Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to play with Adi

Ever wanted to be on a stream with Adi?

As you know, Adi often likes to have Posse members join him on streams to play or talk about games with him. If you've always wanted to join the stream, but have never had the chance, here is your rough guide to getting on stream!

The short answer is - there is no way to guarantee getting on a stream. Adi plays what he wants when he wants with who he wants. However there are certain things you can do to increase or decrease your chances of being included. Do remember though that this is primarily a viewing channel - you're here to watch Adi not to join Adi so nothing is guaranteed and even if you do make it on it will only be for a stream or two!

Sorry to start negative but that's how it is. There is no 'right' to appear on a stream and ultimately its about what Adi wants to do and what makes an entertaining show. Adi is here to have fun - same as you - it isn't a service or consumer product that comes with certain benefits.

That said, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of the stream invite:

1. Be active in the chat. Get involved, make friends, be popular. Don't annoy people. Become a valued member of our community.

2. Join the posse. No posse, no stream.

3. Get a nickname colour and icon. Adi only reads the on screen chat so make yourself stand out.

4. Do some jobs! Adi likes to reward those who help him out. So write an article for the blog. Take over responsibility for updating something. Let us know your skillset and what you would enjoy doing for the community.

5. Make sure you have a good quality mic, skype and know how to use it. There have been some unfortunate incidents where Adi has had to hang up on people to due background noise, not able to hear each other, people unable to mute stream, etc etc etc. Adi likes to run a professional yet chaotic show and your sound output would need to be good too.

6. Be entertaining on the mic. Adi doesn't wanna play with mutes so you gotta be willing to talk. Just remember it's Adi's show so don't talk non-stop and don't talk over him. Don't narrate everything you're doing - thats Adi's job. Just talk when appropriate, funny or interesting. And remember - people can't see your screen!

7. Get involved in social medias and other competitions. Retweet Adi's stuff. Enter HS or other random competitions. Enter the giveaways. Generally just be a part of the stuff we do!

8. Don't spam Adi with messages or ideas or constantly tell him how to do things in games. Constantly messaging or talking to him actually has the opposite effect. Get involved in the COMMUNITY and become and valued member there.

The streams where Adi is most often looking for co-hosts is Doctor Who episode reviews. He occasionally looks for Hearthstone co-hosts too. Multiplayer games do happen but they are a lot rarer.

Agriffindor and Tabi have also worked together to create a questionnaire to find out what streams people would like to be a part of. This will give Adi your contact details and let him know what types of stream you would be interested in. It will also let him see your steam account so he can see what games you've played and how long you've spent on them.

You can fill out the questionnaire here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FGW4OlGMzk-7psgynlyqOK4JLNj6y2vF44TEJeNF-K0/viewform

Remember, this invitation is for Posse members only! And there is no obligation to WANT to be on a stream - if it's not for you - its cool!


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