Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Posse News - Feb 3

February! Already?! News? Let's go!

The year is flying by! Crazy to think it's been well over a month since we said goodbye to 2014.

Now that January's over we should be hearing about the Hearthstone ranking competition and the #MakeAdiBig challenge. Make sure you’re following Adi to be notified of any streams or website/social media postings announcing January's winners!

Adi's pop up Doctor Who: Legacy streams are chugging along and he's doing great! Expert levels may push you to frustration but Adi won't give up! Are you struggling with Expert levels? Hopefully you have gained access to the Fan Area and used the first Fan Appreciation Week of 2015 to level up all your companions and Doctors with the bonus XP and time fragment drops.  Your teams typically need to consist of characters that are at least level 40 and if you’re still finding it a bit difficult, you're in luck! Our very own rockstar Mod, Labradite, has been working her butt off on a fantastic strategy guide that may give you the ideas and boost you need to get all those great Expert characters! Check out the guide and stop by the chat to let us know how the strategy guide is working for you!  Thanks, Lab! 
Speaking of Doctor Who: Legacy, Lee and Susan also sent out the first community letter of 2015 outlining all the crazy goodness coming down the pipeline and we had a chance to hear a little more about it during the Doctor Who: Legacy stream last week. If you haven't had a chance to read that, make sure you fix that fast.  Also, this week's Thursday Doctor Who: Legacy stream is the final stream that is starting one hour LATER than usual. So make sure you join us an hour later than the streams (If you are on Adi time, it will be at 9pm instead of the usual 8pm. In the US, it would be 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific. Be sure to check your handy World Time Zone Map or stop by the chat if you need help figuring out what time the stream will be live in your neck of the woods!) Next week we return to our normal stream times!

We've had plenty of other streaming happening, too. Don't you worry! Adi's completed the InFamous roleplay so be on the lookout for the additional episodes as they start to roll out! Posse Wrasslin had the unbelievably epic Royal Rumble! And we even had some Dominion Online, Rock Band 3 and Theme Hospital streams pop up this week!

Adi gave away a copy of Steam game BattleBlock Theater earlier today during a Posse Wrasslin stream. Congratulations to Posse member CompanionBre for winning herself a copy of what looks to be another super fun game from the team at The Behemoth. Joining us in chat for streams and being a Posse member has perks for sure! This game giveaway was an Adigold raffle. What is Adigold and how do you get yours? Head over and read all about it! Don’t miss your chance to win next!

We've had a couple Doctor Who review streams! The review stream on Sunday the 25th for The Shakespeare Code with Adi and Clarie (and even IzziePose made an appearance instead of sleeping). This past weekend’s Doctor Who review show was for Season 3, Episode 3: Gridlock. Adi was joined by several Posse members discussing their thoughts on the episode. Many thanks to RealTegan joining for her first stream call, Doctor Who knowledge bank Agrajag42 and what is a Doctor Who review stream without Dashi112?! Next Sunday Adi and Clarie will be reviewing TWO episodes! Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks! Get watching and join us in the chat to review and discuss the episode! Maybe you'll get a chance to call into the stream to share your thoughts!

On to some news about our Posse peeps!

A very Happy Birthday to the amazingly talented Penultimate21 on February 2nd! Seriously, have you seen this woman's artwork? She is also a huge help to our favorite game creators, Lee and Susan, and works tirelessly on the Doctor Who: Legacy tumblr page! Check out all of the awesome!

We'd also like to wish a happy Posse-versary to Henoir99! Our resident rooster has been making his mark as an official Posse member for a mere six months but he has proven that you never want to cross a chicken in the wrasslin ring!

So many quotes have happened!! Last Sunday and Monday brought a double header of Celeloth's quotes for the weeks of Jan. 4-10 and Jan. 11-17. Yesterday's quotes post brings us up to the week of Jan. 18-24. Binge on the hilarity! Thank you, Celeloth! We love you for doing this!
You know what information I've been saving, right? Less than TWO WEEKS until the Adi-meet invades Cardiff! So jealous of all the fun and debauchery that will be had. Cardiff will never be the same!

As always, be sure to follow Adi on TwitchTwitterFacebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

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