last weekend was a review of The Lazarus Experiment. Join us this Sunday as we review the next episode in Season 3 of the relaunch:  42.

We also have a bunch of new Posse members that just joined up including some long time chatters! TheAutismRob, liverpoolrose, Aeniala, LegendGHT, luvs10s_nz, Elthesh, Aiscrazy1, dashi112, kyhawkeye, and Iamprofessorriversong! Welcome to the greatest group of Poses there has ever been! Head over to the Posse page to check out all our fantastic members. Want to know how you can join us? We’ll you’re in luck because we can tell you how AND we can answer your questions about the Posse as well!

Make sure you check in with us here at for updates on our February competition winners. We’ve got some Hearthstone ranking going on as well as the #AwkwardAdi competition. Winners will be announced soon and you don’t want to miss out on the #AwkwardAdi picture submissions!

What else? What else? Oh just a little Story Time With Lab!! It’s here and it’s amazing! Here’s your chance to relive the glory or revel in it for the first time then read it over and over! Thanks, Labradite! So glad you saved that for us to have forever!

We have a couple birthdays! A super Happy Birthday to mousycherise who celebrated on the 22nd and kenwilliams84 who had his turn on the 24th!

We also have some Posse-versaries to celebrate! Happy Posse-versary to roryinscrubs and emma_jade123! Cheers to another six months of Posse awesomeness!

As always, be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

Is there anything you’d like to see on the site? Do you have some news you’d like us to share with the Posseverse? If you do or if you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you'd like to submit to be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!

Let's Roleplay Far Cry 4 - #12 - Miserable People

Thursday, 26 February 2015

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

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Doctor Who Review - Evolution of the Daleks

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Let's Roleplay Far Cry 4 - #7 - Chasing Cars

Friday, 20 February 2015

Doctor Who Legacy meets PixelWho!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Storytime with Lab

You know. We all know. 

Maybe only through whispers. Echoes. Remnants of a chat long since past. But we are all aware of the two-hour epic saga that was:

Storytime with Lab

Now, many of us were not here for said story. I myself had not read the entire thing until tonight. Thankfully, the Princess Rockstar Empress Labradite saved the story so that it could take its rightful place in AdiChat history.

It wa a Friday, hours before the second 6-player Don't Starve Together stream. Various people in the chat had been greeting each other, discussing something football-related, and generally being the friendly Posse members that we are.

But the fun really got started when Ve decided to inquire after everyone's general well-being.

