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Posse News 14-5-2016

Fallout 4 Galore!
This past week, Adi has been very engrossed in Fallout 4, making modded videos, roleplaying Mitchell Matthews, and building a tree house as a sanctuary. 
Stream recaps
Saturday 5/7
We took a break from the action of Posse Wrasslin’ this week. With the void created by said absence, Adi did some roleplaying and character building with Fallout 4. In a later stream, we were treated to some Rock Band 4. 
Sunday 5/8
Back to Fallout 4. Today we had mods and roleplaying in a survival mod.
Monday 5/9
No stream.
Tuesday 5/10
During this week’s Lega-Tuesday, Susan revealed the big news a lot of people have been waiting for: MORE Bigger on the Inside! Later that night, in his weekly guest stream, KyHawkeye took us to 1885 in Lego Dimensions. With a team comprised of characters (chosen by CompanionAmethyst), they saved the Old West in a level from Back to the Future 3.
Wednesday 5/11
With the help of posse member Agrajag4242, Adi scrapped various things to gain wood and steel so he could begin construction on the treehouse sanctuary in Fallout 4.
Thursday 5/12
No stream with Adi. However, Hues_of_Blue_23 had his weekly Hearthaches as he took on the weekly Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone.
Friday 5/13
No stream with Adi as he had a prior engagement. However, KyHawkeye stepped in and gave us a bonus stream of Lego Dimensions, where he introduced us to Slimer! He took us to the world of DC Comics.

Too catch up on all the action and excitement that you missed during the week, you could rewatch them at Adi’s Twitch channel,

Quotes of the Week
KyHawkeye: Wow, Adi sure seemed to like shooting at Cogsworth this weekend...
Hues_of_Blue_23: Yeah, he's always preferred Lumiere
stile99: Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest...
Hues_of_Blue_23: Put our streaming to the test
KyHawkeye: now shooting Gaston is totally understandable
KyHawkeye: Games as old as time, rage quit all the time...Adi and the Stream....

lucky12001: awww...perfect Mother's Day gift for Pinocchio's mom!
Hues_of_Blue_23: LOL

luvs10s_nz: !link the country is falling apart
AdiBot: luvs10s_nz has bought a link: the country is falling apart
Hues_of_Blue_23: Is Donald Trump going to be your Prime Minister, luvs?
luvs10s_nz: God, I hope not, Hues
Hues_of_Blue_23: Then you're in better shape than the US :)

lucky12001: how's it going in here? or in life
Hues_of_Blue_23: Okay. Weather's finally looking least for now
Hues_of_Blue_23: "Rain is expected to soak New Jersey for the next three weeks."
lucky12001: and that's looking up?
stile99: Three weeks of rain for New Jersey? It's a good start. That state REALLY needs a shower.
stile99: A good delousing and a flea bath would be good too.

DeuceX69: do you think that kids that were strong with the force would play "stop hitting yourself" with those not as strong?

Thanks to KyHawkeye, Hues_of_Blue_23, stile99, luvs102_nz, DeuceX69, and a special appearance by AdiBot, for providing some funny moments.
For more quips, wisdoms, and wit, visit Celeloth’s quotes from the DWL stream:

Posse Interview

This week’s interview is with Posse member, Bowtiessindcool, where we delve into heritage and a special message for the posse. Enjoy!

Lux: First off, thank you so much for volunteering. What brought you to Adi's channel?
Bowtiessindcool: You’re welcome :) Doctor Who Legacy in July 2014, though I did have a different nickname at that point

Lux: What was your nickname before?
Bowtiessindcool: I believe it was bowtiesarecool. Twitch got hacked, so I came back with this nickname. It represents a small part of my heritage, german to be exact. Sind is “are” in German.

Lux: At least you kept it relatively close to the prior one. What has kept you coming back for almost 2 years?
Bowtiessindcool: I'd say the community. I consider myself lucky to be part it for as long I have been

Lux: What kind of games do you enjoy?
Bowtiessindcool: Little Big Planet, Don't Starve, Lego Dimensions, Angry Birds, Doctor Who Legacy, etc.

Lux: Looks like a good mix of mobile and console. What do you like to do outside of watching streams?
Bowtiessindcool: Photography, Art ( Painting & Sketching) Baking, Researching My Family's Hertiage & Ancestry, Metal Stamping, Knitting, and I'm also learning how to play my Acoustic Guitar.

Lux: Have you looked into your heritage a lot?
Bowtiessindcool: just started searching once again on Ancestry

Lux: That's cool. Have you found anything interesting?
Bowtiessindcool: Within the last few days, yes. Immigration from Germany on my Dad's side, along with immigration from England, Germany, Canada, etc. I also found something I didn't expect. My mom is related to a family who traveled from England to Jamestown, Virginia and it wasn't the only family I found connected to it. I've been finding out a lot more about my ethnicity recently: British (which happens to be the highest percentage) followed by Irish, Italian, Finnish/Northwest Russian, Scandinavian, German, etc. I'll be searching for more in the months to come.
Bowtiessindcool: Also found more military records. We have lots of military on both sides of my family including Army, Navy, Armed Forces, Civil War (Confederate & Union), Revolutionary War, Korean War, World War I, World War II, and along with Immigration from England, Germany, Canada, etc.

Lux: ooo...those are always interesting. is that something you've always wanted to learn about?
Bowtiessindcool: I've been wanting to find out more about my ancestry and heritage for many years.

Lux: Is there anything else that you would like to share with the posse or anything you would like them to know about you?
Bowtiessindcool: That I have a love for many books from Tolkien to Cassandra Clare and “Not all those who wander are lost” is one of my favorite quotes. Also, I consider myself to be a unique individual. I possibly have what is known as Asperger syndrome, that also comes with anxiety. I also appreciate all the love you all have given me since I joined the posse. I could never thank you all enough for that.

Thanks to Bowtiessindcool for being the interviewee this week. Make sure you let her know how much you liked getting to know more about her!

That’s all we have for this week’s newsletter. Look forward to more shenanigans and hijinks throughout the week so we have something to give you guys next week.


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