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Posse News! 8-5-16

Moves and Mods
Biggest news of the week: the channel has a new mod! JenDivine gained her sword on Sunday night (5/1). Join us in congratulating her as she joins the ranks with the likes of Hues_of_Blue_23 and TinyDancer485.
Also happening this week, we learned that the Tiny Rebels safely made their move from the Los Angeles, California area to the UK. Congratulations to them as they begin this new chapter!

Stream recaps
Saturday (4/30) was an exciting day in Posse Wrasslin! If you missed it, consider this spoilers. If you would like to replay all the action, be sure to check out the past broadcasts on Adi’s Twitch channel,
The wrasslin card read as follows:
Agra vs. Luvs vs Lurker in an exciting Triple Threat (Winner: Agra)
Mr. Pix/Griff vs. Stile/Les (Winner: Mr. Pix/Griff)
Smallbluemonkey vs. Rob Gordon (Winner: draw)
Confuse vs. Reverse (Winner: Reverse)
JenDivine vs. Bre (Winner: JenDivine)
Lucky vs. Asaloth (Winner: Lucky)
Tegan/Snake vs. Hawk/Digital (Winner: Tegan/Snake)
Henoir vs. Tabi (Winner: Tabi)
Spots/Deuce vs. Kristal/Snowjoke (Winner: Spots/Deuce)

Sunday May 1st
Our first stream saw install and test of Fallout 4 mods. Hues_of_Blue_23 and Agriffindor joined Adi for some Hearthstone pack opening later in the evening.
Monday May 2nd
This evening brought us some entertaining technical difficulties with Fallout mods. Be sure to check them out for more details!
Tuesday May 3rd
Of course, Lega-Tuesday wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the Tiny Rebels! They successfully and safely made their move to Wales, where they will begin the next chapter of their lives. They also, as always, gave us more news on what’s to come in the game. For that info, watch the replay! That was followed up with some Classic Adi playing Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen. Our weekly guest streamer, KyHawkeye, took us to Metropolis with team Detetiv in Lego Dimensions.

Wednesday May 4th
No stream, but MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!
Thursday May 5th
More mods for Fallout 4. Hues_of_Blue_23 took us back into the world of Hearthstone for his guest stream.
Friday May 6th
This day saw character creations, mod experiments and roleplaying a modded survival mode! This one is definitely worth a check out! Later in the evening for Posse Party, we got a taste of Adi’s guitar skills as he amazed us with some Rock Band 4!

Quotes of the Week!
Twelvesoswald: ok i am taking notes for the news letter
stile99: Notes? B flat. A sharp.

stile99: the adding of bacon doesn't mean man and cheese isn't good
stile99: mac and cheese, not man and cheese
stile99: We only resort to cannibalism in cases of extreme emergency
stile99: like when the cafeteria is out of chocolate chip muffins

stile99: McDonalds coffee is like someone went to Starbucks and said "I can do worse!"
stile99: "Yes, I want a caramel frappe please" Come on, just order a caramel sundae, stop pretending.
JenDivine: ooh thanks, now I want coffee flavored ice cream
stile99: Put kahlua on top or I disavow you forever.
stile99: FOREVER!

stile99: Les is totally hacking 12s's account!
LesMc537: maybe she's hacking mine!
Twelvesoswald: She is not
Twelvesoswald: I dislike like coffee so much
stile99: Maybe you're both the same person...
stile99: I've never seen you both in the same room at the same time...
LesMc537: you've never seen either of us in a room or otherwise :P
stile99: Technicality!

This week's interview is with the man himself - TheAdipose! A few weeks ago a student from the University of Nottingham Interviewed adi for his project. Here is the transcript of that interview. 

  1. What're the main reasons that you choose to start live streaming?

Have your motivations to stream changed over time?Although I only started streaming a couple of years ago, technology
and internet speeds in particular have increased massively over that
time. Although I had a broadband connection it wasn't fibre optic and
therefore all my youtube videos had to be 10 minutes or under. With
twitch and xsplit I had the opportunity to put together a live show
that was far longer and branch out into something different. At the
time I was also trying to carve out a niche for myself with mobile
gaming. There were and are LOADS of PC streamers but there were very
few mobile streamers. I was trying to get ahead of the curve and put a
show together that was unique and therefore hopefully likely to
succeed. I was very involved in the Simpsons Tapped Out community at
the time and harnessed the wonderful websites and communities at the
time to put together a regular Saturday night show. Sadly I got the
shows numbers up to about 100 on Saturday nights but it stalled about
their. Twitch has a policy that you only get partnered if you have an
average of 500 ALL THE TIME - so there was no way I would get that.
Unlike youtube, on twitch, if you don't get partnered you don't get
paid. The streamers that are really successful are the ones who can
stream every day for a significant period of time. With my teaching
job there was no way I could do that so I withdrew from twitch
temporarily to return to my youtube tutorials for financial reasons.
Then (basically by chance) I created a few tutorials for Doctor Who
Legacy. The games designers asked if I'd be willing to do weekly live
streams with them. I explained about the partnership issue and within
a week they had me partnered up and ready to go! They also promoted
the streams for me in their newsletters and tweets and the channel
grew out of that. As with many jobs in the entertainment industry,
networking and creating links with people is often more important than
good quality content! Without DWL there wouldn't be a posse channel at
all. Over time the community that built out of that became more than
just viewers and ways of earning money - they became friends. We chat
together, play together and try to meet up a couple of times a year.
As well as money, fun, and friends, the final motivation would have to
be ego! It is fun to be a star! Even if just streaming to 50 people,
it is very satisfying and enjoyable to put on regular shows and it
feeds that part of my personality that wants to be on stage.

2. How would you briefly summarize the service your live stream
provides to viewers?
Entertainment. As far as I am aware there are essentially 3 types of streamers.

