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Posse News! 26th June

Thriving, Surviving, and Variety
With the lack of streams last week, I decided to skip the newsletter. However, I will be adding the recaps for last week as well as this week. Enjoy! -Lux

News of the Week 6/5 – 6/11
Not a lot of streams happened this week, as Adi took some time off. But what streams we did get were, as always, VERY entertaining!
Stream recaps
Sunday 6/5: Another roleplay with the alternate start survival perma death mod
Monday 6/6: No streams
Tuesday 6/7: Weekly DWL stream had a very AWESOME interview with the lovely Ms. Nicola Bryant, who portrayed Peri from the Classic Doctor Who! The Hawkeye Zone (led by guest streamer and posse member, KyHawkeye) had Team Kristalsky heading back to the 80’s arcade in Lego Dimensions.
Wednesday 6/8: No streams
Thursday 6/9: Hearthstone Hearthaches with Hues (led by guest streamer, posse member and mod Hues_of_Blue_23) took us on a vacation to Risa in Star Trek Online.
Friday 6/10: No streams
Saturday 6/11: The Return of Adi with Principles of Adi (playing The Talos Principle)

News of the Week 6/12 - 6/14
This was a great week to tune in! We had a HUGE variety in games!

Stream Recaps
Sunday 6/12: Adi found some new furnishing mods for Fallout 4. Later, we were treated to more Posse Wrasslin’. The matches were as follows:
            Divine vs. Bre (Winner: Divine)
            Lurker/SBM vs. MrPix/Divine (Winner: Lurker/SBM)
            Agrajag/Luvs vs. Stile/Les (Winner:Agrajag/Luvs)
            MousyCherise vs. Adi (Winner:MousyCherise)
            Reverse vs. Confused (Winner:Draw)

Monday 6/13: No streams
Tuesday 6/14: Weekly DWL stream with all the usual news and shenanigans. After that, we had a bonus of Posse Wrasslin’ and the matches are as follows:
            Ken Williams vs. Lucky (Winner: Lucky)
            Asaloth vs. Digital vs. Tegan (Winner:Digital)
            Snakesosa vs. Hawkeye (Winner:Snakesosa)
            Glutamodo vs. Nessy (Winner:Glutamodo)
            Deuce/Spots vs. Kristal/Snowjoke (Winner: Draw)
In The Hawkeye Zone, Team Nessyexec brought Scooby Snacks!
Wednesday 6/15: The Adi Principle
Thursday 6/16: The Adi Principle with Hues “Boldly Going where no Hues has gone before”.
Friday 6/17: Adi and MrPix took on the world of GTA V…Then Posse Wrasslin’ had its Battleground PPV. Those matches were as follows:
            Les vs. Agriffindor vs. Bre (Winner: Les)
            Agrajag vs. Luvs (Winner: Draw)
            Adi/MrPix vs. SBM/MousyCherise (Winner: Adi/MrPix)
            Digital vs. Nessy vs. Glutamodo vs. Hawkeye (Winner: Glutamodo)
            Deuce/Spots vs. Kristal/Snowjoke (Winner: Kristal/Snowjoke)
            Confused vs. Reverse (Winner: Confused)
            Henoir vs. Tegan vs. Tabitenor vs. Lucky (Winner: Henoirhowdy)
Saturday 6/18: Buildin’ and Stylin’ Fallout 4, followed up with more Roleplay Survival Modded Fallout 4

To catch any of the action, or anything that was purposely left out of the recap (yes, we do that), you can check out the past streams at, or check the YouTube channel for highlights and tutorials at

Quote Highlights
A HUGE thank you to Celeloth for providing the wonderful wisdoms of our posse members! Enjoy the wit and humor!
Adi: “Let’s go – oh. Er. There appears to be some sort of force field preventing me from moving past this place! I shall – oh.”
Hues_of_Blue_23:Nope, his cape was snagged.”

