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Quotes! Jan. 18-24

January 18, 2015 – January 24, 2015

< Best of the Adipose livestreams >

Adi Practicing Doctor Who: Legacy
Agragagajagajag: “And now you are all stunned.”
Adi: “Including the guy that cures stun. That’s so helpful.”

CompanionBre: “I actually like the Third Doctor.”
Adi: “Isn’t he judo chop?”
CompanionBre: “Venusian Aikido.”
Adi: “That’s what I said.”

Adi: “Do the bombs actually work on the Great Intelligence?”
CompanionBre: “I don’t know.”
Adi: “Let’s find out!”
Empress_Labradite: “DON’T USE THE BOMB.”
[Ten minutes later]
Adi: “I did not see anything when Mickey’s bomb went off. . .”
Agnitti: “What? You mean bombs did nothing? Just as we said?”
Empress_Labradite: “LLOL Agnitti.”

Adi: “If the store only shows what you don’t have . . . I thought I already had all of the Doctor’s portraits?”
CompanionBre: “Are you sure?”
TinyDancer485: “Click on it and see.”
Adi: “I have two out of the three. Oh. You know where I have these costumes?”
CompanionBre: “Where?”
Adi: “On the title screen. That’s embarrassing.”

Adi: “Is there any other character that you want me to level up? Like ones that you were so cofused that I don’t have.”
CompanionBre: “Adipose.”
Adi: “Oh right.”
CompanionBre: “That was one of the ones I leveled up straight away.”
Adi: “Well, you know that in a survey of the hottest characters, where it was like the Doctor and the Captain and the adipose, the adipose won.”
Agragagajagajag: “What was the name of that survey?”
Adi: “IT WAS  A JOKE.”

Adi: “This is like Don’t Starve, except it’s don’t get murdered by another gem matcher.”

[Doctor Who Legacy game noise]
Adi: “Is someone watching the stream?”
TinyDancer485: “Not me.”
Adi: “Or is someone playing Legacy?”
ROOSToir: “Oh yes, it’s me, let me turn the sound off.”
[Noise gets louder]
Agragagajagajag: “OUCH.”
Adi: “Other way, Henoir.”
[Noise gets even louder]
ROOSToir: “Sorry.”
Agragagajagajag: “Take his gold, ouch.”
Adi: “When did you all get so bloodthirsty?”

Adi: “Well done, Adi, you went for a six combo and ended up with a no combo. That is just exactly what I intended to – oh. Huzzah! They died. Somehow. So – TEN WAVES?! There are TEN WAVES? Lee. . . . What does he think people are doing with their lives? I’ve got a giveaway to give away.”

Adi: “I really liked that team. Pity I never got to use any of their abilities. [pause] not sure while I really liked the team since I didn’t use their abilities.”

Adi: “It would seem that the teller is immune for the next . . .  996 turns. Which. Might be a bit excessive. Might.”

Adi: “I thought I ended this stream 30 mins ago. And wow there are 90 still watching me fail at amusing Izzie.”
TinyDancer485: “Izzie is amazing at legacy!”
Teganator: “Izzie is awesome.”
Smallbluemonkey: “I think she will complete madman in a box before adi (; “

Doctor Who Episode Review: Smith & Jones
Clarie: “The Judoon are kinda evil – ”
Adi: “Ummmmm. . .”
Clarie: “Well, they do bring up the hospital and leave it there.”
Adi: “I’d say more like really incompetent policemen.”
Claire: “Well, I think – oh no, I lost my train of thought.”

Adi: “One thing that did annoy me was that after the Doctor got his blood sucked out, he gets revived by CPR. And I know that is me being pedantic, but like . . . he got his blood sucked out and then he got CPR and one does not cure the other.”

Adi: “And tenant wearing blue!”
Clarie: “I thought you said that was later.”
Adi: “I did. But I must have been wrong. Unless Dashi corrects me.”
dashi112: “I . . . didn’t really pay attention to what he was wearing.”
Adi: “Why are you hear then?”

Adi: “I feel like if the Master was his half-brother, he’d never stop talking about it . . . and maybe the Doctor would like sense him.”
Clarie: “Sense him?”
Adi: “They do have a bit of ESP yeah. Like me.”
Clarie: “You can sense Kren?”
Adi: “Yeah. Mainly cuz of the smell.”

