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Posse News - Mar 17

Posse! I've missed you! Sometimes the very unfun pieces of real life get completely in the way of all of the fun in the Posse-verse. Just dreadful. How about some news instead?!

So much has happened! First, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yay! Did you celebrate?

Adi's had loads of streaming happening and we've even had some new games in the mix! He's completed the Far Cry 4 streams so make sure you keep up with the videos as they are posted to Youtube. If you've enjoyed Adi's roleplay of Far Cry 4 and you haven't yet checked out his other roleplay series, make sure you do! There are loads to choose from in the playlist section. Leave him a little love as you're watching. A like, a comment. Let him know you were there!

There have been plenty of other games on stream if Far Cry 4 wasn't your cup of tea. The always fantastic fan favorite Posse Wrasslin should be a go to for loads of laughs and all the title change drama you crave! We've had a Posse Up! stream with some Borderlands. Also had a little Rock Band to shake it up. But not just any Rock Band, no no. Adi really kicked it up with some Beatles Rock Band! Adi's also started taking us into the world of L.A. Noire complete with assistance from the Posse! Make sure you follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, FacebookYoutube and here at TheAdiposeTV so you don't miss out!

Of course we've had loads of our favorite gem matching game between our amazing weekly Doctor Who: Legacy streams (with guest lists that range from the incredible Legacy team members to the one and only Facebook mod extraordinaire, Sharee, marvelous Posse peeps and even actors from Doctor Who!) as well as pop up streams during Adi's race to complete the expert levels in order to bring an expert Adipose to the game! For those of you in the United States who have moved in to Daylight Savings Time, you may have noticed last week's stream wasn't at its usual time. The UK will be moving their clocks forward on March 29, so until then, the stream time will be an hour later than you are used to. The April 2 stream will be back to our time zones being in sync. Mark your calendars accordingly!

The great thing about Adi's streams is that it's not just games. The chat is active 24/7 and you'll almost always find some Posse members and Adi fans just hanging out chatting away. But in addition to the game streams, we have plenty of other streams going on as well. Are you a House of Cards fan? Have you watched Season 3 yet? Adi has and was able to share a review of the season that you can check out right here.

We're also moving right along in our weekly review streams of the relaunched Doctor Who episodes.  We recently discussed Series 3, Episode 7: 42, a double review of Series 3, Episodes 8 and 9: Human Nature/The Family of Blood and Series 3, Episode 10: Blink. Stop by the chat this week to find out about the next review show so you can join us!

Let's talk Posse!

Our very own tabitenor17 has put together a great piece looking at some Posse art. Head over to check out her Flashback Friday AdiMemes! Love it. Thanks for the images smallbluemonkey and JenDivine! 

We don't have any birthdays to announce this week. Stop by the chat and let us know if you want to be on the list so we can celebrate your day in our news section!

What we do have is tons of Posse-versaries! A whopping THIRTEEN to celebrate! A very happy Posse-versary to Angelina_M, ConfuseThePolarity, JenniferHeckel, JodyNye, js42day, Judge1232, Magical12325, SmallBlueMonkey, Spazz981, Tabitenor17, TomBakerFan73, Web247, and WhoIsTheMole. Yay! Six months of Posse awesomeness! If you haven't renewed your subscription in the Possiest Posse to ever Posse, make sure you stop by the chat and talk to one of the mods about renewing!

I would also like to take a moment to wish ClariePose a very happy FIRST Mother's Day and a very Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful friends in the UK who celebrated this past Sunday. Your families are as lucky as it gets to have such wonderful mothers! 

As always, be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

Is there anything you'd like to see on the site? Do you have some news you'd like us to share with the Posseverse? If you do or if you have an idea for an article, some great fan art or something else you'd like to submit to be sure to contact Angelina_M or tabitenor17 in the chat for more information!


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