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Posse News! 22nd May

Continuing to Survive

Big news of the week: Little Miss Izzie-pose is 2!! Happy birthday to the precious girl.
Adi is still very much immersed in the world of Fall Out 4 and the adventures of Mitchell Mathews. Roleplaying has never been so entertaining!

Stream Recaps

Saturday 5/14
Adi (with special guest Agrajag4242) built a treehouse, tried not to starve (with Agrajag4242 and mrpix), and entered the mind of Mitchell Mathews to try and survive.

Sunday 5/16
Adi channeled his inner Mitchell for more surviving, then switched mods to build a base.

Monday 5/16
Rock Band party!!

Tuesday 5/17
Weekly Doctor Who: Legacy, which saw Adi take on a fan area level, and game creator Susan popped in. Later that night, Adi tackled more survival roleplaying.
Guest Streamer KyHawkeye took us into the world of Portal 2 inside Lego Dimensions, with a team created by Tolengardh. He also opened a giveaway package from Adi, which contained his gaming glasses.

Wednesday 5/18
Even more survival roleplaying!

Thursday 5/19
Adi tested more mods for Fall Out 4, then it was back to surviving.
Hues_of_Blue_23 had his weekly Hearthstone Hearthache as he took on the Tavern Brawl.  

Friday 5/20
We got a lesson in building in Fall Out 4, followed by more with the misadventures of Mitchell Mathews.

To check out any of the past streams (or gain some serious survival tips, tricks and skills), visit Adi’s Twitch channel at

Quotes of the Week

During Streams (provided by Celeloth)


“Dogmeat! Dogmeat, where did you go? Come here. Come here. Dogmeat! Oh you blasted . . . just come here and give me your stuff! Oi! Are you trying to be an irritating little – oh my god, I will kick your – come here!”

“I am slowly dying from being so encumbered. So. We need to dump a lot of stuff, trade a lot of stuff, and do a lot of stuff to . . .  a lot of stuff.”

“We need to decide what gloves we like. Which will be awkward, since we can’t actually see ourselves.”


Let’s play. And I shall play as Adi because . . .  because, um . . . because that’s who I am.”

I know that normally at this point, everything is out of sync and crazy but . . . let’s start anyways!”

Doctor Who Legacy
Adi: “These are the Gemini, which are the most glasses-iest of the three, and when you wear them, they feel kinda like . . . um, glasses.”

Adi: “I went into a real store and bought Terraria toys with real money. I went in to get things for a child and walked out with things for me. Funny how that always works out.”

Susan: “And guess who’s going to giving out the awards?”
Adi: “Um . . . you? Lee? Your in-laws? John? Jane?”
Susan: “Ianto!”
Adi: “ . . . I thought he was dead?”
Susan: “The actor!”
Adi: “Oh.”

Funny Chat

VeeMJ27: and ew i just a massive blister on the tennis match
stile99: isn't your thing...”
stile99: What's next? 10s watching volleyball? Confuse watching NASCAR? MADNESS!!!
KyHawkeye: should I leave my tiddly-winks boxed up then, Stile?
JenDivine: I......think I will just go set up the laptop in front of the tv...don't even wanna know what is going on here. :P
stile99: Might as well, but do break out the Parcheesi.
stile99: You want to know, JenD. You know you do.
stile99: It's like an Adam Sandler movie. You know you shouldn't watch, but you can't look away.
JenDivine: well I do tend to like Adam Sandler movies...well some of them anyway
stile99: Yeah, but they have a scale.
stile99: It's like "On a scale of Click to Jack and Jill, how would you rate your pain?"
KyHawkeye: Pixels
JenDivine: I liked pixels
stile99: "I'd say about a 50 First Dates, Doc". "OK, well if it gets to You Don't Mess With The Zohan, let us know and we can up the dose on your meds"
stile99: Pixels was good
agrajag4242: I'm allergic
Hues_of_Blue_23: You're allergic to pixels?
agrajag4242: to adam sandler
KyHawkeye: is that a bad thing, agra?
agrajag4242: well, I guess not
agrajag4242: just a shame that not everybody is
KyHawkeye: especially production companies?
KyHawkeye: and distributors
agrajag4242: exactly!