Welcome to the Posse
Clarie: “Can you cover the camera with Izzie?”
Adi: “With Izzie? Cuz she’s on my lap or literally with Izzie? Never mind. Camera is now covered with Izzie!”

Adibot: “Blutech: TADAAA”
Adi: “Oh. Whoops. I did not know that was gonna come up on screen. When I added the donator star, it asked me for a message and I didn’t know what that meant so I just wrote ‘TADAAA’.”
Clarie: “It’s a good thing that’s all you wrote.”

Posse Up: Don’t Starve
Adi: “How do I turn off these mods? Is there a button or  . . . do I just shut down the whole game?”
Bisheh: “Not like I’ve played it before.”
Adi: “Fine. I’ll just shut down the whole thing.”

Si: “I started a little fire.”
Adi: “Is that a real little fire or something that’s gonna turn into a raging inferno?”
Si: “I started another one, if not.”
Adi: “Oh goodie.”

Si: “I want my lighter. . .”
Adi: “I want to be reunited with life. Who has it worse, huh? Huh?”
Si: “I do. What is life without my lighter?”

Adi: “It’s dark and scary and I’m dead. Although I guess since I’m dead, it’s not very scary. God this song is going nowhere. . .”
Si: “All of your songs are so melancholy.”
Adi: “Melon colony? Seriously?”
Si: “I said melancholy!”
Adi: “A colony of melons, that’s what you think it is. A colony of melons. Someone needs to go draw this.”
beeporama: “He's a pyro-melon-ac!!! It is really hard to do comic timing well on a thirty second delay. :( “
Adi: “What if there was a melon colony kernel? Like a melancholy melon colony kernel? And, and they could have sweet corn. So it could be the melancholy melon colony kernel eating the melon colony’s kernels.”
CompanionBre: “Melon Colony's Colonel's Kernel.”

Doctor Who: Legacy with Andrew James!!!
Adi: “So the guy I’m fighting now. . . It looks an awful lot like ARC. Is it indeed ARC or like his brother or twin or cousin or something? I’m in a different level by the way.”

Andrew: “Well, the thing is, essentially everything can be a backdoor pilot. But we can’t have 13 ongoing stories or retailer’s heads would explode.”
Adi: “I don’t know, I feel like Lee and Susan would try it.”
Andrew: “Well, I always try to squeeze in a little bit of sleep when we can, but I think that would demolish it.”

Adi: “And here is the code, people! It will give 5 of each fragment to upgrade your characters so you can start trying to be as awesome as me. Now, the bad news. I’m afraid Susan has gone through a transformation and now sounds a little more Welsh and a little more male.”
Lee: “Hi.”

Adi: “Andrew has just sent me all the links, so now I will spam them into chat, and hopefully I won’t get banned from my own show.”

Adi: “It must be hard to make sure the new players are catered to, the older players played are catered to, the causal players are catered to, and the OH MY GOD I JUST DIED characters are catered to.”

Lee: “Oh you’re not dead?”
Adi: “WHAT IS THIS???”
Lee: “I don’t know, I haven’t caught up yet. Just don’t die. That would look bad on stream.”

Posse Wrestling
Adi: “Let’s play an Adi drinking game.”
Empress_Labradite: “Done it. Still don’t have my t-shirt.”
Adi: “You have? When? What were the rules?
Empress_Labradite: “We’ve talked about this. Oh, right, you were drnk
Adi: “We should drink a figner every time I say, ‘oh really’?”
Blutech: “Fingers? What the heck is that??”
Agnitti: “An amount equal to the width of a finger.”
Agriffindor: “the thing on the ends of your hand, blu?”

Adi: “Oh I literally punched him out the ring! I’m so amazing. And I threw him through the stairs. Although that was an accident.”

Empress_Labradite: “Don’t play as me.”
Adi: “But you wanted me to.”
Empress_Labradite: “And then you got trashed
Adi: “I’ve had one glass!”
Empress_Labradite: “And you’re a lightweight.”

Adi: “I have lost the ability to vocalize what is going on in the match. So instead I will sing a single note and the note will slowly change depending on what is going on in the match.”