Adi: “I am looking for my son.”
Trader (game character): “Do you wanna trade? Got the best things around.”
Adi: “I . . . I’m just looking for my son.”
KyHawkeye : “Ask her if she has any cookies....”
Trader (game character): “What do you want?”
Adi: “All of your money. For the glory of – ”
Trader (game character): “Do you think that is threatening? You’re not scary at all. Good bye.”
Adi: “What???”
Hues_of_Blue_23 : “LLOL”
Snowjoke : “Oh the rejection.”
Adi: “But the power of the dark side! It’s real! I’m not – I’m not making that up!”
Hues_of_Blue_23 : “Did she really say he wasn't that scary?”
RealTegan : “You're just not that scary.... hahahahaha!”
KyHawkeye : “The world's biggest bully just got shunned.”

Doctor Who: Legacy
Andrewnuva199: “How do you feel about the big finish stories and their work with Peri?”
Adi: “So Andrewnuva asks how you feel about the big finish Peri stories, which reminds me: how many big finish stories have you been involved with?”
Nicola: “I couldn’t tell you, but I’m sure you could tell me.”
Susan: “Don’t worry, someone in the channel will instantly know.”
Henoir99 : “Agra?”
agrajag4242 : “Loads! :P”
Henoir99 : “Get counting.”

Susan: “Hi, Pete, how’s the weather in London?”
Pete: “Wet.”
Susan: “How’s the weather going to be when I come see you?”
Pete and Lee in sync: “Wet.”
stile99 : “There might be fog.”
Snowjoke :Hi Pete - No Spoilers please! :P”
Peter: “Snowjoke, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I have no spoilers to spoil.”
Susan: “Pete never spoils anything.”
Lee: “What do you mean, he just spoiled the weather tomorrow. Even the most minor spoilers, even the meteorological ones, he spoils.”
stile99 : “To be fair, a wet London is not a spoiler. It's like saying the sun will rise in the east is a spoiler.”

Atimelord852 :!question Peter would be good here! It won't happen thou.”
Peter: “What?”
Adi: “I think he might mean Capaldi.”
Peter: “Not me???”
Adi: “But . . . you’re already here.”
Susan: “We can’t spoil that you’re a companion, Peter, shhh.”
Henoir99 :The Other important Peter.”

Talos Principle
Adi: “Am I here? Am I visible? Am I gorgeous? I’m sure I’m all of the above.”
TinyDancer485 : “You're out of sync.”
KyHawkeye : “Gorgeous and out of sync.”
Adi: “Oh I’m out of sync? Ugh I thought I just had fixed that. Great. Now which way am I out of sync?”
TheAdiposeTV : “!mod adddonator Thanks for donating!”
AdiBot : Thanks to Thanks for donating! Here is your 50 AdiGold and a Golden star for 30 days!
Adi: “And also thanks to thanks for donating. Great. Obviously this is going very well here. Okay, this is me testing myself.”

Adi: “What did I do with my other thingy? I’ve lost my thingy! I have lost my thingy. Didn’t I put it on top of there? I’ve managed to lose – where is my thingy???”
luvs10s_nz : “Adi and the hunt for the lost thingy.”
KyHawkeye : “Oh where oh where has out thingy gone...oh where oh where can it...Oh, there you are...”

Adi: “Don’t really see the purpose of this fan, so I’m just gonna steal it.”

KyHawkeye: “And Lurker’s just . . . lurking around. Doing nothing.”
Stile99: “Well . . . he is the Lurker.”
Henoir99: “But he could’ve come to help when Divine and Pix were tag-teaming Monkey.”
Adi: “But he’s the lurker.”

Adi: “It might be all over, it might be all over – ”
Stile99: “I wanna see what’s going on off camera! Monkey just took off like a shot after Pix!”
Adi: “Oh no! It’s over!”
Stile99: “. . . But I wanted to see what was happening off camera. It looked really interesting.”

