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Posse News 24/4/2016

Newsletter Revival!!!!

Hey guys, Lux here. I wanted to write you a short intro as to what you can expect from the revived newsletter. This being our first one, it’s going to be relatively short. This is not indicative of how it will always be. This is just to throw out what we are hoping to do with it. Twelvesoswald and I will try to bring you the posse news every Saturday. What is included in that is partially up to you guys. We are going to need your help to make this work. If you guys have any news you want to share with the rest of the posse, send me a message on Twitter (lucky12001) or an email ( I will compile everything into an article for the rest of the posse.

We’re also going to recap the streams from the week. I’m going to be compiling quotes as well. If you read something that is funny to you (in chat or on stream), message it to me. I’d love to include contributions from you guys and I’ll credit you for the submission!  I would love to hear from you guys about what you would like to see in the newsletter. If there is anything from the old one that you would like us to incorporate into this one, please let us know! Any and all suggestions will be considered. We want this to be a success and be around for a while.
In this edition, we’re going to have some updates about some small changes Adi is making to the channel and an interview with Twelvesoswald. Please read/share with your friends and enjoy!

News of the week
Over the last few weeks, Adi has added some things back into the streams. He has set up a regular streaming schedule (including the guest streams), double gold streams (2 Adigold every 5 minutes and will be random), a Chat Topic of the Day (come to the channel and find out today’s topic), and “Classic Adi” breaks during long streams (like the 7-10 streams). The “Classic Adi” is a video from a YouTube playlist that he has created for us. These are fun videos that will keep you entertained while Adi is away from the computer.  

The new schedule is as follows: 

Regular Shows:
·  Monday 9-10pm BST: Creative (Paint along with Bob Ross, theme creations, etc.)
·  Tuesday 7-10pm BST: Doctor Who: Legacy (7-8), Classic Adi (8-9), TBD (9-10)
·  Friday 7pm-10 BST: Weekend Party! Rock Band, Jackbox etc.
·  Saturday 7pm-10 BST: Posse Wrasslin! The greatest members of the community go head to head! (WWE 2K16)

Guest Streamers:
·  Tuesday 11pm BST: KyHawkeye – Marvel/DC themed games (currently Lego Dimensions)
·  Wednesday 11pm BST: CompanionBre - Don't Starve, Doctor Who: Legacy, Sims.
·  Thursday Midnight: Hues_of_Blue_23 - Hearthstone Heartache and other games. 

Other current irregular shows: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, roleplays, Let's Trys

Wednesdays and Thursdays are not scheduled. Adi could stream, but it might not be every week. Those are days when you should be hanging out in the channel and paying attention to social media.

Adi has finished his Kingdoms of Amalur Roleplay, which you can find on his YouTube channel. The Final (grumpy) episode will be out by Tuesday of this week!

Posse Interview with Twelvesoswald
Lux: What brought you to Adi's channel?
TwelvesOswald: I was brought here by the DWL streams. The game had been out for a little while, but I hadn't heard of it. I saw on Facebook that they were doing weekly live streams, so I came in one day. (May 1, 2014)

Lux: So it just grew from there?
TwelvesOswald: Yes. I was a once a weeker for a while, but stayed after the DWL stream to watch HS one night.

Lux: What kept you coming back?
TwelvesOswald: Everything from the hilarity, to the posse that became like a second family.

Lux: What kind of games interest you?
TwelvesOswald: I’m a casual gamer, the mobile style games that you play on your phone (DWL, Candy Crush, Marvel Puzzle Quest, etc). I also enjoy RPG style games for the story.

Lux: What do you do outside of streams?
TwelvesOswald: I'm a junior in college studying Liberal Studies, and a minor in Humanities. I'm a big theatre person with a passion for musical theatre, music, reading, and writing.

Lux: How did you come to that major and minor?
TwelvesOswald:: It was what was offered at a local college that I take classes at. I'm not on the main campus, but I still take classes from them. Minor, it was the only one that I was interested in.

Lux: You said you're interested in theatre. Is that just watching or performing as well?
TwelvesOswald: I'm both a watcher and a performer as well as doing tech. I run the light board and music mostly, when I'm not performing that is

Lux: How long have you been doing that?
TwelvesOswald: Performing for 16 years, tech for about 8 years.

Lux: Why did you want to revive the posse newsletter?
TwelvesOswald: I want to revive the newsletter because I feel that it is a place where the posse can come for news. A one stop shop for the goings on in the posse and with Adi.

If you would like to know more about a fellow posse member, stay tuned! Plenty more to come.

I hope you have enjoyed this first edition of the newsletter. There will be plenty more to come and stay tuned for Quotes of the Week too!


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