Agragagajagajag: “How many are coming to the Adi-meet?”
Empress_Labradite: “I think about fifteen.”
Adi: “But then Spud joined.”
Empress_Labradite: “He was included. The little one wasn’t though.”
Adi: “Who’s little one? What little one?”
Empress_Labradite: “YOUR DAUGHTER.”

Adi: “The credits button isn’t working. So I’m just staring awkwardly at it. Ah. There we go. Now it’s playing twice. We should talk over them like the old news. Anyone got any paper to shuffle?”
Empress_Labradite: “I have a book.”
AmazingTabiCat: “I have popcorn.”

< Best of Adipose’s Chat >

Adi: “Yes, the time lord title is a big arrogant. I mean imagine if we called ourselves kings of the . . . I don’t know, the world.”
Queen_Bunnifer: “So, do they have Time Commoners or something? Time peasants.”
Teganator: “Time serfs?”
DigitalImpostor: “Time steward.”
Queen_Bunnifer: “Time maids.”

TheAdiposeTV: “Am I allowed to make an inappropriate observation?”
telzey: “Always.”
Teganator: “Adi, you're allowed to do anything in this channel.”
Empress_Labradite: “Have you ever asked for permission before?”
Lux: “Well, it is your channel. . .”
Agnitti: “Since when have you asked permission?
TheAdiposeTV: “Since tiny became a mod and cross about the boob comments.”
JenD: “Go ahead, Adi.”

TheMetahuman: “I just had to describe a lanyard as a "neck ribbon noose thing" so I'm not sure I should be trusted with words.”
Lux: probably not meta

Empress_Labradite: “Is he gonna tell Bish not to wander around in the dark?”
CompanionBre: “Hehehehe. Looks like . . . . no.”
mousycherise: “Adi is letting them learn on his own. Like he did.”
JenD: “This is so funny.”
mousycherise: “Adi is actually the pro in this game now.”
Empress_Labradite: “Well of course he looks like a pro playing with two people who’ve never played.”
JenD: “Pro is a little . . .”
LesMc537: “ ‘pro’.”
mousycherise: “I was being sarcastic.”
Empress_Labradite: “Adi is gonna be the pro like Meglos who dies 2 days in.”

Si: “Oh that’s my daughter.”
Emmyksama: “Did I hear a cat?”
Mousycherise: “I know, I was thinking the same emmy?”
JenD: “What, can’t you people distinguish a cat from a kid?”

Snowjoke: “!adigold”
AdiBot: “The banker says... snowjoke has 2119 AdiGold.”
Bagpiperkevin: “!adigold.”
AdiBot: “The banker says... bagpiperkevin has 1050 AdiGold.”
Blutech100: “!adigold.”
AdiBot: “The banker says... blutech100 has 941 AdiGold.”
fooligan22: “!adigold.”
AdiBot: “The banker says... fooligan22 has 735 AdiGold.”
Smallbluemonkey: “!adigold.”
AdiBot: “The banker says... smallbluemonkey has 8721 AdiGold.”
Empress_Labradite: “Monkey - You ruined it. The totals were getting smaller. Here i'll take 8k away from you and you can check it again. And then all will be better.”
smallbluemonkey: “o:”

TheMetahuman: “I only sleep when people aren't looking.”
DeuceX69:  “Kind of like a reverse angel.”
TheMetahuman: “Mhmm, I was thinking that.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “A narcoleptic angel.”
TheMetahuman: “A sleeping angel.”
Shidohari: “And that's scarier than a weeping angel.”
TheMetahuman: “Thank you, Shido. I try.”
[Teganator snores.]

All of these highlights were generated by TheAdiposeTV, Clarie Pose, and Izzie Pose, and Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, and guest stars Andrew James from Titan Comics, Agragagajagajag, CompanionBre, TinyDancer485, ROOSToir, Dashi112, Bisheh, SiTrixonian, Empress_Labradite, and AmazingTabiCat, as well as Teganator, Smallbluemonkey, beeporama, Blutech, Agnitti, Agriffindor, Queen_Bunnifer, DigitalImpostor, telzey, lucky12001, Jendivine, TheMetahuman, Mousycherise, LesMc537, Snowjoke, Bagpiperkevin, fooligan22, DeuceX69, Hues_of_Blue_23, and Shidohari


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