VeeMJ27: how is everyone doing?
onlymetahuman: not bad not bad, how about you vee
Labradite: well.
VeeMJ27: doing fine after some sleep ready to weekend i think
VeeMJ27: go on lab
Labradite: sorry. i was saying i was doing well.
onlymetahuman: haha, i was waiting for the worst story ever
Agriffindor: yea seemed like a "well ...." kinda statment
Labradite: oh sorry.
VeeMJ27: i was also waiting for this story...
Labradite: well,
Agriffindor: tell us the story lab
Labradite: so this morning i was gonna go to the store
Labradite: BUT
Labradite: they had shut down the intersection that i needed to cross
VeeMJ27: they did what? :O
Labradite: so i was forced onto a detour
Labradite: and while i was on that road i saw a man
Labradite: and he was... um....
Labradite: riding a pony
onlymetahuman: is that an euphemism
Labradite: no
Labradite: it was a real pony
Labradite: but he was like super tall
Labradite: so it looked weird
TinyDancer485: that poor pony
Labradite: so i went over to say hi to the pony
Labradite: ya know as you do when you see a pony
TinyDancer485: of course
VeeMJ27: oh yeah
Labradite: and the man started telling me about how he needed my help on a super secret mission
CompanionBre: what happened next?
VeeMJ27:  :O
Labradite: can i trust you all
VeeMJ27: this story gets better and better
VeeMJ27: of course lab of course..
TinyDancer485: yes of course you can
CompanionBre swears to secrecy
Labradite: pinky swear thumb kiss trust?
Labradite: cause that *** is sacred
onlymetahuman: is that an american thing
CompanionBre:  :D
TinyDancer485: i swear
Labradite: don't *** with the PSTK
CompanionBre pinky swear kiss on the thumb trust!
VeeMJ27 also swears..
Labradite: so he was telling me about how Chicago was about to be attacked
Labradite: by Pirates coming in from Lake Michigan
Labradite: and we don't have any defenses over there
onlymetahuman: are they canadian
Labradite: no
Snowjoke: :O
CompanionBre: :O
Labradite: they were pirates from....
TinyDancer485: that is terrible! you need defenses
SpotsKnight: canadians are too nice to be pirates
Labradite: the dead
Labradite: they were ghost pirates
Labradite: from the 1300s
onlymetahuman: some dread corsairs?
SpotsKnight: That's it I'm moving now!
TinyDancer485: oh noo! what kind of defences work against ghosts?
CompanionBre: ghostie pirates!? :O
Labradite: i know right!?!?!
TinyDancer485: can you scare them with modern stuff?
Labradite: so i stayed strong while the man on the pony told me about this
Labradite: cause i knew that it was all up to me and him
TinyDancer485: like soap and mobile phones?
Labradite: i asked him the same thing!! What could we do
VeeMJ27: go KAPOW?
onlymetahuman:  KAPOW
Labradite: and he started telling me about this rare artifact that was at the Chicago History Museum
TinyDancer485: ohh magic
Labradite: but there was no time to waste
Labradite: so he pointed at the alley that he was near and there was a pony for me
CompanionBre: Your own pony! :D
Labradite: so i hopped on the pony and we started riding towards the museum
Labradite: weaving in an out of traffic
TinyDancer485: ohhh cool! i want a pony too
Labradite: when we started getting closer to downtown it got a little tricky
Labradite: the cops had made a barricade
onlymetahuman: were you moving fast?
SpotsKnight: seriously ponies with downtown traffic?
Labradite: SPOT!!!!
Labradite: i said closer to downtown
TinyDancer485: did you have to jump the barricade?
11:22 onlymetahuman: how big was this pony if it could take him - a tall man - and you - KAPOW***?
Labradite: he hadn't gotten there yet
TinyDancer485: she had her own pony don't you listen?
Labradite: we had to stop at the barricade and i thought we were doomed
onlymetahuman: oh god damn it
CompanionBre: ^^ yeah she got her own pony and named it and everything
Labradite: and all of chicago was doomed and all of chicagoland was doomed ESPECIALLY spot's house
TinyDancer485: D:
CompanionBre:  :O
Snowjoke:  :(
Labradite: but the man pulled out a badge and told the police that he was as AADP agent
TinyDancer485: ohhh what's that?
TinyDancer485: sounds fancy
Labradite: agency against dead pirates ;)
Labradite: so the police instantly moved into action.
CompanionBre: ooh he's got the credentials
TinyDancer485: oh right, makes sense! duh
