Saturday, 28 February 2015

Posse News - Feb 28

Happy weekend, Posse! The news is back!

What a crazy month. And short. February’s been flying by! Between the Adi Meet and Gallifrey One, what an incredible month it’s been!

From Far Cry 4 to Posse Wrasslin’ to Doctor Who: Legacy and more, Adi’s been a busy bee since the Poses made their way home from Cardiff. Those that attended the Adi Meet shared plenty of pictures and have some great stories. They were even surprised with some special gifts from attendees as well as Lee and Susan! We had a chance to see some pictures and hear some stories during a review stream that you can check out.

Speaking of Lee and Susan, we got to hear all about Gallifrey One and talk to PixelWho on the Doctor Who: Legacy stream from the 19th. Hearty congratulations to cigargent, shidohari and lazerwulf who had their submitted questions read during the Doctor Who: Legacy panel at Gallifrey One. During the Doctor Who: Legacy stream on the 12th chatters were asked to submit questions that could be asked during the panel. The winners each won some of the awesome convention ribbons! Fantastic prizes from the incredible Susan and Lee!

This week’s Doctor Who: Legacy stream brought some exciting discussion about another convention coming up that directly involves our very own Posse member, RealTegan! She busted her butt to rally the Posse troops and got the folks at Anglicon very interested in the Doctor Who: Legacy and the PixelWho folks. So interested in fact that Lee and Susan will be heading to Seattle to participate! Head over to to get all the information and check out the guest list so far! Interested in going to Anglicon? There’s a discount code you can use! Just enter LegacyWho while registering and receive 10% off the cost! Awesome stuff!

During the Doctor Who: Legacy stream on the 26th, Susan also mentioned that the Tiniest Rebel wasn’t feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better, Lanyon!

We’ve had lots of Posse Wrasslin happening. We also had…SUMMER SLAM! If you missed that stream, head over and watch. You’ll get a chance to see something you have never, ever seen a wrestling ring do.

There’s been more than just gaming going on. We are also continuing with our relaunched Doctor Who review shows! Last weekend was a review of The Lazarus Experiment. Join us this Sunday as we review the next episode in Season 3 of the relaunch:  42.

We also have a bunch of new Posse members that just joined up including some long time chatters! TheAutismRob, liverpoolrose, Aeniala, LegendGHT, luvs10s_nz, Elthesh, Aiscrazy1, dashi112, kyhawkeye, and Iamprofessorriversong! Welcome to the greatest group of Poses there has ever been! Head over to the Posse page to check out all our fantastic members. Want to know how you can join us? We’ll you’re in luck because we can tell you how AND we can answer your questions about the Posse as well!

Make sure you check in with us here at for updates on our February competition winners. We’ve got some Hearthstone ranking going on as well as the #AwkwardAdi competition. Winners will be announced soon and you don’t want to miss out on the #AwkwardAdi picture submissions!

What else? What else? Oh just a little Story Time With Lab!! It’s here and it’s amazing! Here’s your chance to relive the glory or revel in it for the first time then read it over and over! Thanks, Labradite! So glad you saved that for us to have forever!

We have a couple birthdays! A super Happy Birthday to mousycherise who celebrated on the 22nd and kenwilliams84 who had his turn on the 24th!

We also have some Posse-versaries to celebrate! Happy Posse-versary to roryinscrubs and emma_jade123! Cheers to another six months of Posse awesomeness!

As always, be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

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