The 'expert' streams where a player takes one or two games, becomes a
master at them and people watch because they want to learn from the
streamer. Hearthstone and LOL streams often fall into this category.
The second type are the news/reviews streams which are often supported
by major websites like ign. These exist to inform or interview
developers or have live competitions from around the world. And then
there are the casual players like myself who do a wide variety of
games and exist just to entertain the people that watch. My type is by
far the hardest to be successful at and to have any chance of making a
living from it I would have to stream fulltime. I think an important
question to ask here is whether I stream for my enjoyment or to make
money. I work fulltime so when I come home I just want to relax. I
decided a while back that twitch wasn't going to be a 'service
provided for viewers' it was going to be my way of relaxing in the
evening. If I ever did decide to make this my fulltime job there are a
lot of things I would change to push viewer numbers a lot higher than
they are.

3. Do you consider your live stream to be its own "community"?

Yes absolutely! And a lovely one at that! My community is basically
built out of Simpsons tapped out and Doctor Who viewers. For whatever
reason these tend to be lovely (and wonderfully nerdy) people with a
good gender and age mix. We've worked hard to sustain a kind and
polite community where (most) people feel welcome and trolls are
removed. Many of the viewers now play games together and some even
have their own guest streams on the channel. From time to time we have
extra community focussed features like newsletters, quotes, real life
meet-ups and a few times a month I do 'posse up' streams where viewers
can join me playing some of the games too. Essentially my channel is
all about community far more than it is about success or making money.

4. To what extent do you feel that your live stream viewers in
combination with yourself could be said to have the characteristics of

I think the family comparison goes too far. We are friends, performers
and viewers. Everyone in the chat comes from different places in the
world and has their own families, jobs, life concerns and issues. From
time to time people will share sad stories about what has happened but
most of the time the channel is escapism and a chance to get away from
that. The advantage of being just a username in a channel is that
people's age, race, location, disability, looks, shyness, lifestyle,
is all hidden and people can carve out the identity they wish to have.
The downside to that (and I think this is a good thing!) is it means
that the intimacy between the viewers is limited to enjoyable small
talk. The only times I think we've come closer to family was with the
birth of my daughter Izzy and the death of one of our members Justin.
In those situations people were a lot more open about their feelings
than usual and the bond between was strengthened in these times of
great happiness and loss. With Izzie's birth we received lovely cards
and well wishes and I really enjoyed sharing photos with the
community. With Justin's death we sit up a page in memory of him which
many members of the community wrote on. It showed the affection that
we have for one another - even though we are not 'family' Most of the
time though its just about blowing up bad guys or getting a new high
score! I would also like to mention 2 other occasions when I was
genuinely emotionally moved by the community. 1 - when my daughter
competed in a sponsored swim! I mentioned it as an aside one stream
that Izzie (then 9 months old) was doing a sponsored swim and the chat
loved it! Loads of them sponsored her and I thought it was lovely the
affection that they have for our little chat baby. After Clarie and I
moved into our new house we had a big leak about a week in. The leak
destroyed an important capture device that I use in the DWL streams.
Loads of the community (without me asking!) sent us a small gift to
help pay for the replacement AND to help fix the roof. Although both
of those are financially linked - it wasn't the money that was
important to me - it was realising the willingness to help out and
support each other that existed between us as a community.

5. Other than yourself, who are the important members of your live
stream? You can answer this question by mentioning specifics (a
certain moderator for example) or talking in more general terms.

Very broad question as people are 'important' in lots of different
ways. So I'll break my answer up into sections:
a) People who help(ed) the channel to grow. Susan, Lee, Clarie, all
the tapped out websites, twitch front page promotions, youtube,
twitter etc etc. Without these there would be no channel (or at the
very least it wouldn't have grown beyond me streaming to my cat!). I
would also include here the viewers who are able to make financial
contributions to the channel too. I often say 'becoming an adi-patron'
pays for the channel and that is 100% truth. My real life job pays for
my home, food and family - but the games, gaming equipment,
microphones, accessories, consoles, etc etc are all paid for by
patrons and Ad Revenue.
b) The Mods! As I said earlier, we have a lovely community and part of
that is the wonderful mods we have to keep the chat flowing politely.
A mods main role isn't banhammering, it's answering questions, posting
links, making sure people feel welcome and understand what's going on.
We've had a number of lovely mods over the last 2 years and they've
all made wonderful contributions to our community. I don't want to
list all the mods in case I miss one some out by accident but they
were all chosen because they were active, mature and respected amongst
the community. Hues in particular has been so helpful as we've worked
together on the AdiBot.
c) AdiBot! The AdiBot is one of the ways I've tried to encourage
people to stay in chat outside of stream times. We have a channel
currency which people can use during giveaways that you earn by being
in chat. The bot provides links, contains its own store, puts
questions on screen during shows and loads more! It's a big part of
what I do as a streamer.
d) Active members of the community. There are some key people who
through sheer force of personality have been vital members of 'the
posse'. Basically If I'm around then I'll be streaming but there are
others who keep the chat flowing the rest of the time even when I'm
asleep! Yes there are a lot of silent moments but there are a lot of
active chat moments too 24/7! The friendliness and 'chattiness' of
some people has really helped our little posse to grow and become the
successful community it has. I know I'm going to miss some out - but
my special thanks for generally people awesome over the years would
have to go to smallbluemonkey, lab, Justin, jendivine, vee, magical,
les, rob, tiny, les, agrajag, Bunny, MrPix, Bre, spig, henoir,
hawkeye, tabi, makka, snowjoke and many, many more! Not all those
people are still in the channel because life happens but my genuine
thanks goes to all of them for making the channel a fun and active
place to be for so many.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you all next week!


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