Hues_of_Blue_23: Bluh
stile99: Hues_of_Bluh_23

AdiBot: The Sorting Hat shouts "Agriffindor"!
stile99: The Sorting Hat shouts "Oh GOD wash your hair once in awhile!!!!"

lucky12001: I put a Disney timer on my phone for the kids to brush their teeth and baby girl let her spinbrush get toothpaste all over my screen
JenDivine: aaw
lucky12001: It looked like Elsa froze it
lucky12001:  :D
JenDivine: tempted...but not gonna... :Pdon't want the earworm
KyHawkeye: just let the puns go....
lucky12001: I already let it go ;)
lucky12001: I cleaned it off
JenDivine: dangit!
lucky12001: HA!
Twelvesoswald: Ha hah lux
lucky12001: i'm immune!

DeuceX69: “And to add my quote: I'm Batman.”

KyHawkeye: “Hoe just in time I see... *Home.”
JenDivine: “In time-ish.”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “Oh, no, Hawkeye's home, Adi will end the stream now.”
JenDivine: “lol.”
stile99 : “Hawk is a hoe. You all saw him say it.”
KyHawkeye : “More like maybe a rake or cultivator.”

Susan: “I’m enjoying some curry.”
Adi: “Ah, yes the favored food of Welsh people. I see you are sampling the local populace.”
RealTegan :Sampling the local populace?!??”

TheLegendofXash : “Can we add long sticks under the treehouse, to look like it's supporting it?”
Hues_of_Blue_23 : “Doesn't "pipe" refer to what it is made out of?”
TheLegendofXash : “Because the treehouse is just floating.”
Adi: “Hey! It is not floating, it’s just a little . . . unsupported. A little.”
agrajag4242 : “ ‘A little bit’ unsupported..”
Hues_of_Blue_23: “It's a graphical glitch where it's not showing the ropes holding it up.”
smallbluemonkey : “He reversed the polarity of the gravity flow (;”

LesMc537 : “Wait a minute, how did he manage to find 23 bobby pins during the apocalypse? i can't ever seem to find just 1!”
Snowjoke: “Lol Les.”
Twelvesoswald: “So many bobby pins.”
JenDivine: “He nicked all yours. :P”
LesMc537: “Aha!”
AnnaRooma: “Too true Les.”
LesMc537: “That makes sense.”

Quotes featuring TheAdiposeTV and guest star Susan of Tiny Rebel Games, as well as DeuceX69, KyHawkeye, JenDivine, Hues_of_Blue_23, stile99, RealTegan, TheLegendofXash, agrajag4242, LesMc537, Snowjoke, Twelvesoswald,  VeeMJ27,  lucky12001, and AnnaRooma.

Special Thanks goes to Celeloth for providing additional quotes. She has lots more quotes for Fallout 4 here: and Rock Band here: Quotes for DWL and others will be made available at a later date.

Posse Interview

This week’s interviewee is KyHawkeye, who was kind enough to volunteer. Take a peek into what makes this posse member tick.
Lux: So what brought you to Adi's channel?
KyHawkeye: I downloaded DWL not long after it was released after hearing about it on the Radio Free Skaro Podcast.  After messing around with it a few weeks I put it aside, then restarted after seeing a tweet from Tiny Rebel about someone doing a stream about it.  Logged onto Twitch for the first time and sat back as a 'lurker' for a while when I could work it around my work schedule.  When I moved to the Ann Arbor area for my current job I started coming more, especially when I saw Adi doing streams for other games.  The 'Far Cry 4' pulled me in and decided to participate since I was alone up here and needed people to talk to and not go more nutzoid than I already am.

Lux: Was it anything specific about the FarCry 4 streams that pulled you in?
KyHawkeye: Primarily Adi's ability to create the character and how everyone was able to participate even without actually playing the game.  Having been a speech/debate/forensics judge, I enjoy good character creation and interpretation.  Being a natural story teller myself, I enjoy a good story done well and Adi is a master at doing it on a game-play level.

Lux: I would have to agree. He made those interesting for me and they totally aren't my type of game. What types of games mostly interest you?
KyHawkeye: I like anything that has a good storyline to it, i.e. make me want to play through until the end to see how the tale ends.  I also like sport simulations.  I used to play a card-and-dice statistically based baseball game called APBA Baseball and now have the PC version of the game.  I am currently setting up to replay the 1989 season to see if I can manage my (Chicago) Cubs past San Francisco in the playoffs and into the 'Earthquake' World Series.  I also like mental challenges such and CrossMe and The Room Series.  I just finished Room Three a few weeks ago.  I used to be a BIG Angry Birds player but have let that slide since DWL came around.