Labradite: they offered to give us a ride, but Agent Hayner knew that the ponies were gonna be important later and said that we needed to keep them
CompanionBre: naturally
TinyDancer485: can't leave the ponies behind!
Labradite: so we got a police escort through downtown. across millennium park to the museum
Labradite: jumped off the ponies and ran up the stairs. Agent Hayner flashed the badge at the ticket lady and said she's with me.
Labradite: it's was really cool.
onlymetahuman: is United Center safe from the pirates
Labradite: it's pretty far west.
onlymetahuman: ok good
Labradite: he started running though the museum to the second floor to an exhibit that no one was at
Labradite: (ps - if people want me to stop let me know)
onlymetahuman: this silence is awe and rapture
TinyDancer485: noo please continue!
Labradite: he told me that we were looking for the Furay Gem
Labradite: both of us looking at each artifact with intent but knowing that we were still racing against the clock
Labradite: and then i saw it
Labradite: it didn't look special
Labradite: actually looked more like a rock them a gem
Labradite: i yelled out to Agent Hayner
Labradite: he came running over and smashed the glass
VeeMJ27:  :O
Labradite: grabbed the gem and pulled out a small bottle of a chemical out of his inside pocket of his jacket
Labradite: and started putting small drops on the artifact
LesMc537: *gasp*
Labradite: the chemical started eating away at what i thought was the gem
Labradite: until he crumbled it up in his hand
Labradite: the dust fell from his fists
Labradite: when he opened it up all that was left was a um....
onlymetahuman: infinity stone?
Labradite: vial of green liquid
Labradite: he told me that it was a very magical liquid
confusethepolarity: oooh maaaagicaaaaaallll
Labradite: that whoever drank the liquid would then get super powers
TinyDancer485: ohhhhh
Agriffindor: this is like a weird game of D&D ... or some dice rolling story
confusethepolarity: super storytelling powers?
Labradite: but with major powers comes major responsibility
SpotsKnight: ohhh spidey reference
Labradite: ;)
LesMc537: heehee
SpotsKnight: the old man must have been Stanley
Labradite: Who said Agent Hayner was old?
smallbluemonkey: ooOOoo magical liquid
SpotsKnight: oops stan lee (stupid fingers)
Labradite: okay back to my story
SpotsKnight: I assumed :P yeah back to your story
Labradite: then he extended his hand holding the vial to me
Labradite: What?!?!? i screamed
Doctorwhofan6872: Yeah.. Back to her story before spots house burns down
confusethepolarity: :O
Labradite: i told him - Dude, you dont know me. i'm just some girl.
onlymetahuman: true ... must be hard to ride a pony well if you're old
Doctorwhofan6872 waves towards sbm.... Sshhh story time
confusethepolarity: A girl with a green sword tho
Labradite: he then told me that i was actually the decedent of a royal family from some small town. ya know those details aren't important :P
Doctorwhofan6872 totally sees Lab telling Izzie a bedtime story.
onlymetahuman: Colostomy, Alabama.
Doctorwhofan6872: Royalty. Nice
confusethepolarity: this an Almost Royal kinda thing?
Labradite: but i had royal blood running through my veins. and that was what was needed to ignite the super powers
LesMc537: Princess Rockstar!
TinyDancer485: empress of the universe
onlymetahuman: wouldn't it more be like ... catalyse than ignite?
Labradite: do you wanna tell the story of my morning onlymetahuman???
onlymetahuman: no no
confusethepolarity suspends reality
onlymetahuman: you go on :P
Labradite: so i knew that the fate of chicago was all on me
TinyDancer485: and the fate of the World!
Labradite: i drank the liquid. it was icky. kinda like licorice with an aftertaste of clams
confusethepolarity: eww
TinyDancer485: yuck
Labradite: it was super gross
onlymetahuman: liquorice doesn't taste so bad...
Labradite: but i could feel myself getting stronger
confusethepolarity: that's a high price to pay for super powers....should've asked for bubblegum flavor
Labradite: i started asking a million questions
Labradite: Agent Hayner put his hand up and told me that we were running out of time
Labradite: we bolted out of the museum and back to the ponies
LesMc537: ponies!
confusethepolarity: moar ponies
