Saturday, 28 March 2015

Posse News - Mar 27

Goodbye, week. Hello, weekend! At last!

Happy News Day, Posse! Hope it went swimmingly and that you're all deep in the world of pixels to finally celebrate the launch if Bigger on the Inside!!! Seriously, what better way to spend the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who relaunch than an incredible world in Doctor Who: Legacy? Our favorite Tiny Rebel peeps have been hard at work with the fantastic PixelWho team to bring us the new content we have been waiting for! How amazing is it?! We had a chance to watch Adi start on the new story line during this week's Doctor Who: Legacy stream. Special thanks to all of our guests: Susan and Lee from Tiny Rebel Games, Ly and Nathan from PixelWho and Pete from the BBC.

Even though Twitch had some hiccups this week, Adi still managed to get plenty of stream time in. Turns out the L.A. Noire streams have quickly become a serious Posse favorite! If you missed any of the detective drama, we have plenty for you to catch up on here!

Not to be out done, we also had some Posse Wrasslin and even a little 5 Star Wrestling action to check out plus we all got to rock out to some Rock Band 3! Make sure you head over to Youtube to watch the latest Far Cry 4 role play videos that Adi has uploaded. Don't forget to let him know you were there by liking the videos and maybe even leaving a little comment with some thoughts on what you watched!

Last weekend's Doctor Who review show gave us a chance to discuss Utopia and prepare ourselves to wrap up Series 3 of the relaunched Doctor Who as we review the final two episodes: “The Sound of Drums” and “Last of the Time Lords” this Sunday. We've hit time change weekend in the UK so pop into the chat to double check the stream time or keep an eye on your notifications!

Time to talk Posse!! We celebrated a few birthdays this week! Happy birthday to Doctor Who review regular, dashi112, who gained another year of wisdom on the 23rd. A very happy birthday to Posse PA Tabitenor17 who celebrated on the 25th! And happy birthday to dabflow who was kind enough to share the 26th with the relaunch of Doctor Who!
We also have some Posse-versaries! Happy Posse-versary to ReverseThePolarity, Shidohari and Toygercat! Woo hoo!! Hope you will join us for another six months in the greatest Posse on the net! If you haven't renewed your subscription in the Possiest Posse to ever Posse, make sure you stop by the chat and talk to one of the mods about renewing!

As always, be sure to follow Adi on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for all of your stream notifications and to catch up on anything you miss during the week!

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