Lux: What made you want to guest stream for Adi?
KyHawkeye: I've always been the type to want to be highly involved in the things I participate in.  I've always been a bit of a performer: Swing Choir and the Spring Musical every year in High School, 1 play in college, did some radio in college as well.  I've done numerous solos and ensembles in church and I am part of that 10% that actually enjoy public speaking.  Watching how much fun Adi, Hues, Bre, and Jennie Bunny and Makka were having, I felt the urge to do it as well.  Also, I figured it would keep me busy at least one night a week.  The primary reason is that I love to entertain people and have fun with others, especially in small groups.  In larger groups, I tend to be a bit more shy and reserved and feel that this has helped me try to overcome that.

Lux: I love that, as entertaining as it is for us, it's helpful for you. What is a little known fact about you?
KyHawkeye: Hmmm...My senior year in High School I had a set of groupies...
Lux: Groupies?
KyHawkeye: Yeah.  My senior year I won the role of The King in "The King and I."  I have a naturally big/loud singing voice.  One night we were rehearsing in the gym and I was working on my sole "A Puzzlement."  During that time, the track team was returning from an away meet.  A group of girls hear me singing as they were arriving/leaving and for reasons known only to them, created a song about me and my loud voice based on the tune to "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys.  It got to the point where every time any of them saw me in the hallway between classes or such they would start singing it.  For example, the intro instead of "Bah-bah-bah-bah-Barbara Ann.." was "Bob-bob-bob-bob-bobby Dowd..." and "Oh Bobby Dow-ow-owd...don't sing so louuuud..." After graduation I was able to one of them to write down all the lyrics for me.  When all was said and done, they had about 6 verses plus the refrain.  Including one that would be considered NSFW, shall we say.

Lux: And you still enjoy entertaining?
KyHawkeye: Oh, very much so.  Have considered getting into community theater, but me focus has been more toward the kids and my wife and enabling them to do whatever their callings are.

Lux: That's very admirable. What do you do (work or hobby-wise) outside of watching streams, or streaming yourself?
KyHawkeye: Watching sports, listening to podcasts, music (listening or singing), reading mysteries (favorite author: Ellery Queen), disc golf, and now gaming

Lux: Who are your favorite teams?
KyHawkeye Baseball: Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds; American Football: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks

Lux: What do you do for work?
KyHawkeye: I am a clinical pharmacist, specializing in cancer treatement

Lux: And I want to thank you for that. I can only imagine that specialty isn't for the faint of heart.
KyHawkeye: It's not an easy specialty area.  It can be a challenge in the clinic meeting with newly diagnosed patients or when the oncologists have to have 'the talk' (diseases has grown/spread or got to the point where no treatment works).  Also working with the palliative care team helps because they will see me or the other pharmacist I work with and helps with the transition of their care as we treat their symptoms to help make their lives as meaningful and full as possible.  When we are able to help them meet their goals of care, it is very rewarding.

Lux: It sounds like it would be. And, am I remembering correctly, you do a lot of work for veterans as well?

KyHawkeye: Yes, I work at the VA Ann Arbor Health System, i.e. the Veteran's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.  These men and women paid for our freedom by writing a blank check with their lives.  The least I can do is provide them the best, up-to-date care that meets the currents standards of practice.  Despite what you may see in some of the press, we do the best we can to care for them.

Lux: I, for one, am very glad to hear that. Unlike a majority of people, I do not believe everything that the media says. Thank you for having that type of attitude and the caring heart that you do
KyHawkeye: It's part of my calling as a health care professional.

Lux: I think that's all I have. Thank you for volunteering to be this week's, interviewee. It's been my pleasure getting to interview you and bringing this to the posse.
KyHawkeye: The pleasure was mine.  As one of the newer 'regulars,' I thought others might want a peek behind the curtain.

Thank you again to KyHawkeye. It really was my pleasure. If anyone in the posse would like to be the next interviewee, or have someone they would like to know more about, catch lucky12001 in the chat and let me know!

That’s all we have for this week. Thank you to my partner in news, Twelvesoswald, who I would totally not be able to do this without. And a huge thank you to the man himself, Adi, for letting us continue to do this. If anyone has any ideas of other things they would like to have in the newsletter, or want to be a part of it, send me an email at and we can talk all about it.


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