Labradite: and started riding north on the jogging path up to Navy Pier
Agriffindor: same pony's i think
onlymetahuman: what about the joggers?
VeeMJ27: wow this story gets better and better
Labradite: there were only a few. it's too cold for that
confusethepolarity: no one stands in lab's way
TinyDancer485: they moved out of the way, cause they could sense the importance of the quest
onlymetahuman: ok
Labradite: while we were riding i started getting scared
Hues_of_Blue_23: meta, the channel rules say LISTEN to the mods, not comment on what they're saying :)
Labradite: what had i gotten myself into
onlymetahuman: i can do both, hues, to be very fair
Labradite: was i strong enough to defeat a whole slew of ships commanded by dead pirates
Labradite: how in the hell was i supposed to defeat a bunch of dead pirates anyway
confusethepolarity: and technically not listening
Labradite: and how long was my butt gonna be numb from riding this pony from one side of chicago to the other
stile99: dead ninjas?
confusethepolarity: with a coin and a drop of blood?
Labradite: we got to the pier and i could see the boats in the distance
Labradite: but i needed answers now
confusethepolarity: numb butts will get you every time
Labradite: i told agent hayner that i had trusted him this far, but now he had to start talking
Labradite: and what he said next made my heart sink
Labradite: he didn't know what to do
VeeMJ27:  :O
TinyDancer485: oh noooo!
Doctorwhofan6872: I foresee a KAPOW coming
Labradite: he didn't know what to expect from the pirates
Doctorwhofan6872: Oh no...
confusethepolarity: dohhhhh
SpotsKnight gasps
Labradite: he didn't even know what effect the liquid from the Furay Stone would have on me
SpotsKnight: please save me Lab! I don't wanna be killed by dead pirates
TinyDancer485: and he made you drink it anyway?!?
Agriffindor: *gasp* it could have killed you
Labradite: he did know that this was the only chance that we had to save chicago
onlymetahuman: that must've been why he "trusted" you with it
onlymetahuman: that slimy bastard
Labradite: the risk of one to possibly save millions
Labradite: i could feel my anger start to boil
confusethepolarity: uhoh
Labradite: i had trusted this man and it was just the blind leading the blind
confusethepolarity: Never trust a man on a horse?
LesMc537 realizes, thankfully, there was no noble sacrifice since we are being regaled this story
confusethepolarity: or pony
Doctorwhofan6872 sits in the corner listening to the story .. Like ewoks listening to C3-PO
Labradite: but out of the corner of my eye i saw a line of black clouds rolling in over lake
confusethepolarity passes out the popcorn
VeeMJ27: oh no!
Hues_of_Blue_23: Les, there's undead pirates, there could be an undead storyteller...
VeeMJ27 takes the popcorn vee also thanks confuse
LesMc537: nooooooo
TinyDancer485: don't say that hues!
confusethepolarity: ooh ominous clouds
onlymetahuman: is being undead the same as being a ghost? like undead says "body" to me, but ghost says ethereal spirit
Labradite: but the clouds were moving faster than the pirate ships
Labradite: they were moving fast and right at us
confusethepolarity: go clouds go
Doctorwhofan6872: Black clouds are nasty... Sometimes magical... Or deadly... I'm scared
stile99: Lab gets angry, angry clouds appear. Always keep Lab happy.
Labradite: i focused my attention on the danger that was moving towards us
stile99 offers chocolate to appease Lab
confusethepolarity: words to live by, stile
SpotsKnight: les don't be so sure, Lab could have been turned into a dead pirate in order to defeat them.
Doctorwhofan6872 hugs next to Vee and hues in desperation and worry
dashi112: a dead pirate?
VeeMJ27: what? im not scared :)
TinyDancer485: i know lab is going to safe us, i just know!
Labradite: i started to count the ships in the distance
Labradite: but as far as my eye could see both north and south was just a line of ships
confusethepolarity: 1...2...5
Hues_of_Blue_23: 3 sir
confusethepolarity cheers for Hues
stile99 plays "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" softly in the background
Labradite: i started to get worried. i had felt this power inside of me but hadn't seen any manifestation that i could actually do anything
Labradite: just like that the black clouds started to dissipate
