Saturday, 7 March 2015


It's Flashback Friday, y'all, and I figured it was about time we brought these back.

First up is smallbluemonkey's meme, which was featured in the Doctor Who: Legacy newsletter the Wednesday after he shared it on Twitter. He really captured the rage of The Adipose (and many other DWL players) with this one.

We all know that Lee's love of snowmen is only equaled by his love of sunder.

Our second and final meme for today was created by JenDivine, who inadvertently created a running joke that culminated with smallbluemonkey taking a picture of Adi in front of a Cyberman at the AdiMeet. Without further ado, it's CyberAdi!

Have you got any awesome Adi fanart that you'd like to share? Just contact me (tabitenor17) or Angelina_m in the chat!


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