Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hearthstone August Competition!

The Hearthstone ranking competition returns! The rules are simple - highest rank at the end of the month (when the ranks reset) wins!

Augusts competition begins now. Let me know you are entering by 10th August. Whenever you post a ranking use the tag #PosseHS so I can find the updates easily or message Tabi your current rank.

As normal - posse members only.

The prizes have been ramped up (like a Druid!)

1st place 100 AdiGold and any prize of your choice from Adi's prize lists (big or small)
2nd place 50 Adigold and any prize of your choice Adi's small prize list.
Anyone who enters gets 10 for competing as long as you give us your final rank!

So, the results - for the first time, the mighty Adi has been defeated with an outstanding performance from hues!

TheAdiposeTV -
Hues -
Snowjoke -
Agriffindor -
Tiny -
Musical12s -
MrPix -
SnakeSosa -
BluTech100 -
Reverse -
Matthias -
Justin/DoctorWhoFan -

Thanks to everyone who enters! Good luck!


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