Labradite: what what
confusethepolarity: sounds like a florida thunderstorm
onlymetahuman: maybe your power was there all along???? after all, you knew how to ride the pony...
Labradite: so i started trying to focus my energy on forming a black thunder cloud right over the huge boss boat that was sailing right towards the pier
Labradite: the cloud formed
confusethepolarity: Use the force!
Labradite: at the exact same moment i saw lighting strike the mass of the boat i felt an echo of the thunder vibrate through me
Labradite: dude it was cool.
SpotsKnight: ooohh Like Storm?
confusethepolarity: labrastorm
Labradite: i looked back over my shoulder to Agent Hayner, but he had moved to the other side of the pier and had started barking out orders to the CPD
Labradite: all i could think of at that time was a stall tactic
Labradite: so i started trying to control the tide
Labradite: push the boats back
Labradite: make them canada's problem
stile99: heh heh heh
confusethepolarity: push it real good
onlymetahuman: i see lab has gone into the morally grey territory ... protecting chicago ... at what canadian cost
confusethepolarity: #heroproblems
Labradite: but i was having problems focusing my powers
Labradite: there were too many boats
TinyDancer485: use your anger!
stile99: Yes, use your anger. Give in to the Dark Side!
stile99: We have cookies, and casual Fridays.
confusethepolarity: lol
Labradite: i started getting angry that i had been put in this position without any guidance
onlymetahuman: don't do it lab there is light still inside you
Labradite: they had left me alone on the pier looking at a wall of ships
Labradite: the black clouds started rolling in again
SpotsKnight: hey I live in chicago area, I don't want to be killed by ghost pirates. And the canadians will friend them back to the grave.
Labradite: i started focusing my anger on the pirates
confusethepolarity: focus, lab! focus!
Labradite: they were the ones invading my city
Labradite: clouds got darker
LesMc537: get 'em girl!
stile99: I just overheard one of those pirates talking smack about your mother. You gonna put up with that?
Labradite: who did they think they were
TinyDancer485: make 'em pay
onlymetahuman: ghost pirates
Labradite: the waves got choppier and lighting started flashing so much that i had to put on my sun glasses
Labradite: and cause it looked bad ***
onlymetahuman: KAPOW
Labradite: KAPOW
TinyDancer485: lookin' fly
confusethepolarity: hehehe
confusethepolarity: terminator glasses or top gun glasses?
Labradite: aviator of course
confusethepolarity: cool
Labradite: the water is getting so choppy that they boats are out of control
Labradite: ramming into each other
Snowjoke: Captain Jack style glasses
Labradite: fires are breaking out on the boats
Labradite: but the big boss boat which was in front of the others is still coming fast
Labradite: at that point i hear shouting behind me
Labradite: the FBI had showed up
Labradite: and the AADP
stile99: those buzzkills?
Labradite: but of course the AADP had control over the FBI cause it's obvi their territory
confusethepolarity: step aside ma'am...we got this
Labradite: the FBI starts shooting these big gun thingies but they seem to bounce off of the boats
stile99: "Step aside"? Never annoy someone who experiences pleasure when there is thunder...and can create it at will.
Labradite: i realize that since the pirates are dead and a freak of nature that the only way to correct the situation is using mother nature herself
Labradite: small funnels start appearing up and down the lake causing the boats to ram even harder into each other
Labradite: but the captain's boat is almost to the shore
Labradite: with the captain standing right at the front
Labradite: i could feel his eyes glaring right at me
Labradite: which only angered me more
Labradite: the funnels got stronger
Labradite: i could feel the warmth from the fires that were breaking out on the boats
Labradite: i kept my focus on the funnels knowing that a captain is only as strong as his army
Labradite: but i realized then that the smoke rising from the fires wasn't a natural black but the same green of the liquid from the furay stone
Labradite: (are you all done?)
JuDGe1232: Still listening in rapt awe at your morning, here
