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Posse News 6-6-16

Building, Renaming and Surviving
Sorry for the delay in the newsletter. Life got the better of me last week and I didn’t have a chance to get to it. However, I’m giving you 2 weeks of recaps and more quotes! -Lux

News of the Week 5/21 - 5/27
The Adventures of Mitch Mathews has continued with a new mod that allows Adi to rename settlers after posse members for 50 Adigold. Check out all the recaps and fun!
Stream recaps
Saturday 5/21: New “Let’s Build” video with more survival roleplaying in Fallout 4.
Sunday 5/22: Survive, survive, survive.
Monday 5/23: Building, renaming, and employment in each settlement
Tuesday 5/24: Weekly DWL stream had the return of Susan and Lee! News about upcoming things in the game and artwork for two new companions, Susan Foreman and Grace Holloway! This was followed by more settlers receiving posse identities. The Hawkeye Zone (led by guest streamer and posse member, KyHawkeye) saw Team EmmykSama take on the baddies in the Riddler in Middle Earth level of Lego Dimensions.
Wednesday 5/25: Fallout 4 Survival roleplay
Thursday 5/26: More of Mitch’s adventures. Hearthstone Hearthaches with Hues (led by guest streamer, posse member and mod Hues_of_Blue_23) took a break from the “Hearthaches” and played some Star Trek Online.
Friday 5/27: Posse Wrasslin’! Matches were as follows:
            MrPix vs. SmallBlueMonkey (Winner: SmallBlueMonkey)
            RobGordon vs. Lurker vs. Confused (Winner: RobGordon)
            Luvs vs. Agriffindor (Winner: Luvs)
            Reverse vs. Agrajag (Winner: Agrajag)
            MousyCherise/Bre vs. Stile/Les (Winner: Stile/Les)

News of the Week 5/28-6/3
This was a big week in terms of the channel: we had an interview on Doctor Who Legacy, AND Adi started doing a perma death mod in Fallout 4.

Stream Recaps
Saturday 5/28: Survival Roleplaying and watchtower building in Fallout 4
Sunday 5/29: Renaming settlers
Monday 5/30: Fallout 4 survival. Adi also started using Alternate Start, a mod meaning that when the character he is using dies, he has to begin again with a new character.
Tuesday 5/31: Fallout 4 building and survival roleplaying. The Doctor Who Legacy stream had in interview with Tom Spilsbury, the editor of Doctor Who Magazine! He even stuck around to play Fibbage with Adi, Susan, Lee, and some of the posse! Adi followed up with more surviving. The Hawkeye Zone (led by guest streamer and posse member, KyHawkeye) saw KyHawkeye lead Team Lux to prove “they ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”
Wednesday 6/1: Two streams of survival roleplaying
Thursday 6/2: Fallout 4 photorealism testing and another Alternate Start with the Perma Death mod.
Friday 6/3: No stream
Saturday 6/4: Posse Wrasslin’! Matches were as follows:
            Tegan vs. Nessy (Winner: Tegan)
            Ken Williams vs. Glutamodo (Winner: Ken Williams)
            Snakesosa vs. Hawkeye vs. Lucky (Winner: Hawkeye)
            Tabitenor vs. Henoir (Winner: Draw)
            Deuce/Spots vs. Kristal/Snowjoke (Winner: Deuce/Spots)
Adi finished the night filming building tutorials for his YouTube channel.

To catch any of the action, or anything that was purposely left out of the recap (yes, we do that), you can check out the past streams at, or check the YouTube channel for highlights and tutorials at

Quote Highlights

TheAdiposeTV: hawks package made me laugh for a while too
lucky12001: should i be worried when the first thing I saw was Adi talking about Hawk's package?
Celeloth: maybe
KyHawkeye: I'm a little concerned as well....
lucky12001: i think i'm a little frightened at this point
telzey: You should be used to it by now, lux
luvs10s_nz: hawk, just keep your package covered and you'll be fine

Salesperson: “My advice is free, so focus on – ”
Adi: “Shut up, shut up, I’m trying to buy things from you, because now I’m out of bottle caps.”
VanSquished: “I think we need to keep the lid on this bottle cap crisis
telzey: “Oh, good god, Van.”
Creedhardy : “Oh Van!”
telzey : “Good thing I like puns.”

Adi: “She has squirrel on a stick! It’s a stick and it has squirrel on it.”
Hues_of_Blue_23 :Well, it USED to be a squirrel...”

Adi: “Ada! You lasered him and he turned into yellow and red goo. Yellow and red. Yes, that’s right, during a fight I lose the ability to determine between yellow and red.”

Ada (game robot): “Did you here that?”
Adi: “Hear that? I GOT SHOT BY IT. Stop going on and on about proliferations. Ow!”

Adi: “I could have sworn I already took a fusion core from here. Which means someone keeps coming back and storing a fusion core in here. Which means they’re going to be very annoyed when they find out I’ve taken their fusion core again. But I think my needs trump theirs.”

Doctor Who: Legacy

Adi: “So now we’ve got a gorgeous woman out of her new home in Wales! Hello, Susan!”
Adi: “That’s awkward. She was supposed to respond. Um. Which might mean she’s turned off her microphone. Or something horrible has happened to her. Or, um, that my Skype stopped working again.”
Naxev :Silence has fallen for Susan.”
Adi: “And now she’s hung up on me. Now I feel all rejected and stuff. It’s probably the internet in Wales, let’s blame that.”

Susan: “Lee, move like six inches to the left.”
[stile99 falls down laughing]
stile99 : “That is now my new favorite quite. Susan, to Lee, who is blocking the wifi signal: ‘You need to move six inches to the left’.”
Adi: “What does Lee think?”
Lee: “Oh, I’m – uh – I. No.”
Adi: “Was there a domestic?”
Susan: “No, he’s just sad about blocking the wi-fi. It’s okay, Lee, it’s just your big bum.”
[stile99 falls down laughing again]
smallbluemonkey : “Stay low, Lee!”
tabitenor17 : “There there Lee.”

Funny Chat

stile99 : !question Manic Stile
luvs10s_nz : lol
telzey : How about stark raving stile?
stile99 : Oooo, Stark Raving Stile wins. !question Stark Raving Stile
agrajag4242 : !question Mighty Agrajagrafess
Kristalsky : Nice agrajag
LesMc537 : He wanted "real" names, agra
agrajag4242 : I know
stile99 : Stile is my real name.
LesMc537 : Riiiiiiight

JenDivine: Ooh yay a stream!
Hues_of_Blue_23: And then butter death...
Hues_of_Blue_23: Err...buffer
JenDivine: Lol butter death
KyHawkeye: Death by 1000 buffers...

AdiBot: Fear The Reapoir
stile99: No

Quotes featuring TheAdiposeTV and guest stars Susan and Lee of Tiny Rebel Games, as well as VanSquished, telzey, Creedhardy, Hues_of_Blue_23, Naxev, Stile99, smallbluemonkey, tabitenor17, luvs10s_nz, agrajag4242, Kristalsky, LesMc537, JenDivine, and KyHawkeye

Other quotes:
Fallout = and
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