Saturday, 14 February 2015

Posse News - Feb 14

More news? So soon? Oh, yes!

There's always something happening so there is always more news! We'll see if we're able to keep it shorter than normal since some of you are about to get your travel on!

Gallifrey One is happening now! Are you there or attending at all this weekend? I'm tasking you with a mission: Find Susan and Lee!! (They also have the Tiniest Rebel with them!) Get your badge ribbon and if you caught this week's Doctor Who: Legacy stream, you know they may have something special if you ask nicely! Be sure to stop by and see them each day to get yourself some awesome codes. Don't forget they'll also be taking the stage Saturday at 4pm to discuss the game and answer some questions. Maybe they brought one of your questions along from Thursday’s stream!

As Posse members from all over the world start making their way to Cardiff this weekend, those of us who could not make the trip will still have plenty to keep us busy. You can work on February's Hearthstone ranking competition. Saturday the 14th  is the last day to let Adi know you want in! Don't forget to use the #AdiHearthstone tag so he can find your rank posts on Twitter.

You could also catch up on the latest Infamous roleplay videos, check out the start of Far Cry 4 roleplay, and check out what you may have missed this week on Twitch. Or head back to and check out all the site has to offer. We've got loads of great submissions by the awesome Posse members including reviews, recipes quotes and I've gotten word that we'll soon have story time with THE Rockstar Mod herself, Labradite! Make sure you check back for more information on that!

Word in the chat is that little IzziePose and super mommy ClariePose are both under the weather. Be sure to send lots of well wishes and positive thoughts that they feel better fast so the whole Pose family can enjoy a getaway in Cardiff for the AdiMeet! Adi: Make sure you consume lots of Baileys and bathe in hand sanitizer to keep the plague at bay.

Outside of that, folks, have a wonderful weekend. If you're celebrating all things lovey dovey, Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy 50% off chocolate day on Sunday! Safest travels to those heading to the meet. And those of us, like me, that are about to enter another blizzard weekend, stay warm, stay safe and charge your electronics.

Told you we were keeping this one short!

As always, be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

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