TinyDancer485: yep me too, also sorting out dinner, but mostly listening
stile99: on the edge of my seat
CompanionBre is trying to see how long Lab can go on!
CompanionBre: The Neverending Story: Lab Edition
Labradite: so as the green smoke rises into the air i feel myself getting stronger
Labradite: i start to see the fire is starting to destroy some of the boats, but instead of just sinking they erupt into a green flash
Labradite: the flash starts to happen up and down the coast line
Labradite: but the captain's boat is almost to the shore
onlymetahuman: we've all had mornings like that
confusethepolarity: lol meta
confusethepolarity: with and without ponies
Labradite: i tell myself to just trust my instincts. they have done well for me so far
SpotsKnight: I'm waiting to find out if Lab saved me or if I have become a dead pirate too.
Labradite: i look over my shoulder and see agent hayner there. i can read the worry on his face as he looks at the proximity of the captain's boat
onlymetahuman: "and everyone was saved. except for you, spotsknight."
confusethepolarity: for the good of the many, spots, it had to be done
Labradite: i can't imagine a way to take him out so focus my attention back to the storm over the lake.
Labradite: at this point more than half of the dead pirate navy has been destroyed
SpotsKnight: meta that is very possible. I live right outside of chicago. if she defeats them after they get outside of chicago, I could be a victim.
Labradite: most of the other boats are on fire so i know that it's just a waiting game
onlymetahuman: maybe they're aliens?
Labradite: but the waiting game is now over
JuDGe1232: Meta: Surely now you're just making stuff up...
Labradite: the captain's boat has hit the beach
SpotsKnight: I'm feeling a little optimistic that I was not killed and turned into a dead pirate. I think she is going to win this.
confusethepolarity: maybe you should've called MIB
stile99: and now...Lab gets REALLY annoyed...
SpotsKnight: oh no, he made it to the beach?
Labradite: the pier under my feet shakes as it hits the sand.
confusethepolarity: lol judge
confusethepolarity: oh boy.....that captain's in trouble now
Labradite: the ferris wheel behind me creaks as if feels the impact
onlymetahuman: victory is a-shored
JuDGe1232 groan
confusethepolarity: lol
Labradite: the captain climbs down the rope of the boat that has docked 50yds from where i stand.
Labradite: when his feet touch the sand i feel his eyes once again rest upon me
confusethepolarity: that too
Labradite: and dude is he ugly
onlymetahuman: does he have any gold teeth
Labradite: 4
onlymetahuman: are they real gold or plated
confusethepolarity: and a parrot?
Labradite: real gold
Labradite: no parrot.
onlymetahuman: wow, handsome.
confusethepolarity: dang
confusethepolarity: how bout an eyepatch?
confusethepolarity: and a pegleg?
Labradite: i exchanged a worrisome look with agent hayner. this is where the real battle begins
onlymetahuman: don't be silly confuse
Labradite: the captain begins to walk towards me. every step has purpose.
Labradite: i run down to the other side of the pier
Labradite: so that i can also get to the beach
confusethepolarity sings put one foot in front of the other
onlymetahuman: Maybe this for background while we are at the end (some boss music):
Labradite: the fear and anger starts boiling up inside of me
Labradite: his other men have all de-shipped
Labradite: and prepare for battle
Labradite: there is a line of AADP agents behind me
Labradite: armed with bows and arrows
confusethepolarity: they got your back
Labradite: all the arrows have a sharp stone tip
onlymetahuman: fip fip furay
Labradite: nature against the anti-nature
Labradite: the captain and i lock eyes and it begins
Labradite: the agents and the pirates begin to battle
Labradite: arrows whizzing past me
confusethepolarity: wooooooooooooo
Labradite: but i dont know what i can do
Labradite: i'm unarmed.
onlymetahuman: use the power!!
Labradite: my powers seem to deal with weather
Labradite: on a mass scale
TinyDancer485: fry him with lightning!
onlymetahuman: hailstones the size of houses
Labradite: i pirate comes charging at me
Labradite: and an arrow pierces his empty rib cage
Labradite: he vanishes in the green flash
Labradite: i pick up his sword
Labradite: that's when the captain decides it's time for him to take action