Funny Chat
Twelvesoswald : testing
stile99 : B+
stile99 : You've done better, 12s.
Twelvesoswald : lol

Heep_purple: Is anybody actually in the chat?
RealTegan: No.
Heep_purple: Ah I'll leave then
RealTegan:  ;)
tabitenor17: No one's here. Certainly not me

TinyDancer485: !colours
Henoir99: !aiperfect
Henoir99: Grrrr
Angelina_M: Can "Henoir Grrr" become a color?
TinyDancer485: What would that look like?
Angelina_M: A choked chicken?
Twelvesoswald: Green like his name
TinyDancer485: Lol

Quotes featuring TheAdiposeTV and guest stars Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, Peter from the BCC, the lovely Nicola Bryant, and KyHawkeye, stile99, and Henoir99, as well as Hues_of_Blue_23, Twelvesoswald, Snowjoke, RealTegan, Andrewnuva199, agrajag4242, Atimelord852, TinyDancer485luvs10s_nz, Heep_purple, tabitenor17, and Angelina_M

For more quotes, be sure to visit Celeloth on Facebook at or on Twitter at
Posse Interview
This week’s subject…um, interviewee…is none other than our resident superhero, DeuceX69, otherwise known as Bats, Batman or Deuce Wayne.

Lux: What brought you to Adi's channel?
DeuceX69: The DWL stream is what brought me there, but I knew I had to be a posse member right away
Lux: What made that decision for you?
DeuceX69: Adi was very entertaining and I just liked the whole vibe of the channel
Lux: What has been your favorite game he's done?
DeuceX69: I think it is a toss up between Infamous and Fallout. Infamous cause I had already played it through and it was fun to just sit back and watch. And with Fallout, I'm not really sure but I've had to get a couple of the games for myself since. Oh, wait can't forget Don't Starve Together. I really want to play that again but have every body play as a downloaded comic hero/villain. I have found a couple of good ones already.
Lux: That sounds like it would be fun. You mostly play third person type games?
DeuceX69: I play all sorts of games. I was big time into FPS at one point, even got banned from a couple of servers cause I was better than members of their own clans. Currently though, I'm playing Lego Dimensions, Infamous 2, Watch Dogs, and waiting for the next WoW expansion.
Lux: What is a little known fact about you?
DeuceX69: Out of all the Posse Wrestlers I might be the only one with an alternate outfit, but it has never been used.
Lux: Really?
DeuceX69: Yep, since I made my character myself I thought, 'Why not?'. Oh, and that I really am Batman.
Lux: And your weapon of choice is water balloons?
DeuceX69: I've moved on from water balloons, they are now filled with food coloring and glitter.
Lux: LOL. What do you do outside of watching streams?
DeuceX69: Currently, fixing up my house some and looking for a new house.
Lux: What do you do for work?
DeuceX69: Nothing really at the moment. I was bartending private parties and get-togethers, but with fixing up the house and traveling 3 hours to look at new places haven't had much time for it. I also did work as a bouncer, then bartender at a “club”. It was the first time I got paid to pour drinks.
Lux: If you could redo your Posse Pose, would you?
DeuceX69: Oh yeah, I just sort of put it together quickly. Now I would take my time or had someone do it for me. Maybe have a little animation, so it would switch to wearing a cape and cowl.
Lux: What are some of your favorite shows?
DeuceX69: I watch basically all the Comic Book inspired shows, Dr. Who, Supernatural. Things like that
Lux: Who is your favorite doctor?
DeuceX69: I have to say Tom Baker. When I first came across the show as a kid it was on PBS and he was the Doctor that they were showing, and that got me hooked. Although David Tennant is a close 2nd.
Lux: What is your favorite story from Baker and/or Tennant?
DeuceX69: I don't really remember a whole lot of the Baker stories, but as far as the Tennant ones I think I have to go with the weeping angels one (Blink). Granted he doesn't have a big part in it, but the idea of him still reaching out and helping through time and not having to be there was great. Plus you know, weeping angels.
Lux: That was a pretty good episode. Who is your favorite companion?
DeuceX69: I don't recall a lot about the earlier companions so I would go with either Rose or Amy Pond. Although I did like Sarah Jane and the spin off they did.

A very big thank you to DeuceX69 for being this week’s Posse Interview. If you would like to be a part of the fun that is the posse interview, or would like to request someone to be the interviewee, drop me a line in the chat and I’ll see what I can do!


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