Labradite: him and i get into this epic sword fight
Labradite: like ALL the epic
TinyDancer485: D:
Labradite: but his skills were too good
Labradite: and it's hard to sword fight on sand
Labradite: i moved onto the defense
onlymetahuman: D:
TinyDancer485: ohh noo be careful!
Labradite: watching his body language knowing where he was gonna swing the sword next
Labradite: and having my sword there to block it
Labradite: but i was still losing ground
TinyDancer485: good, don't let him catch you off guard!
Labradite: my feet were naturally moving backwards so that i had more time to decipher what his next move was
onlymetahuman: Go for a cho mai!
Labradite: i knew that it was only time before i ran out of room and had my back against one of the huge rock formations on the beach
TheAdiposeTV: In Adi we trust
AdiBot: Have no fear, AdiBot is here. You are now earning 1 AdiGold every 30 mins
Labradite: just at that time i catch the visual of Agent Hayner riding in on the pony with a sword high over his head
LesMc537: please don't hurt the pony
TinyDancer485: if that pirate hurt the pony....
SpotsKnight: adi sshhhh it is story time still. I'm waiting to see if Lab saves me. lol
CompanionBre:  :D
onlymetahuman: ponycharge
CompanionBre: e-pony
Labradite: Agent Hayner and pony charge the captain and hayner takes a huge swing at the back of the captain
Labradite: the sword makes contact but is only a small distraction to the captain
LesMc537: finish him off!
Labradite: the captain spins around and stabs agent hayner
TinyDancer485: oh noooo!
Labradite: he falls off the pony
Labradite: and dies
TinyDancer485: awwwww
Snowjoke:  :(
SpotsKnight: nnoooo
LesMc537: it's all up to Princess Rockstar now!
onlymetahuman: r.i.p. hayner
onlymetahuman was expecting him to go up in a green flash...
CompanionBre:  :( later Hayner
Labradite: a ring of green fire appears around me and explodes throughout the beach
Labradite: when the green fire reaches the pirates they erupt in the green flash
onlymetahuman: yass!!!
TinyDancer485: take that pirates!
Labradite: i am left weakened from this sudden drain of energy. to weak to notice that the captain was standing inside the ring with me
Labradite: and that he is unharmed
onlymetahuman: noooo
LesMc537: noooo
Labradite: my knees give out from under me and i fall to the sand
TinyDancer485: Nooooo
onlymetahuman: you couldn't s(t)and any longer..
Labradite: the captain takes this time to draw his sword up high and brings it down to take my life
onlymetahuman: D:
CompanionBre: Come on Lab, you can rise up!
SpotsKnight: no so Lab IS a dead pirate after all. :(
LesMc537: vaporize him!
Labradite: but in the split second that it takes him to do that - he is hit in the back by my pony!!!!
TinyDancer485: stab him in the gut!
TinyDancer485: Pony!!!!
onlymetahuman: pony!!!!!!!!!!
SpotsKnight: yay pony to the rescue
CompanionBre: Yay pony! <3
TheAdiposeTV: do you want your own story telling stream
Labradite: do you want me to stop?
TheAdiposeTV: no
Labradite: i can wrap it up fast
TheAdiposeTV: ill just stream when you finish
TheAdiposeTV sits crossed legged and listens
Labradite: so the pony just knocks him off aim and he stabs my shoulder instead
LesMc537 is on the edge of her seat
CompanionBre:  :O
onlymetahuman: oh no your shoulder
TinyDancer485: ouch
onlymetahuman: is your arm still attached
Labradite: since it was the blood that mixed with the liquid that gave me the power
Labradite: another flash of energy circled out from me and the pirate died
Labradite: the end
onlymetahuman: yayyy!!!
TinyDancer485: Huzzahh death to the ghostly pirates!
Labradite: and now i have a pony
onlymetahuman: 15 gold to lab

Labradite: the very end

And that was Story Time with Lab! Tune in next time for...well, I don't know, but knowing us, it's likely to be something completely different!

All story credit goes to Labradite. Rapt, attentive comments are attributed to  TinyDancer485, CompanionBre, SpotsKnightLesMc537stile99, confusethepolarityJuDGe1232, dashi112Snowjoke, Doctorwhofan6872VeeMJ27, and Agriffindor. All snide remarks are courtesy of onlymetahuman, and the snide remarks in response to those snide remarks were made by Hues_of_Blue_23.


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